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The only thing that stood between us and this insane mission was a quick brief, which I believed was unnecessary considering we had been informed this morning. Talking about it more wouldn't make it less dangerous, it would only solidify the fact that it was insanely important we succeed. All we could do was pray everything went well after what had happened at the bank.

"So, when you make it to the vent you'll remove the cover and someone will have to crawl through to the other side."

Suddenly everyone's attention was on me. I snapped out of my trance, "What?"

"Alexa?" Derik threw out.

I rolled my eyes, "Why me?"

"Because you're smaller than the rest of us," Willi agreed.

"Melissa's the same size! Why not her?"

Chapman ordered, "She'll follow you in there." Then he smirked, "In case you need help."

"I don't need a shadow," I claimed, refusing to look at Melissa who was standing across the room.

"Too bad," Willi said.

I stayed quiet.

In my opinion there really wasn't any point in her even being here. She was a liability, and I didn't trust her. Willi did though, and apparently so did Derik. But I couldn't. there was something unsettling about her. I just hadn't figured out what it was yet.

"Any questions?" Chapman asked.

"Yea," I piped up one last time, "When can we get this over with?"

He stood from the round table, his tall figure towering as he gazed at me. He didn't allow his dark eyes to leave mine while revealing four sets of earpieces and mics.

"Put these on."

We did as we were told. Nervous wasn't a strong enough term to express what I felt, but what we were about to attempt was dangerous.

Then Chapman slid a gun across the table to Derik, who put it in the waistline of his pants.

"Why don't I get a gun?" I protested.

Chapman scowled at me. "Because I think you'll do more harm than good."

My jaw clenched in anger, hating how Chapman seemed to look down on me. Then I thought about the guard whom I had shot at the bank, remembering how I had missed. Did Chapman know about that? If he did, refusing to give me a gun made a little more sense.

"Let's go to the elevator," Chapman ordered, Monroe following close behind.

I expected to be led to the parking lot. So when I heard Chapman and Monroe talking about the chopper waiting for us I was caught off guard.

"We're going in through the roof?" I asked, unable to contain my shock.

"Yes," Chapman answered, following us to the elevator. "It's the easiest entry point if you consider security features."

Another helicopter flight was not what I was prepared for. We made it to the helipad where the copper's blades were already swinging and preparing for takeoff. The gust it created whipped my ponytail around my face.

Shuffling onto the chopper, Chapman addressed us one last time before we parted. "Activate your earpieces."

We all followed his order; a small beep signaling it turning on.

"Get the job done and then we'll talk." The clarity of Chapman's voice echoed through all of our ears. His gaze fell upon me last, the stern look never faltering.

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