PL[II]: The First day

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[ Past ]

You wince at the cold water seeping into your shoes as you ran through puddles and the pouring rain that formed them. By the time you reached the gates of your high school, Aobajohsai High, you were soaking wet and drenched from head-to-toe. Your hair that you worked so hard on had resulted in a big wet clump and strands that clung onto the sides of your face. As for your uniform, it hugged your body in a weird way and turned translucent from your torso-up. But what made it even worse was that you were late for your first day as a representing third-year and you knew this would leave a bad first impression from your new home room teacher. That, you could not afford.

You managed to make it into the school unseen. Your shoes left a trail of small watery shoe prints as you scurried to the Nurse's office to ask to borrow a set of the Seijou uniform, however your luck ran out when you realized the room was vacant and the door was locked. Seeing as though you were already ten minutes late with no hope of getting a new uniform, maybe your new teacher would understand... Right?

Wrong. As you walked through the door with a sheepish smile on your face, your teacher shot you an unimpressed look. The students who once sat quietly at their desks were now snickering amongst each other behind their text books. However, even though you thought you couldn't get embarrassed any further, all their eyes darted to your chest. At first this was really confusing since you weren't known for your chest, but then it hit you like a truck. Your shirt was translucent and they could see your bra.

"Ah! I-I..." Your hands quickly shoot to your chest to cover yourself. The red tint on your face was now evidently clear, however the tears forming in your eyes could be mistaken as just water droplets. "I-I really didn't-"

"My bad. I forgot to pick you up." You hear a voice behind you interrupt. Suddenly a large blazer was wrapped around your shoulders, it covered your torso, so that put you to ease. "I'm sorry, this is on me. She was forced to run through the rain." You watched as your teacher suddenly nodded and warmly welcomed you into her class. Whoever this was, you owed them big time.

"Please take your time cleaning yourself up. You can borrow a clean uniform from the teacher's lounge." The teacher says, and right away you bow to thank her for her sudden generosity. "Go with her, Iwaizumi." She added, and the two of you backed away from the class and towards the halls.

You two just walked in silence to the teacher's lounge. From time to time, you snuck a glimpse at the male who saved you. His eyebrows were permanently tilted downwards, making him look chronically angry. And his built, oh god. You swore you could see the outline of his muscles perfectly through his button-up shirt. What impressed you the most was his biceps, they were a big gift from God. He must have noticed you staring for what seemed like the longest time ever because he shot you a soft smile before facing forward again.

"A-ah, thank you." You find the words flowing out of your mouth on their own. "If it weren't for you, I would have been in big trouble." You continue, even stopping in the middle of the halls to bow in gratitude to the male. Your actions surprised him tremendously, however that didn't stop him from placing his hand on your head.

"No problem. We are classmates after all, we have to help each other out." Iwaizumi states, allowing you to raise your head. "Besides, we got out of class. That is a bonus." His words immediately sent the corners of your lips up. He was way too generous and kind. How in the world did you miss him the last 2 years at Aobajohsai?

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