Chapter 1

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I had decided that I was going to go back home for my senior year,  my aunt also thought it was a good idea. I was going to miss her and miss all the friends I had made here, but I missed my mom and even my brother Caleb I hadn't seen him since I've left and the only communication we've had is texting each on our birthday.

A part of me didn't want to go back it was easier here everyone treated me nice but I knew I had to go back and face them show them that they can't intimidate me anymore.

I was nervous to see everyone the only person I talk to from back home is Kyla my best friend since we were 5, everyone else I hadn't seen or spoken to since I left they haven't seen how much I've change and believe me I've change.

Physically I lost a lot of weight, I now wear contacts and I died my hair blonde which is my natural color, but I had started dying it jet black when I was 12. then mentally I didn't take anyone's crap I didn't let anyone run over me not anymore.

I was packing up my room when my aunt knocked on the door "hey are you almost done packing"

"Almost" I tell her

She then surprises me and hugs me
"I'm going to miss you"

I hug her back "I'm going to miss you too"

Finally she pulls away "have you told anyone your coming back home"

I shake my head "I don't think mom has told Caleb yet and I guess I should call Kayla and let her know"

"Yeah call her and your brother" and with that she leaves

I debated who I should call first, I decide Kayla and I dial her number and after the third ring she picks up "hey"

"Hey Kayla what are you doing?" I ask her

"Trying to finds something to wear to the first day of school"

"That's actually what I've called to talk about I'm coming back to school" I say and wait for response

"That's not funny"

"I'm serious" I tell her

"Really! omg that's awesome I miss you so much!" she squeals

"I miss you too" I smile

"But are you sure though it's not that I don't want you too its just the last time you were here" and she trials off

"I know but it's time to stop hiding plus it's our senior year and I'm finally ready to come home"

"Good I'm glad, did you want me to pick you up"

"No I'll meet you at the school"

"Okay we'll I'll see you very soon bye"she giggles

"Bye" and we hang up

I then call my brother after 5 rings he answers.

"Wha?" he says as he answers the phone

"Hello to you too Caleb" I say with a laugh then add "what are you doing?"

"I'm playing video games with josh" I try not let that name affect me. I then hear josh whisper asking who Caleb was talking too and I hear Caleb says my name.

then he says too me "listen I got to go" and hangs up before I get to tell him I'm coming home

I can't help but sigh. I really hope that this year will be different.

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