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[ Present ]

It was a quiet night in September as you sat in the small, but cozy living room of your apartment. Only the engines and honks of speeding cars roared in the streets of Miyagi at 2 in the morning. However, the sound didn't bother you, being on the 10th floor, but unfortunately it did bother a certain small brunette.

You were desperately trying to stay awake as you cradled the year old child in your arms. Every so often you would be awaken by her cries, so you decided after the fourth time, it was more efficient to have her in your arms, rather than getting up to go soothe her down each time. Although despite this being a hassle, when she fell back asleep in your arms, you couldn't help but smile and feel so proud as a mother. She was so fragile and pure. And beautiful, every little part of her was. Such as her long eyelashes that fluttered as she yawned before closing them completely, and her chubby cheeks that seemed to be permanently tinted rosy pink. As for her hair, the short brown locks just curled up regardless, exactly like her father's. But her big eyes, they were yours. However, they will never see the things you have seen or the people you met, one of them being her father.

Your train of thought and adoration for your child was cut short when the lock on your apartment door clicked, unlocking itself. You watched with a peculiar expression on your face as the rusty door knob turned, and the door was pushed open gently.

"I am home." A familiar voice called out quietly before stepping in.

"Welcome home." You reply in a whisper, and he looked back at you with wide eyes.

"What are you doing up so late?" He asks, closing the door behind him with his foot. He made his way to the kitchen table to place the four plastic grocery bags down. Two of them were filled with either cans of food, a jug of milk, or lots of leafy produce while the others held baby formulas and a few toys.

"If you thought I was sleeping, why would you even announce you were home?" You softly giggle, watching him burn up on the spot. Luckily for him, you only had a small lamp illuminating the dark space, so you didn't get a clear view of his face.

"Out of habit, I guess..." He mumbles as he makes his way to your side. "Oh, she isn't sleeping?"

"She is getting better. She only woke up around four times tonight." You respond, gently rocking her. The male gave you a soft smile before turning his attention back to the child in your arms.

"That's really good." He whispers, before realizing how many hours you had stayed up when he was away at work. "You must be tired from watching her. I'll take it from here, okay? Go get some sleep." He passively demands as you hesitantly hand the little brunette over into his muscular arms. The instant he cradles her, you scoot over on the couch, allowing him to drop into your spot. "(F/N)?"

"I think I'd like to do some reading before heading to bed." You say, bending over to reach for the thick diary on the coffee table in front of the three of you. The male nods with his lips pulled into a thin line, but after realizing your choice on what to read, he opens his mouth.

"Are you sure you are ready," he asks, "I don't think you should rush anything or-"

"I'll be okay." You interrupt, resting your head on his shoulder with the diary in your hands. "I am ready," you state as you run your calloused fingers along the yellow-tinted pages before opening it to the first entry. You can sense his body tense up beside you as you let out a small breath of relief. It has been at least a year or two since you looked back into this. "Don't worry."



"As your best friend, I am strongly against this." He says, and your eyes just dart to your sleeping daughter. She was the living proof and result of his diary. He must have noticed you staring at her because now he let out a sigh, releasing one hand to bump the top of your head lightly. "You are so hard to understand, you know?" He huffs, giving you a worn-out look. Despite his usual angry face, the expression he wears now shows the real him. A caring, determined, and reliable man. His smile calms your quickening heart beat as you watch him get up.

Ah, where are you going?" You asks, as he grabs the nearest blanket to toss to you.

"I'm gonna go tuck her in and head to bed myself. Don't stay up too late, okay? And wake me up if you need anything." He answers, continuing to rock the child as she scrunches her small button nose. "So good night, (F/N)." Before he turns the corner to enter the hall leading to two bedrooms and a washroom within your apartment room, you nod as the corners of your lips pull up.

"Sorry for making you worry and thanking you for everything." The male seems to stiffen up as his eyes widen once more. The rosy pink tint on your daughter's face must have been contagious, because now, he had it as well.

"It's no problem... I don't mind."

"Well I do, and it bothers me how much you are exerting yourself just keep up with the promise you made." Your smile was now gone and replace with a sympathetic and guilty-filled frown. "I don't want to be restricting you."

"...all of this isn't just because of that promise, (F/N). Now good night, I am losing valuable sleep because of you." He chuckles, lightening the mood back to what it was before.

"Well sorry you need your beauty sleep," you sarcastically say, even sticking your tongue out at him playfully. Both of you laugh, and apparently quite loud, because you could start to hear your daughter's voice.

"Ah, your loud ogre laughter must have awoken her. I better go put her to sleep." He snickers and you shoot him a light-hearted glare with a pout on your face before going back to read your old diary. "Just kidding. Good night again." He says and you nod as he walks further into the hallway and out of your sight.

"Good night and sweet dreams, Hajime."

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