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I firmly believe everyone has a moment in their life they wish to go back and reverse, and if you are anything like me there are many instances. But nevertheless, you wouldn't deny the opportunity to turn back the clock and correct a bad decision you made. Of course, if you only had one shot you'd tell yourself to make it count, to make sure it's the best decision before you give your final answer. Right now, as I sat in silence, all my brain could think about was the specific moment I would kill to relive.

After almost three years of being immersed in crime due to unfortunate circumstances my luck had finally run out. The bagginess of my jumpsuit and the cuffs around my wrists reminded me of the freedom I had lost. Never in my life had I felt so vulnerable.

I knew how I had ended up in the cell of a local Los Angeles jail, but I constantly questioned what specific choice I had made to lead me here.

And it would get worse soon. Most criminals would consider this place a field of dandelions compared to where I was I was going. So silence was all I could manage while waiting for the bus. It would pick me up and drive me off to the federal correctional institute where I would spend the rest of my life. There would be no hearing, no opportunity to explain my reasons for what I did, and no second chance. That ship had sailed.

Life as I knew it was coming to an abrupt halt because of the choices I had made, which never really felt like choices at all.

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