Rival Bonus Scenes

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These bonus scenes take place following Rival...

Jared and Tate Anniversary Scene

Jared held my hand, pulling me briskly down the sidewalk toward the ticket window. I pried my fingers out of his, nearly laughing at his urgency. What had gotten into him?

He'd been quiet since picking me up tonight, and every time I looked at him, it was like he was lost in thought.

And loving everything he was thinking.

He stopped at the window, narrowing his eyes up at the marquee. "Uh, two for...um..." He licked his lips, looking confused. "Cinderella, I guess."

"Jared!" I burst out, trying not to laugh.

He looked at me, blinking, and then shook his head as if coming to his senses. "Shit! No." He looked back to the cashier. "No, I mean Furious 7."

My chest shook with laughter, and I watched him rub the back of his neck, looking nervous.

"Babe, what's gotten into you?" I asked. "You seem almost excited, and you're not a big fan of movies, so what's up?"

"I like movies," he retorted, leading me for the doors.

"Jared," I scolded as he opened the theater door for me, and I walked in. "You barely have the attention span to get through the trailers before you're itching to move around."

"I'm fine." He followed behind, and I felt his hand on my behind before he leaned into my ear, whispering, "You're just killing me in that skirt, is all."

"Well, I didn't have to wear it," I pointed out. "It's chilly, after all."

He'd asked me to wear my pleated, black miniskirt, but he hadn't just asked. No, he'd done the whole lean-into-me-bite-my-bottom-lip-and-make-my-clit-throb-like-it-was-on-its-own-damn-rollercoaster thing. And I'd melted. As usual.

He slipped an arm around my waist as we walked toward the concession stand. "And yet you gave into my special request," he mused.

"It's our anniversary," I stated.

He leaned in, whispering, "And you'd do anything for me today, right?"

I smiled to myself, wondering why he was acting so playful. That wasn't usually Jared's style.

I crossed my arms over my chest and stopped, turning to stand in front of him. "You asked me to promise, and I did," I maintained. "My present to you is that I am in your hands today," I repeated his request, but then added, "As long as it's not a threesome. With another woman, I mean. It can be another guy. You, me, and another guy," I clarified, "but not another woman."

His eyebrow shot up, and I glued my teeth together to keep from laughing.

I didn't think it would make Jared as uncomfortable seeing another man touch me as it would for him to be naked in front of another guy. I had a hard time not busting up at the image of his disgusted face and a big, fat "Hell no!" before he'd grab me and leave the room.

I barely had time to recover from the amusement of teasing him before he grabbed my hand and pulled me past the concession stands.

"Wait," I cried out. "I want snacks!"

But he wasn't listening. He walked quickly across the lobby and straight into the men's bathroom, carrying me in tow.

"Jared!" I whisper-yelled. "I can't be in here."

He dove into one of the stalls, swinging me in behind him and slamming the door shut, locking it.

I breathed hard, feeling the skin on my chest heat up, and not sure if it was from the near jog we'd just done or the fear of being caught.

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