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Pen Your Pride

Chapter One

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"What?"I said, Not sure if I'd heard her right.

"I'm... Pregnant"She repeated her earlier words. I was taken back...Again?

"You knew this? How long have you known?"I questioned. I was irritated because she said it as if it was
no big deal.


"A week"I answered, Avoiding eye contact.

"And I'm jus' findin' out now?"-

"I was tryna figure out what I was gonna do"-

"What you mean 'what you gon' do'?"-

"I don't know what I wanna do"-

"I know what you're GONNA do, You gon' keep it, Outta here wit' all'at"-

"See? This is why I didn't tell you when I found out"-

"So you wasn't gon' tell me?"-

"I wanted t'figure out what I was gonna do"-

"Why you keep sayin'at? You ain't got no other option, You have Noah, You finna have'is one too"-

"I have Noah! I don't need another one! I'm not ready for another one!"-

"Neither am I, But it's done...So we Jus' gon' roll wit' it"-

I cupped my face in my hands. I was overwhelmed.

"I can't do this"I cried into Michael's chest as he held me.

"I got us"He reassured, Gently Rubbing my back as I sat.

* * *

"Are you okay? What was wrong?"Lisa asked concerned.

"No, I'm not okay"-

"What was wrong?"-

"You'll find out in nine months"I spoke, Trying to be at about it. But it didn't work.

"What? Girl! You!"-She was making some mean hand motions. She pointed to Noah and then to my stomach. I nodded yes. "And lil'...Is the...?"-I nodded yes. Earning an annoyed look from Lisa.

* * *

"Bayyybeeeee!"I whined as I laid on the bed. Michael came out of the bathroom shirtless. He climbed into bed next to me and began to rub my back. "I'm sorry"I made a point to apologize to him. I've been puking almost every morning for the past week. Because I'm a big baby I'll whine until Michael wakes and comes to my aid.

"It's 'aight"He spoke, Kissing my temple as he laid next to me.

"No it's not"I spoke, Killing his vibe.

"It's not?"-


"Why not?"-

"You should'a pulled out!"I teased him, Half way serious.

We both chuckled at my comment, But I was half way serious...

* * *

"No!"Noah said stubbornly refusing to get into the pool. Michael just got finished taping his newest video, So the pool needed to be used...

I slowly made my way toward the nice pool. It was a real
nice pool, Overlooking the area. My stomach isn't really showing yet, But I act like I'm about to deliver. I'm such a baby, But I'm getting there.

"No-No, Come on"I said, Reaching my arms out toward my son as he stood. He hesitantly leaned into my arms. I caught and held him as I stepped down into the pool.

Sammy looked at him sideways. Nobody really knows about me being pregnant yet, So we're just going to roll with it. Noah's a Momma's boy when it's convenient for him...😀

There were other females in the pool, Which made me feel more insecure about myself. I played with Noah as I held him in the water. Michael was at the other side of the pool...With the girls. I'm perfectly fine with being with Noah, That's how it's always been...

"Mama"Noah spoke, Pointing to me. I took his hand in mine and kissed them. He giggled adorably. "Foo!"He whined, Pointing toward the house.

"You hungry?"I asked him. He nodded yes. "C'mon let's go get something"I said, I picked him up and placed him next to the pool as I climbed out. I quickly scooped him back up before we made our way into the nice video house. "Let's get dressed"I spoke, Going into the living room where my bag was.

I hastily got my son dressed as I suggested places to go.

"You want...Taco Bell?"I asked Noah as I pulled his pants on. He nodded No. My baby knows what he wants. "You want... Chicken nuggets?"I asked. He nodded yes enthusiastically.

"Jai"Michael's voice announced his entrance. He wore a towel around his waist as he approached. I looked up at him. "What y'all doin'?"He asked curiously.

"Noah wants chicken nuggets"I spoke, Pulling Noah up into my lap as I texted Lisa. She hasn't texted me in a minute...

"You need money?"He asked.

"No"I said, Avoiding his gaze.

"You 'aight?"He questioned, Watching me as I stood.

"Yeah, I'm fine. We'll be back in a little bit"I said, Holding
Noah on my hip.

"Can I get a kiss?"He asked, Decreasing the space between us. He leaned down and kissed my lips... I tried to get away, But he pulled me back. "You mad at me?"He questioned, Holding me in place. I nodded no. "Don't be lyin' t'me"He spoke, Smirking in my face, He knows I can't keep a straight face with him.

"I'm not"I said quietly. He gave me another kiss before he
dapped Noah. Then we left.


"Where'd baby Mam's go?"Tra asked as I came back out into the pool area.

"She went t'get'ha an' Noah sum' t'eat"I replied as I looked down at my phone. I don't like her going out by herself, Especially while she's pregnant.

"You let'a go by y'self?"Tra questioned.

"Yeah...What 'bout it?"-

"Lil' Mama got hands! Did you see the video?"-

"Yeah Tra, She be 'aight"-

"You sure?"-


"She's very pretty"I complimented Anthony's girlfriend as I watched her play with Noah.

"She is ain't she?"He smiled as he looked at her. "So how you been? Y'know wit' yo' lil' man?"He questioned.

"Well...I am pregnant"-

"What? You say it like'ats a little thing"-

"Well, Technically it is..."I said, Placing my hand on my stomach.

"Are you excited?"He asked as we made our way toward Bianca and Noah.

"Kind of...I just don't want it t'be like the first time"I said honestly. I smiled at Bianca as she smiled up at me.

"He is the cutest thing!"She said, Running her fingers through his curls. "I can't imagine what a lil' girl would look like"-

"You might find out in about...Seven months"Anthony slyly remarked. I couldn't just NOT tell Anthony. Oh my God...I still haven't told Jason...Oops.

"Oh my God... Congratulations!"She said, Glancing from my stomach to my face. Noah took to her easily. I may have just found another babysitter. "She's gonna be gorgeous!"She spoke, Looking at Noah.

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