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The day after the job was quiet. No word from Chapman or Monroe on anything, but I knew it was only a matter of time. There was a storm forming in the distance, and it wouldn't be long until we were thrown into more danger.

It wasn't until the next night that my phone rang. My heart had dropped to my stomach, expecting it to be Chapman with bad news but it was Melissa.

I answered hesitantly, "Melissa?"

"Alexa," she answered, "I need you to come over."'

I stood from the couch, "Why? Wanna have a sleepover?"

"No, I need your help."

I hurried out the door and hopped into Mia's car. "Did you call Willi?"

"He's not answering," she stated. "Are you coming?"

"Yeah give me a few minutes."

"Try to hurry."

And I did, curious as to what she had gotten herself into.

It wasn't long before I drove up at her house, spotting a man at her front door. I exited my car and walked up to him. He wasn't much taller than me and had a hefty beer gut. The hair on his head had moved to his chest, which was visible in the V-neck shirt that was a little out of his age range.

I made my presence known, "Can I help you?"

He turned to me, an annoyed expression on his face. "Maybe! If you could get this damn woman out of her house!"

I moved past him to her door and knocked three times. "Melissa, your eviction notice is here!"

The nameless man looked at me with an unamused stare.

Then her door finally opened. She assessed the situation and stepped outside. "Rick," she groaned, "Nice to see you."

"Melissa where's my car?" so-called Rick accused.

"What car?" She asked.

"You think I don't know it was you that took that car off my lot? I had a bid on it and the next day when they came to take it home it was gone!"

Now I knew what was going on. This was the false dealership guy, and he was pissed about the car we had stolen.

"It wasn't me," Melissa lied.

"The security cameras say otherwise."

"Security cameras?"

Rick smirked, "A new installation. And how did you know the security code?"

Melissa shrugged, "You're really bad at picking passcodes."

"Where's my car Melissa?"

This time she glanced over at me, causing me to laugh a response. "The car's pretty useless now."

"Then you owe me ten grand!"

Melissa put her hands on her hips. "What do I have to do to get you the hell off of my property? Cause I don't have ten grand."

I watched the man fume, crossing his arms upon his chest as he tapped his foot. He was thinking of something, and I was sure we wouldn't like whatever he had in mind.

"Get me another car," he demanded.

"As in?"

He looked at me and then back to Melissa. "There's a shop off of Baker street with a car in their lot that I want. It's got a busted headlight on the driver's side. Steal it and bring it to my dealership."

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