Falling Away Bonus Conversations

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These conversations take place following Falling Away...

Juliet: Do you remember when I asked if you were into lingerie and you said that lingerie was nothing more than clothing you had to take off?

Jax: Yes.

Juliet: And that there was no point to it, because it only covered up everything you wanted to see anyway?

Jax: Yes.

Juliet: And that you were a low-maintenance man who liked low-maintenance women, and I didn't have to put on any frills for you?

Jax: I feel like we're going to fight again. Which is fine, but we have to be at dinner with the family soon, and we don't have time for make-up sex.

Juliet: *dangles lingerie from fingers*

This was expensive, Jax. "WAS" being the key word, since it's now useless! I drug Tate out to go shopping today and bought my first piece of real lingerie to test your comments. I only wore it for two minutes, and every time you get excited, you cut off my clothes!!!!

Jax: *grins

Juliet: It's not funny.

Jax: You in that little black number was anything but funny.

Juliet: So you do like lingerie then, don't you?!

Jax: Clearly.

Juliet: Well, what am I am supposed to do?! Buy it, so you can enjoy it one time and ruin it?

Jax: *grins

Juliet: Or maybe make you check the knife at the door?!

Jax: Do you really want that?

Juliet: Don't give me that sexy little smile and think I'm going to melt. I love you, but I'm mad.

Jax: I love it when you're mad.

Juliet: Oh, shut up.

Jax: *grins

Juliet: Stop looking at me like that.

Jax: *whispers* Baby...

Juliet: I'm not melting this time, Jax! *runs upstairs* And another thing. Start using a clean knife in the mayo jar! There's bits of mustard in there from after you've spread it on your sandwich and then used it in the mayo! It's gross!! *disappears up stairs

Jax: *snorts *texts Madoc

We're going to be late for dinner.

*climbs stairs


*warning* This is a spoiler for Aflame

Madoc: I was thinking...Fallon and I are planning a winter trip to Aspen. We want you to come.

Tate: Oh, yay! Me smack dab in the middle of your candlelit dinners and intimate bubble baths. Count me in.

Madoc: I'm serious. There's a great party scene there, tons of people to meet...You'd have a lot of fun.

Jax: *watching *gritting teeth

Tate: I have fun, Madoc.

Madoc: You have vibrators, Tate.

Addie: Oh, Madoc! Really!

Madoc: Oh, please. It's not like your panties have seen any action lately, either.

Addie: *huffs *stomps out of kitchen

Madoc: Tate, for real, though. Come on. Let's ride some snow mobiles, go to some swanky parties, and drink 'til we puke. You can invite someone along if you want.

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