Aflame and Beyond Bonus Scenes

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A little Valentine's note from Jax to Juliet . . .

Every year I try to do this right. I have a plan, and there are things I want to say to you. Things you need to know. But if there's one thing we both know about me, it's that everything goes out the window when we're alone. Everything I'm feeling and want to tell you leaves my head, and I end up failing at giving you that special romantic night out and all the other things you deserve.

You think I just get carried away and cut our dinners short. You think it's amusing that I have no control over myself, drag you out of restaurants, and let the brand new dress you bought go to waste when I take you home to bed early.

The truth is I'm not that selfish. I love your body, baby, and I love how good we are together, but there's a reason we haven't been separated a single night since that summer all those years ago when we first got together. There's a reason I can't wait to get home every day.

You're irreplaceable.

I could tell you that I love how you make our house a home, how you make sure that Hawke always has everything he needs, and that you're the mother to him that I never had. How you take care of everyone and how you still shiver when I touch you.

But most of all, the thing I want to make sure you know (that I can never seem to tell you in person) is how I'm happy every day.

Every single day.

These are things I wanted to tell you, but by the time the moment comes, my nerves are shot and I just say "fuck it" and act out. That's usually why we end up in the car before the second course has started.

So tonight, I'm going to do things differently. Romantic dinners out don't work for me. We're going to an inn overnight where I'm going to feed you and put you in a bath and wash every inch of you myself, so pack a bag.

But first, we're going to laugh and have some fun. Meet me on Woodmere Hill at the golf course and dress warm. I'll bring the sled.


This scene takes place beyond Aflame...

Some of the character conversations and scenes will feature the kids of the original couples. Here's a guide:

Jared and Tate-parents of Dylan and James
Madoc and Fallon-parents of Kade and Hunter (twins), and A.J.
Jax and Juliet-parents of Hawke
Quinn-Daughter of Jason (Madoc's dad) and Katherine (Jared's mom). She's Madoc, Jared, and Jax's little sister.
Lucas-Madoc's "little brother" from Rival


"Hey, Jared?" I called out, shouting over the crowd at the Loop. "You know what you call two Mustangs at the top of a hill? A miracle!"

I chuckled, enjoying the sight of his back tensing as he knelt down in front of his tire. Tate cocked an eyebrow, shooting me a warning look as she rounded the Boss to talk to her husband.

I shook my head and smiled, turning around to face the crowd.

Still so easy.

Even after all these years, riling him up was as simple as tying my shoes. That's what I liked most about Jared. He was predictable. He never threw my shit back at me. He took it in, absorbed it, and let his temper build. Which usually worked in his favor. He was probably going to win tonight despite the shade I was throwing at his car.

Sliding my hands into my pockets, I scanned the area, surveying the summer evening. The crowd was huge, the night clear, and music blared from all the speakers posted around. It was almost as if it was high school again.

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