PL[III]: Plain Congee

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[ Present ]

Your eyes fluttered open at the sound of a faint cry, wailing from the white crib across from your comfy bed. There was a sense of confusion as you tried to recollect your thoughts from last night. You were reading after Iwaizumi went to bed with your daughter and you couldn't seem to recall ever getting up to sleep in your bed. A small sigh escaped your mouth as you tug the white sheet off your body slowly, as if trying to savour every second you had in bed. It wasn't long until the chilly air hit your skin, replacing the warm sheet.

"I'm coming sweetheart, please don't cry. Mommy is here," you say with a weary smile as you move off the bed and towards the crib. Your daughter's cries continued, stopping only when she needed to sniffle. You looked down on her and her watery large (E/C) orbs looked into yours as her arms reached for you. Without any hesitation, you reached for her too, pulling her close to your chest. She was so precious and tiny. With each gently rock and soothing shushes, her cries vanished. Her eyes remained half-opened, dropping slightly before opening them again, as if trying to stay awake for this moment. You mentally chuckled as she finally gave up, allowing her eyes to finally close as she rested her head on your shoulder.

You continued to carry her as you took a few subtle strides in the bedroom. It wasn't long until your eyes were caught by the diary you were reading last night on the side table, along with a small post-it note on the front cover. It was a short, yet sweet note from Iwaizumi that filled the gap in your memory of last night.

" Dear (F/N), I hope you don't mind waking up in your bed today. I caught you asleep on the couch when I woke up to go to work, & I decided to carry you to your bed since sleeping on the couch can lead to possible back pain in the future. Have a nice day, I'll be home early. "
- Iwaizumi

The former Aobajohsai ace was always so hardworking. Every morning, he woke up at 6:00 in the morning to head to work. He was supporting you & your baby alone since you were deemed incapable of working, and you had to stay home to watch your child. In addition to that, he made breakfast most of the time, so that when you & your daughter woke up, you'd have food to eat. He also still contributed to cleaning the house and doing chores. Iwaizumi could be considered the perfect husband. However, because of your inadequacy, his future wife would have to wait until she got him. It made you feel terrible and quite in-debt. But you were also grateful, because without Iwaizumi and without the promise, who knows where you'd be?

You broke out of your thoughts and flickered your eyes to the clock beside the diary. The red lights blinked 2:00PM, which meant you really slept in. And to your surprise, your daughter slept through most of the night too. A smile crept onto your face, and being the sappy proud mother, you turned your head gently towards the shoulder where your daughter softly slept. You laid your lips on the top of her head, giving her a subtle kiss. You couldn't help but intake the scent of baby powder and the new lilac shampoo you bought a week ago for her, after giving her a peck.

"Mommy loves you, Mommy loves you, I love you..." You whisper in her ear as you held her closer. "And I'm sure Daddy loves you too, wherever he is."

Before you could continue, foot steps thudded into the apartment room, causing you to cautiously rush out.

"I'm home," the black-haired male announced, dragging his wet boots on the mat. You made a quick gesture to Iwaizumi to be quiet, flickering your eyes to your daughter as a method of pointing to her. "Sorry..." Iwaizumi replies in a low voice before taking off his boots, hanging up his coat, to stride to you.

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