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This is an Oikawa Tooru Fanfiction story.
[ Oikawa Tooru x Reader ]

Copyright Disclaimer: All Haikyuu!! characters belong to the creators of Haikyuu!!


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✌ Do not steal or copy this story at all.

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✌ Please be patient and wait nicely for the updates.

✌ This story is a little complex because it goes from past to present (and vice versa) tense, therefore I will try and make it obvious with which tense it is in. But feel free to ask if you are super confused, I will not get offended.

✌ Enjoy!

This story may contain some mature content.
Read at your own risk, and if you do feel uncomfortable do not continue.
(Very detailed scenes of violence and etc.)


"I love her and that's the beginning and end of everything,"
- F. Scott Fitzgerald

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