PL[IV]: Friends

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[ Past ]

You let out a soft sigh as you rested your head on your palm, staring off into the blurred yellow, orange and red distance. Outside the window, the trees swayed in unison with each other; the wind, their conductor. The sun made an appearance every now and then too, peeking through the scattered leaves on branches as they hung onto the last few days of their life. As you let out another subtle sigh, muffled laughter caught your attention. You whipped your head gently side to side, trying to find the source of laughter. It doesn't hit you that the laughter was coming from below, right under the window you sat beside in class. When you lean forward in your seat to get a better look, the laughter stops, and the monotone voice of your sensei and ticking clock takes over the classroom once more.

"(F/N), do you mind continuing? Please start at the top of the paragraph." Your sensei instructs as he stands from his desk with the book opened wide in his hands; your classmates' beady eyes are all drawn to you. Quickly, you turn your attention to the open book sitting in front of you, but there wasn't a single word in sight. Graphs and pictures of smiling old men were scattered on the pages, almost mocking you of your inability to concentrate during this certain class. You stare at the page hard, hard enough to even burn holes through it. Everyone was waiting for you to continue, some snickering at the realization that you were going to get scolded.

"...Well, (F/N)?" Your sensei speaks, a sense of impatience peaks from his usual monotone voice.

"I... I accidentally lost the page, I'm sorry but I cannot continue." You manage to reply, overcoming the large lump stuck in your dry throat. He only shakes his head in disappointment before turning away to another student - one that also lost the page number.

"You okay?" a low voice whispers from behind, following the sensation of something poking your back. You're tempted to turn, but by doing so, you'd definitely make yourself a target by your sensei once more. So instead you just nod in response to their question. They stay quiet for the time being and a few minutes later, the clock finally strikes twelve, commencing the rush of students down the halls and to the lunch line. You let out a breath of relief as your sensei walks out, ending class as well.

"I thought I was going to get scolded," you say, turning your seat to face the male behind you. Iwaizumi smiles briefly as he closes his book and tucks it into his desk.

"That's why you pay attention in class, dummy." He tsks, tempted to flick your forehead but decides against it since you bruised easily.

"I know, but I heard laughing and I guess it just made me really wanna be out there." You reply, bringing out two bento boxes from your bag. Side by side, they were significantly different in sizes. The larger one wrapped in a turquoise cloth was for Iwaizumi, and the other was for you. You've made it your responsibility to make Iwaizumi lunch everyday since he walked you home everyday and always came to the rescue when you needed help. Not to mention, when your parents finally met him, he impressed them  instantly and was welcomed anytime. All in all, he became a close friend of yours that you really cherished. So doing this for him wasn't at all a hassle.

"Thank you for the lunch once again, (F/N). I hope it wasn't too much trouble," the ace spiker says, unwrapping the bento. You couldn't help but smile seeing his eyes light up at what you've prepared today.

"I told you, it's no trouble at all. I want to do this for you." You answer before unwrapping your bento.

"Ah, thank you again. I just don't want you to overwork yourself, that's all." He responds, popping a small cucumber sushi roll into his mouth.

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