2 - "Basement Brawls"

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After a shower, the two girls sat on the twin sized bed they shared in their bedroom, watching an episode of Tom & Jerry on the small 20' inch TV. They both sat against the wall with Iris' head resting on Cilia's shoulder. They were quiet as they watched the cat chase the mouse through the kitchen on the TV screen. Both girls were glad they made it home before their foster mother Ms. Pat got there. If she knew they were outside she would have locked the door and made them sleep outside like she always did.

"Cil," Iris said raising her head to look at her sister.

"Huh?" Cilia answered subconsciously, staring at the screen like she hadn't seen the same episode over twenty times.

"Are you okay?"

Cilia stared at the screen with her mouth hung open. It took her a few seconds to turn away from the screen, but when she did she furrowed her eyebrows with a questioning look on her face as she stared at her sister. "Yeah what do you mean?"

"I mean about the park thing. The fight with that boy and the argument you had with that other boy."

"Yeah Iris I'm fine. Why you keep asking me that. I don't care about that little fat ugly polar bear looking nigga. Or that other ugly one with the braids either, he lucky I didn't smack him." Cilia sassed.

Iris gave her sister a small smile. "Okay the boy that fought for us is not ugly. Don't lie."

Cilia looked her sister up and down. "I'm not lying. That boy look like an empty soda can."

Iris giggled, putting a hand over her mouth. "What? How can somebody look like an empty soda can?"

Before Cilia could say something the front door in the living room opened signaling someone was home. Both girls looked at each other, their hearts skipping a beat at the same time.

"Who do you think it is?" Iris whispered, wide eyed.

Cilia narrowed her eyes, staring at the ground as she listened to the person drop their keys on the small table out front as heavy footsteps sounded throughout the apartment. She looked at Iris after eight seconds. "It's Tom." She said. His footsteps were heavy and kind of vibrated the place a little so she recognized when it was him or Ms. Pat that came in.

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