Bully and Until You Bonus Conversations

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These character conversations take place after Bully and Until You but before Rival...

Jax and K.C. in high school...

Jax: *ahem

K.C. What do you want?

Jax: Popcorn

K.C.: More? I just gave you a bucket.

Jax: It spilled.

K.C.: So where's the bucket then?

Jax: In the trash.

K.C.: But you get a free refill on the large if you bring back the bucket.

Jax: It dropped on the dirty floor, K.C. I not eating from it again.

K.C.: Alright, but we inventory the containers. I can't give you another one for free.

Jax: I'll live. Can I have my popcorn now?

K.C.: *starts shoveling popcorn

Jax: ...

K.C.: I think you just keep coming back out here to annoy me.

Jax: Damn kids. We sure can be annoying.

K.C.: You're not a kid.

Jax: No, I'm not. And you better remember that.

K.C.: *looks away *butters popcorn

Jax: ...

K.C.: You don't have to watch me, Jax. I'm not going to spit in it.

Jax: Well, that would be one way to get you in my mouth.

K.C.: *gasp

Jax: *looks over counter* *smirks* You dropped my popcorn. I'm not eating out of that.


Jared and Jax at Jared's bedroom window in high school. Tate and K.C./Juliet having a sleepover at Tate's...

Jax: Do those girls know we can see through those sheer black curtains?

Jared: Believe me, Tate is always aware of what she's doing to me.

Jax: *laughs

Jared: It's not funny. On nights when her dad is keeping her on an extra short leash, she uses that damn window to her advantage and fucks with me.

Jax: Nice.

Jared: Whatever. I'm going to get a shower. Close the blinds and stop looking at my girl in her nightie. *leaves room

Jax: *climbs out window *through tree *opens French doors

Tate: Jax! Get out!

Jax: Jared needs help washing his back. He asked for you.

Tate: *snort* Likely story.

Jax: I'll babysit K.C.

K.C.: I'm older than you, dork.

Jax: And yet, I venture to guess I'm years beyond you in more ways than one.

K.C.: *arches brow

Jax: Tate, go give your boyfriend a kiss goodnight.

Tate: *looks to K.C.* Will you be okay?

K.C.: Please. I have heels scarier than him.

Jax: *smirks

Tate: *climbs outdoors, through tree

Jax: So, is that what you sleep in?

K.C.: *crosses arms *glares

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