Falling Away Q&A

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This Q&A takes place following Falling Away...

Q: Jax, since you're good with computers and finding things out, did you know about Katherine and Jason's affair before he told Madoc or anyone?

A: You don't live in the same house with someone and not pick up on things. Whispered phone call, late night visitor...my brother didn't care enough to notice, but yeah, I knew what was going on early enough. But I'm not Madoc. When I pry, I'm invisible about it. No one knew I knew.

Q: KC, why did you have two angel wings with both broken wings tattooed when you told Jax you wanted a set of angel wings with one wing broken? What or who do the broken wings stand for?

A: Before, the set of wings symbolized my sister and I with me as the broken wing. When I got the tattoo, Jax had made such an impact that it was a spur of the moment decision. He and I. Both wings broken.

Q: Juliet: why did you never hold a grudge or play harder to get with Jax? I mean he teased you and dropped you on your butt (embarrassing) and he called you gutless and helpless. I mean he even ignored you: had a party and didn't tell you, and whilst at that party was all over another girl knowing you were there. you still always went back never seeming to put up a fight and make him work for it or At least make him feel bad for what he'd done, why I mean I know you liked him for ages but why ?

A: Never put up a fight? Oh honey, I definitely called that boy out on his crap. LOL. We were always at each other's throats! I didn't hold a grudge, because at first, I kind of liked what Jax was doing to me in a way. Trying to get under my skin and rile me up...He got me mad, he drew me out, he made me feel and react wildly, and it was addictive. I liked what it brought out in me. I needed it. But then at the party, when he treated me badly, I got in his face and finally told him off. The ball was in his court after that. I knew what he was doing and why he was doing it, but I wasn't going to fight for him again. It was his turn. And four days later, after not looking at him or speaking to him, of carrying on my life and staying strong, he finally realized what a douche he'd been. You may have done differently and never given him a second chance, but I considered him worth it. And I'm glad he's by my side now. He knows he has family that will be at his side, and I've never been this happy.

Q: When Juliet Made The Phone Call Who Did She Call To Get Everyone To Come?

A: I called Tate. In retrospect, I should've called 911, but Tate was my first thought. Everyone was at Madoc's house with her, so they all were alerted.

Q: Katherine and Jason, are you planning to have any children's of your own? And how would Jared, Jax and Madoc feel about being big brothers?

A: It's possible. We're both still young enough. And the boys—Madoc and Jax, at least—would have a field day being big brothers. I'm never sure, though, how Jared would feel. I can't picture a baby in his arms.

Q: Fallon are you going to tell Madoc that you almost died in a car accident after you saw him with another girl and your dad had to bring you back from destruction?

A: Well, he knows now! Thanks! No, just kidding. Of course, I already told him.

Q: For Jared: what's your favorite memory of your friendship with Madoc and have you bond properly with Fallon?

A: I like the weekends when Madoc and I would just hang out I each other's garages and work on our cars. Madoc is comfortable—one of the few people I'm comfortable with. As for Fallon, I make it a point to NOT bond with my friend's or brother's girls.

Q: Juliet, would you let Jax read all your journals someday? And were you serious about Cameron?

A: Yes, as embarrassing as some things were, I would trust Jax with my journals. I doubt he would ever ask to read them, though. He makes it a point to respect my privacy now. And Cameron, I don't think so. Jax has had a long history with her. I think it would be uncomfortable.

Q: Jared, are you always so rude with KC because of what happened between the two of you?

A: I was almost always rude to K.C. no matter if it was before or after the "incident". We're on common ground now, and I kind of like her.

Q: Madoc, if Fallon was able to keep the baby and your discovered this on your return what would your reaction have been? And Fallon, if you had carried the baby full term and your evil mother took it away saying the baby died and you discovered your baby was alive ... What would you do? And why didn't anyone kill the Trent father?

A: We would've wanted our baby. No doubt. Both of us would've loved it crazy. As for Thomas Trent, he's not worth a glance much less blood on our hands.

Q: Jax, did Fallon inspire your piercings?

A: No, Madoc's did.

Q: Ciaran, do you regret not being able to give Fallon away/walk down the aisle with her?

A: Yes, I was pretty fucking mad about that. I'm encouraging them to have a do-over.

Q: When it comes to a great romance story I notice that authors like to split up the couple and allow time for them to grow on their own. When it comes to Tate and Jared, how will Tate get over the idea that Jared left her regardless what the reason is?

A: Once you've deemed something unforgiveable, you've lost all hope. It all depends on if it was worth it. What kind of man will Jared be when he comes home is what we need to know.

Q: Madoc, when you did you figure out Jared had a thing for Tate?

A: As soon as he did the "loser" sneeze in Freshman P.E. when she walked by. Yeah, he was that lame.

Q: I would like to know something about the tattoos. They are crazy and I can't imagine that you wouldn't regret them at some time in your life. Like Jared and Tate for example that are broken up right now. It must be hard to have these memories plastered on your skin 24/7. Would you disagree and why?

A: Jared: I don't regret anything. I never want to forget. My tattoos are for me and no one else.

Tate: I only have one little one. It's a battle scar I'm kind of proud of.

Fallon: My tattoos are crazy? You sound like my mother. Yikes.

Madoc: Mine is crazy only if I break up with Fallon. Which will never happen. But yeah, totally awkward if I did.

Jax: I love mine. Without a doubt, they are badges of the girl that made me who I am. I'm proud of that.

Juliet: Ditto.

Q: What are Jax & Juliet going to school for?

A: Jax: Computers

Juliet: Education

Q: Does Piper regret what she did to Jared and Tate?

A: Not for a second. He was mine when she came back from France. And now that they're apart........hmmm.......

Q: Madoc, are you ready for kids? Boy or girl first?

A: I'm ready whenever. We have plenty of time, and Fallon and Istill have more school, but I think it's something we'll be great at. And boys...the first borns are always boys in my family. So we'll see!    

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