PL[V]: Gazes

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[ Past ]

"What are you doing up there, Cutie-chan?" The red-headed third year calls out to you, a smug smirk plastered on his face as he drops his hand back to his side. From multiple curious stares arose mumbled whispers and chuckles among the young volleyball players. "Well...?"

"O-ohh... uhm..." You slowly straighten your legs. The sound of your knees cracking from the long hour of sitting with your knees bent under you cause another wave of stifled laughter from the crowd. The attention was enough to burn you on the spot into a pile of dust, but it only managed to burn your cheeks a flushed, deep red. "I was..."

"Spying on us? You know sneaking into the gymnasium during our practice times goes against our school's rules." A familiar voice interrupts you, but its tone was different from what you've heard before. It was enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand stiffly. "You know, we could report you and have you banned from stepping into this gymnasium again for disrupting practice." The voice's owner only continued, resonating within the large gym walls as they shushed the crowd. You wanted to explain yourself, but your slightly agape mouth and dry throat seemed to differ. Your eyes, in comparison, were watering at a rapid rate, ready to spill at any second.

"Quit it, Oikawa. It's my fault she's here." Iwazumi interferes, his hand now firmly on the setter's shoulder. You watch as he shifts his gaze to the ace before returning back to you. He squints his brown eyes slightly for a good minute, focusing on your figure. 

"You know her, Iwa-chan? Who is she? I can't see her without my glasses from here." Oikawa mutters, his eyes still squinted.

"It's (L/N) (F/N). You met her briefly on the first day of school." Iwaizumi explains as he meets his eyes with yours. He gives you an apologetic look and as much as it gives you a bit of comfort, the pit in your stomach still remains.

"Oh! Why didn't you say so sooner, Iwa-chan? Hello, (F/N)-chan!~ Did you come to watch us play?" The setter asks, now in much noticeably friendly tone you've heard before when he greeted the girls during your lunch break. His grim stare was replaced with a charming grin as he raised his hand to wave at you. It took you a few seconds to register what had just happened, a few seconds too long. Realizing this, you quickly nod your head.

"Y-yes, I did. I'm sorry to intrude, I just really wanted to see Hajime play..." You sputter, lowering your head slightly to the group of boys. "I can leave though, I'm super sorry." You add, taking a small step backwards.

"I can take you home, (F/N)." Iwaizumi offers as he releases Oikawa from his grasp, only to have Oikawa grab at his arm, stopping him in his tracks.

"A friend of Iwa-chan is a friend of ours. I hope you enjoy our practice! And keep a close eye on me, (F/N)-chan.~" Oikawa grins once more, shooting a wink in your direction. You nod yet again as you move back near the railing with your arms folded on it. "Now, let's get back to our scrimmage! In your places!" The setter shouts, and the boys shuffle back without a word. A breath of relief escapes your dry mouth, dropping your tense shoulders in the process. They continue to play, but a certain red-head keeps his eyes locked with yours.

[ ... ]

"Sorry about that, Hajime... I didn't mean to get caught, it was just the door slammed when sh-" You explain to the ace, stopping abruptly after realizing that you'd give out the fact that your new friends had snuck into the gymnasium. It really wasn't your fault, but rather that Tamori girl from before who had left you to deal with the outcome of her actions. "I should've went home when you told me to." Despite it being her fault, you shrug it off, holding Iwaizumi's bag as he slips on his outdoor shoes.

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