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Books that are correlated to iKONAGER 2 // Books that you should read before iKONAGER 2

Should you read it?: Definitely! It is the first book after all.

"After The Break Up with Kim Hanbin"
Should you read it?: Kinda. The book has short chapters that described different POVs after you guys broke up. I mean unless you wanna know what caused the break up then read it. And oops did I spoiled it? My bad.

"Forbidden Love" is a filler / oneshot story of a girl name Hana who interacted with Hanbin before you met him and after you left to America.
Should you read it?: Kinda. It doesn't really contribute much to the main plot until later on. However, some of the characters in the story will appear in this book. So, if you want a clearer knowledge of the characters then I'd recommend to read it.

I'll have in-depth explanations to each book after everything is settled in iKONAGER 2.



For those who have already read Book 1:

YES YES IT'S OUT FINALLY! It was suppose to be published in August but I pushed the date earlier since I really wanted you guys to read it! Thank you so much if you're still sticking around. I'll try my best to make this book as fun as the first one (if the first one was even fun lol). Please support me by liking and commenting! I appreciate you sooo much. Omg I can't wait to write new chapters for you. I really enjoy doing this. Thank you! Chapter 2 will be out soon..!

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