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Reapers -- Thirteen Brothers
By Shim Simplina
All rights reserved. 2012©

(Now PUBLISHED in the Philippines under SUMMIT MEDIA Cloak PopFiction.
Please get your copy in NBS, Pandayan, 7-11. Also available internationally in ebook format via BUQO app)

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Because I could not stop for Death,

He kindly stopped for me.

The Carriage held but just ourselves

And Immortality

~Emily Dickinson

Death is the ultimate end in life. You can delay it, but there's no running from it.

More than a hundred and fifty thousand people die every day. More than six thousand die every hour and more than a hundred every minute as we speak.

I wish I could say that life is a story that concludes with "and they lived happily ever after", but no. Our stories go on and on until our last breath, making the best of our time on earth. In the end, it is not the ending that matters because eventually and inevitably, all of us will die. It is the natural order of the universe.

I knew it was coming. But I didn't expect it to be this early. 

I am Aramis Rayne. Age seventeen... forever. Occupation: Personal Assistant.

That's a simple way to put it but the job description is a lot more complicated than that.

For one, my boss is one of the Reapers; the youngest son of Death.

Don't let the pretty eyes fool you. He's one hell of a nightmare in a tux. What's worse, I'm Bound to him for forever. And it all started on the day I died.

In the normal run of things, souls by design travel to the entry ways to the Spirit World once the mortal body dies. Some do not. That is when we come in. 

Our job is to harvest lost, wandering souls and help them crossover to the Spirit World. Now, there are things that go bump in the night that even the dead should be afraid of. When you die and cannot crossover, brace your souls. We will come for you. If we don't, run as fast as you can and try not to die. Again. Because, I can assure you, there are far worse things than dying.

Once you get to see the 'other side', there is no going back. You have been warned.

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