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Sex and Temptation; Four

"She good J?" Zane asked as he walked in the house.

"Yeah, she asleep now." Jason said as he watched Zane walk over to Champy.

" I appreciate it, bruh." Zane said as he picked up a sleeping Champy who cuddled into him immediately.

He got one of his homies lil brother to make sure they watched after Champy. Knowing she wouldn't think, he knew she would go with Jason.

"Thank you, Ms. Sarah." Zane said as he looked up at one of his god-mothers.

"Your welcome, you know my home is welcome to everyone. Make sure you keep Carter safe." She said referring to her son.

"Always." Zane said as he kissed her cheek before he walked out the house why'll Champy snored softly.

He put her in the front seat before he strapped on her seatbelt and kissed her cheek.


Jessie smiled as she continued to follow Zane's car. CJ sat in the backseat eating while he tried to satisfy his munchies.

"Hold on tight." She said as she steeped on the gas pedal til she was right behind them.

She was glad she had took her father's car so it was unrecognizable.

"Ready?" She said as she looked back at CJ.

"My sister in the car. The fuck is you doing?" CJ said as he looked at her in confusion.

"I don't care." She said as she looked back to only see one other car on the road. The less people she'd have to kill.

She stepped on the guess as she hit the back of Zane's car. The car just moved faster, Zane must of knew something was up.

"The hell is you doing, Jessie?! My sister getting hurt wasn't in the plan!" CJ screamed.

"Shut up!" She said as she stepped faster on the gas and hit the car again before she drove til she was on the side of the car.

She looked over at Zane's car, she couldn't see him through the faded windows. She moved to the side as she hit it again as the car tried to go faster, she hit it again as the car tumbled over into the grass.

CJ watched in horror as the car continued to roll and roll before it stopped, upside down.

The windows were busted, the doors were pounded in, a fire was already starting slowly, soon the whole thing would blow up. Jessie smiled before she drove off while CJ continued to look back at the car.


Zane coughed as he smelled the smoke. He groaned as he looked around, no cars were anywhere. He sat for a second before he pulled his legs out and crawled out of the seat and out out the window.

He breathed in deeply as he tried to calm his heart beat. The pain in his head was killing him before Champy popped in his head.

He weakly crawled over to her side of the car.

"Champy?" He shook her, "Champagne, get up baby."

He continued to shake her as it settled into him that she wasn't gonna wake up. Before he panicked, he had to get her out the car.

He grabbed her arms as he pulled though it didn't budge her out. He coughed more as the smell of the fire became stronger.

He groaned before he pulled her legs out til she was half way out the seat. He unbuckled her seat belt before he pulled the rest of her body out.

He picked her up as he walked out onto the road, the farthest he could get away from it. He sat on the side of the road as he watched the car blow up.

He reached for his phone in his pocket. The screen was cracked but luckily it still worked, he called 911 as fast as he could.


Zane watched as they put Champy on the back of the ambulance as he got in with her. He held her hand as they drove to the hospital. He felt the light squeeze of her hand as he looked up at her. Her eyes were slightly open as the EMT held the thing that helped her breath to her mouth.

He kissed her cheek softy as she continued to keep a weak grip on his hand.

Even though, he knew Champy was okay. He had enough of Jessie, if she was crazy enough to try to kill them she was crazy enough to try again and he had to end it.


Champy groaned as she continued to eat the hospital food.

"This shit is nasty." She said as she sat back.

"Lemme taste it." Zane said as she put the spoon in his mouth. He swallowed it before he shrugged, "It ain't that bad."

"It is! You should go get me some Taco Bell." She said as she moved the food away from her.

"I ain't got money on me right now. I ain't been on the corner for a while." He sighed as he got on the bed next to her.

"Don't worry about that." Champy said.

"I gotta go either way Champ." He said.

"Just be safe." She said as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Yeah." He whispered as he closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.


Suan took the keys out of his pockets and looked for they key to Alana's apartment before he put it in the lock.

The smell of chocolate hit him as he came in and locked the door behind him.

"Baby?" He called out.

"I'm in the kitchen." Alana's soft voice said.

He walked in the kitchen with a smirk as he saw Alana naked on the counter.

"Hey, Daddy." She said as she poured melted chocolate over her breast.

Suan licked his lips as he pulled off his shirt. He walked over to her as he leaned down and kissed her lips.

He leaned his hand down and rolled her nipple between his thumb and pointer finger before he pulled away from her lips and put his fingers in his mouth.

"Mmm." He said as he sucked the chocolate off his fingers as she giggled.

He leaned down and took her nipple into his mouth as he sucked the chocolate from it.

He leaned over and switched to the other one. He swirled hit tongue around it before he sucked it into his mouth. He bit softly before he sucked the sting away.

He licked at her chest til all the chocolate was gone. She sat up and hopped off the counter before she got on her knees. She unbuckled his pants before she pulled them down with his boxers as his d*ck was free from the restrains.

Suan moved her hair to the side as she took the head of his d*ck in her mouth as she socked on it softly. He groaned as she picked up the bowl of chocolate and pour some on his d*ck before she stroked his d*ck in her hand causing it to spread over his whole shaft.

She licked at it before she took it back in her mouth. She relaxed her jaw before she moved her head down farther til she had almost all of Suan's d*ck down her throat. He groaned as she pulled back and licked the sides, licking up the rest of the chocolate.

Suan pulled her up by her hands before he kissed her softly, tasting the chocolate that only made the kiss sweeter. He turned her around so her hands were on the counter and her ass facing him.

He stroked his d*ck as he watched her juices leak down her thighs before he positioned his self at her pus*y.

She moaned as he started pounding her pus*y. She looked back before Suan captured her lips as he continued to thrust into her.

"Fuck." She moaned as he continued to fück her before he turned her around and put her on the counter. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he entered her again.

He moaned as he pus*y tightened around him as Alana cried out before her juices covered Suan's d*ck. Alana's pus*y was still wrapped around him like a glove, triggering his climax. He groaned as he came hard.

He put soft kisses on her neck as she moaned, satisfied.

Maybe she did change..



Sex and Temptation; Six

Zane held Champy closely as she cried in his arms. CJ had died of an overdose, even though he was being a fucked up brother, she loved him. Before he started the drugs he was the perfect brother. He made sure no nigga ever broke her heart, put her before him, and acted as her best friend. Even when Champy was the quietest girl in high school, he talked to her and gave her the comfort she needed.

They were on Champy's bed, Zane holding Champy to his chest as she cried her eyes out.

When they called Champy's mom, she rushed straight to the hospital. Champy's mom, Gaile, was a business woman. She never spent more than twenty-four hours with her kids, but knowing that Champy went through so much in one day and her first and only son died off an heroin overdose made her realize how bad of a mother she was.

Gaile decided to take two weeks off to spend time with Champy and support her but she had to come back tonight to finish up her work before she could take a break.

She put all her trust in Zane and let him take care of her daughter until she could.

"I'm sorry." Zane whispered as she cried into his wet neck and shirt.

Champy had been crying three hours straight and it was hurting him to see her like that. It was the first time he ever saw her cry and he was hoping it was the last. He was the one that ignored everyone's warning on Jessie and continued to mess with her till she got attached.

"It's not your fault. It was his decision." Champy said as she pulled herself up and wiped her eyes.

She was more upset about her brother than she was about killing Jessie. She felt no regret for killing the woman that was about to harm the man she loved..


Zane sat up and kissed her lips softly. He moved his lips against hers as he swept his tongue across her bottom lip. She opened and let his sweet tongue invade her mouth.

His hands grabbed her hips as he pulled her on his lap, straddling him.

"Make love to me." She whispered against his lips. With everything that happened today, she needed his comfort and his warm hands caressing her body.

He moved his lips to her neck as he moved her hips, grinding her pus*y against his covered d*ck.

He moved his tongue against her soft, brown skin. He sucked the skin softly until he pulled back and examined the pink hickey he made.

He pushed her down so she lay on her back. He bit his lip as he pulled down her leggings. He bent down and kissed her softly as he grabbed her tank top she had changed into and ripped it in half.

He kissed down her jaw to her nipple before his lips wrapped around it. He but it before he sucked away the pain as she caressed the curls in his hair.

He switched to the other one and showed it the same attention as he scraped it with his teeth. Champy moaned as he kissed down her abdomen before he kissed her panties before he ripped them off her body.

He licked his lips as he looked down at her glistening pus*y before he looked up at Champy who was watching him with lust and love in her eyes.. That Zane didn't notice.

He sat up before he pulled her up on her hands and knees, he slid under her before he grabbed her asś and pushed her down on his mouth. She cried out as she watched Zane close his eyes and groan as he ate her.

She had to put her hands on the bed to hold her up as he moved his tongue up and down her slit before he sucked at her clït. He moved his tongue back and forth against her clit before he scraped it with his teeth.

Champy screamed out as his tongue moved faster against her clït. She began to crawl away as she heard Zane chuckle as he dragged her back.

"No." She moaned as he continued to feast on her pus*y.

He moved his tongue inside as her before she screamed his name as she came. Zane moaned as he licked up her juices. Champy whimpered and licked her lips as she crawled off of Zane.

But he still wanted more.

While she laid on her back on the bed, catching her breath, Zane stood and removed his clothes. Champy closed her eyes and relaxed before Zane grabbed her knees and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

She yelped as Zane grabbed her hips and lifted her pus*y to him while he stood at his full height. Champy's head laid on the bed while the rest of her body was held in the air by Zane.

Zane moved his head forward before he buried his head in her pus*y. Champy moaned as she let her head fall back on the bed.

All she could do was moan and thrash her head back and forth as Zane licked her sensitive pus*y.

"Mmm." Zane moaned against her pus*y as she screamed at the vibration.

He wrapped one arm around her sturdier before he pushed a finger into her with his other hand.

"Come for me." Zane groaned before Champy's body jerked as she came while Zane licked up her sweet juices while sucking softly on her pus*y lips.

Champy moaned as Zane helped her on the bed as he laid next to her. She crawled to him before she was right in front of his d*cl. His chocolate d*ck stood at attention. Zane groaned as he moved his fingers into her hair as she sucked on the head of his d*ck.

Champy licked the slit of his d*ck as Zane's eyes slipped closed as his eyebrows farrowed. He licked his lips as he opened his eyes and watched as she relaxed her jaw and moved her mouth further down his d*ck. She pulled back before she wrapped her hand around his d*ck as she stroked him while sucking the head of his d*ck.

"Fuck." He groaned as her tongue licked over the sensitive side of his d*ck. She moved her tongue up the sides of his d*ck as he grabbed her hair tighter.

With one last hard suck, Zane's mouth parted as his eyes closed tightly as he came. Champy moaned and swallowed his cum while he still remained hard.

While Zane continued to keep his eyes shut and breathe in and out, Champy straddled his lap before she lowered herself on his d*ck.

Zane groaned as his eyes stayed shut but his hands gripped Champy's ass. She adjusted to the fullness before she moved up and down. She bounced on his d*ck as she squeezed her nipples.

Zane opened his eyes as he moved his hand down to Champy's clït. Champy grinded against Zane as he bit her lip and cried out.

Zane watched the desire and pleasure on her face as she threw her head back. Three words were being repeated over and over in his mind, telling him to say it but he couldn't.

He thrust into her harder as her pus*y tightened around him. He groaned as she came. She lent down and kissed him as her fingers went through his damp curls.

Zane bit her bottom lip before he pulled out and put her on her hands and knees again. He put the head of his d*ck at her entrance before she threw her ass back as they both moaned. Zane gripped Champy's hips as he pounded into her. He tugged on her clït as he pulled her to his chest.

Champy moaned as Zane's fingers moved faster and his lips went to her neck. The grip her pus*y had on him almost made his knees weak. He pulled out and rubbed the head of his d*ck against her clït as she put her hand behind her and gripped his short curls.

He plunged back in her with long, deep strokes. He pushed her back on her hands and knees as he thrusted, making sure he hit her sensitive g-spot. Her pus*y was talking to him and he couldn't get enough of it.

Champy screamed out, music to Zane's ears, as she felt her climax coming. Zane felt his too, he played with her clït as he thrusted faster. He couldn't hold any longer.

He groaned as he came, setting off Champy's climax as they came together. Zane groaned as Champy milked him.

Minutes later, Champy was half asleep while Zane walked to the bathroom and started a warm bath. He added her bubbles before he sat on the edge of the jacuzzi tub and waited til it was ready.

He walked in the room and picked Champy up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He cut off the water before he got in the tub with her still wrapped around him.

He grabbed her loofa as her eyes closed as she started to fall asleep. Zane put peach body wash on the loofa before he started to wash her.

Three words on the tip of his tongue that he couldn't get out..


Champy yawned as she got up before she took her birth control pills, a quick shower, and put on clothes. Zane was still asleep, laying on his back, his arm draped over his eyes with his mouth slightly opened while his chest moved up and down slowly.

Champy opened her door before she walked past her brother's door. She opened the door as she walked in. It was just like he left it, soda cans everywhere, bed never made, clothes everywhere. But the thing that brought tears to her eyes was the smell. It smelt just like her brother, the smell that she inhaled when he hugged her when she cried.

She never got to say good bye. She went to his dresser as she looked at the pictures with him and her, then their was one with him and his friends that Zane and Keshuan were in. One with their dead when they were so much younger. Now all she had was her mom, that never had time to show them attention.

Champy was hoping Zane would stick around..

The smell of bacon made her pull back from the pictures. She closed the door before she walked downstairs where her mom was cooking three plates of breakfast. She had put out eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausages, and fruit with orange juice.

"Come here." Her mom said before she wrapped her arms around Champy as Champy let her tears out again.

Gaile regretted never spending time with her kids, the only time she saw them was in the early morning for about thirty minutes.

Champy cried and cried, Gaile didn't have to talk to her to get what she was feeling. She missed her brother, the only person she really had. After the death of their dad, instead of comforting her kids, she buried her pain and loss in her work. Champy had lost her mother and father at once and only had CJ.

Now it felt like she had no one.

Zane groaned when he woke up, he felt for Champy and felt nothing but a cold bed. He opened his eyes and looked around the empty room before he got up and took a shower before he put on the white wife beater and black basketball shorts he had brung. He slid on some socks before he put on his Nike slides before he walked downstairs to the aroma of the food.

He heard Champy's sob and immediately walked into the kitchen where Gaile held Champy as she cried.

Soon, Champy's sobs were silent as she went to the bathroom to straighten up, leaving Zane and Gaile alone.

"You care for Champagne, don't you?" Gaile asked as she put a plate in front of Zane with some juice.

"Thank you, Ma'am. I do, I care about her a lot." Zane said before he started eating.

"Do you love her?" She asked as she looked in Zane's eyes.

Zane nodded with honesty in his eyes, "I just realized it last night."

"She's broken now, she needs you to be there for her." Gaile said as Champy walked back in the kitchen and sat next to Zane.

Zane grabbed Champy's hand as he swallowed his food, "I'll always be there for her."

Champy smiled as she looked at Zane, maybe he would stay for the long run.


"That was some G shit." Keshuan said as him and Zane drove to their corner.

Zane chuckled, "Yeah, that's my baby."

"Baby?" Suan said as he glanced at Zane, "Thought she was just a fuck?"

Zane smirked as he thought of Champy, "She more than that. My nigga, I'm in love."

"You more than in love!" Suan said as he pulled up to the parking lot before they got out the car once he put it in park, "Lets make this money."



Sex and Temptation; Eight

Champy was fast asleep since Zane had been driving for hours. He was driving to a restaurant he had booked for weeks.

Champy was dressed in a pencil skirt with a white blouse, Her hair was in a high bun, and she wore black sandals. Zane wore a white button up shirt and black dress pants with his shiny church shoes.

Zane drove into the five-star restaurant, Bahamas Breeze.

He finally found a parking lot before he cut the car off and grabbed Champy's purse from the backseat. Though it wasn't her birthday until tomorrow, he knew tomorrow it was a lot happening so he just wanted a little time with her.

He hopped out the car before he walked to her side and opened the door.

"Champagne." He whispered into her ear before he bit it softly as she moaned in her sleep, "Baby, wake up."

Champy's eyes fluttered open as she looked into Zane's Ray Ban covered ones. Zane grinned as he looked at her, just last week they had finally made it official. They were finally together.

Champy yawned as she sat up and looked around in confusion while Zane helped her out the car before he handed her the small purse. Zane took her hand in his as he closed and locked the car doors to his new car he brought.

"Chambers... Table for two." Zane told the lady who looked to be in her mid-twenties as she looked him up and down.

Zane wrapped his arm around Champy's waist when he saw the glare she had on the waitress. He inhaled her sweet perfume as he nuzzled her neck.

"This way." The lady said before she walked them to a table.

Zane thanked her before he pulled out Champy's chair and let her sit down before he walked to his chair and sat. He took off his sunglasses before he put them in his shirt pocket.

"Damn," Zane whispered as he got a better look of Champy in the candle light of their booth, "You look beautiful, baby."

Champy smiled, "Thank you."

Zane had everything planned it was only six, going on seven p.m.

"Damn." Champy said as she looked at the menu before she looked at Zane, "You don't have to do all this, Zane. I told you it's not about the material things."

Even though everything was expensive, the way he had been dealing all week he had more than enough money on him today, "What I tell you? Just enjoy yourself."

Every dollar he spent was worth Champy's happiness.


"Where we going?" Champy asked as Zane drove out the parking lot of the restaurant and on the road.

"Somewhere." Zane said as he glanced at Champy.

Champy just shook her head before she turned up the radio and rapped along.

"Romance sheer delight how sweet

I gotta find me a girl to make my life complete

You can scratch my back, we'll get cozy and huddle

I'll lay down my jacket so you can walk over a puddle

I'll give you a rose, pull out your chair before we eat

kiss you on the cheek and say ooh girl you're so sweet

It's deja vu whenever I'm with you

I could go on forever telling you what I do

But where you at you're neither here or there

I swear I can't find you anywhere

Damn sure you ain't in my closet, or under my rug

this love search is really making me bug

And if you know who you are why don't you make yourself seen

take the chance with my love and you'll find out what I mean

Fantasy's can run but they can't hide

and when I find you I'm gon' pour all my love inside."

She leaned over as she started rapping the words to Zane as he chuckled.

Zane drove for thirty minutes, Champy was half asleep as Zane held her hand.

He parked the car before he leaned over and looked at Champy as she put her hands on both sides of his face and brung his lips to hers. She pulled on his small curls as he groaned and bit her bottom lip.

He pulled back before he got out the car. He walked to Champy's side before he helped her out and opened the trunk. He pulled out the small suitcase he had with his and Champy's clothes.

Champy looked around, it was almost nine and it was somewhat dark. She looked at the building labeled "Paradise Falls."

She could tell it was a well-known hotel. Zane grabbed her hand as he closed and locked the door once again before he wheeled the bag to the front.

"My feet hurt." Champy whined as Zane raised a eyebrow.

"We almost there." He said as they walked in. The cold air spread goosebumps on Champy's skin.

They walked to the desk to check in, "Zane Chambers." Zane said when the man asked for his name as he looked up and down the computer screen.

"Here you go, Sir." He said sending Zane a wink as he gave Zane the room card.

Champy bust out laughing as Zane moved his hand back as soon as he grabbed the key.

"It ain't funny!" Zane said as he slapped her ass.

"He got a lil crush on you." Champy said as they got on the elevator.

"Chill." Zane said as he shook his head.

Champy wrapped her arms around Zane's neck as he picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist.

"Thank you," Champy said as she pecked Zane's lips and neck, "I love you."

"Happy birthday, baby." He said as he turned so her back was against the elevator wall before he put his lips against her neck, sucking softly.

Champy moaned as she laced her fingers through his hair. He pushed her against it more securely before he put wrapped his lips around her bra-less nipple. He twirled his tongue around it before he bit it softly, sucking away the pain.

The sound of the elevator coming to a stop made him pull away as he pecked the lips of Champy before he put her back on her feet.

He picked up the suitcase off the floor before they walked to the room that cost him a leg and a arm. He had made sure they decorated the room just how he wanted it.

"Close your eyes." He whispered to Champy as he put one hand on both of her eyes while rolling the suitcase behind them with the other.

Once they made it to the door, Zane moved his hand from the suitcase before he took the room card out his pocket. He swiped it before he opened the door while he moved his hand from Champy's eyes and picked the suitcase back up while Champy still squeezed her eyes shut.

"Open em'." Zane whispered as he guided her into the room before he closed and locked the door after putting on the 'Do Not Disturb' sign.

Champy gasped as she looked around the room. The bed was covered with rose pedals with white sheets. Zane had made sure they put Champagne in the room, though it was corny.

"It's beautiful." Champy said as Zane dropped the suit case and wrapped his arms around Champy as he kissed her neck.

Zane wanted to show her how much she meant to him tonight. Hopefully, he could for the rest of his life.

"I love you." He whispered in her ear. He wanted everything to be special for her.

"I love you too!" She said as she turned and kissed him softly. Zane grabbed her shirt as he pulled it over her head so their lips parted for a second to breathe.

Champy reached behind her back as she unhooked her bra. Zane picked her up as he sat on the end of the bed. He grabbed her ass as she grinded into him.

Champy moved her lips to Zane's neck as she started to unbutton his shirt. Zane let her push his shirt off his arms before he picked her up and led them to the bathroom.

He sat Champy on the edge of the bath before he turned on the warm water and filled it with bubbles while the roses that were already in it floated to the the surface of the water.

He turned back to Champy before he grabbed her skirt and panties and pulled them down together. He got on his knees as he pulled her to the edge.

He dove head first between her thighs, licking the sweet cream on Champy's pus*y. She moaned as she grabbed onto his curls. He grunted in appreciation as she grinded her pus*y against him. He licked at her sweet honey, he traced his tongue around her opening before he thrusted it inside her.

He thrusted his tongue at a fast pace as if he was fucking her. Champy screamed as his tongue brushed her g-spot.


He watched as the bath filled, making sure it didn't overflow as he continued to drink his supply. Her velvety walls were wet with her juice as Zane continued to drink from her.

Champy tried to close her thighs as she felt her climax start. Zane sucked her gloved clit into his warm mouth as he spread her thighs farther apart. Zane pulled back as he pushed his finger into her before he stood and bent down to kiss her.

Her juices made the kiss sweeter as Champy moaned into his mouth.

"Fück! Daddy!" Champy screamed as her walls tightened around his finger as she came. Zane continued to thrust his finger before she whimpered. He put his wet finger against her lips as her tongue darted out to lick her cream.

She wrapped her lips around his finger til her juices were gone before Zane turned off the water. He unbuckled his pants as Champy walked up the short steps before she tested the water out with her foot and she stepped in.

He pulled his pants, boxers, and socks off before he got in the warm water. He was about to sit when Champy stopped him.

"Let me take care of that." She said as Zane sat on the side of the bath as Champy crawled between his legs.

She grabbed his shaft as she stroked it before she lent down and licked the pre-cum from the head of his d*ck. Zane groaned as he let her hair out of the bun as it fell in curls. He laced his hands in it as he guided her mouth down on his d*ck.

Champy moaned around his dick as she licked the sensitive skin. He thrust into her mouth slowly as she sucked harder on his d*ck.

She sucked on only the inches her throat could handle while she wrapped her fist around the rest as she twisted her fist around the smooth, wet skin.

Zane pulled Champy's head back by her hair as she looked up at him with her innocent eyes but they both knew she was far from innocent.

Zane sat in the water before he let Champy straddle him while she slid down on his d*ck as they both moaned. Zane watched as Champy held her breast as she bounced on his d*ck. He held her ass as he sucked on her shoulder, leaving a hickey.

The head of his d*ck continued to hit her g-spot while Zane's eyes rolled to the back of his head as Champy swelled with feminine pride. Zane guided her up and down his d*ck faster as she continued to moan and scream his name.

The lights around the tub only made the sex more passionate as Champy's skin glowed.

Champy threw her head back as she came. Zane grabbed a wash cloth before he washed her body while she washed his with him still inside her, hard as rock.

He stood up with her still in his arms after he opened the drain, to let the water go down. He wrapped a towel around her before he put her on the bed.

Champy grabbed a bottle of Champagne as she popped it open, she giggled as it got on her body before Zane leaned down and licked it off her. She put the bottle on the table beside the bed as Zane continued to lick the sparkling wine off her.

Zane sat up before he grabbed Champy's hips as he entered her. He pounded into her as she moaned, her hands covering his.

She was sensitive, so sensitive. Zane grinded into her as he leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth. Champy's walls clamped around his d*ck in a vice grip but still she couldn't come.

Something was missing. . .

"Please, Daddy!" Champy screamed.

"Please what, baby?" Zane groaned as he bit his lip.

'Hey baby how you doing tonight

I wanna let you know

I wanna tell you just how I feel

I wanna love you baby

And it's going so right

I wanna burn a candle

Turn the darkness to the light

With the fire we make

It's getting hotter and hotter

Like a moth to a flame

I can't stay away

From the fire we make

It's getting higher and higher

Like the night to the day

I can't stay away

No no no... (yeah)... no

(Oh yeah)

No No... (yeah)... stay away'

"Let me cum!" Champy moaned as she arched in pleasure before Zane leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"Come for me."

They flipped around before Champy was back on top.. making love again.

'This invisible pull; and it takes us to the stars

It's getting higher and higher

It's the fire we make (it's the fire we make)

Getting sweeter and sweeter

Like a night to a day

(About to make up these flames)

I can't stay away, say is, no no (yeah)

No no no, no no no, can't stay away (baby can't stay)

No no no (no you can't)

No no no (baby baby baby)

No no no, yeah

I wanna tell you, I wanna love you

I just wanna stay with you

I can't be done

I just can't stay away

I wanna make some much fire with you baby

I wanna go, gonna go to you darling, ah

I say yeah yeah'


Zane held Champy's hand as they walked in the club. It was officially her birthday today, she was finally legal.

Zane held her hand as he watched her emotions. As far as she knew, they were going to celebrate alone.

"Suprise!" Everyone yelled. Suan, Ebony, Honey, Kayla, and more friends rose up. Even her mom came with a little persuading from Zane about how important it would be to Champy.

Champy bust out laughing as she watched, she never felt more loved in her life.

She turned when she felt someone tapping her shoulder. She grinned as her mom hugged her, though Champy wasn't close to her mom it meant that she was at least trying to step up in her daughters life.

"Happy birthday." Gaile said as she hugged her daughter as Champy kissed her cheek before Keshuan have her a hug next.

"Happy birthday, thug." He said as he wrapped his arms around her.

Even though he was steal dealing with his mothers death, he came to celebrate Champy's birthday.

"Thank you, KeKe." Champy said as Suan rolled his eyes at the nickname she gave him.

Zane had gone off to get a drink, thankful he knew the bartender. He grab the ten shots of vodka for all ten people who had come to celebrate for Champy.

He went back to their V.I.P section of the club before everyone grabbed one.

"Ready?" He asked Champy.

Champy nodded her head before they both down the shot, thinking of the night they met, three months ago.

Champy raised a eyebrow as Zane got on his knees, "You not be doing what I think you doing?"

Zane chuckled, it was way too early for that. He pulled out the ring he had in his pocket, he opened the red box that held the small ring as Champy gasped.

"Hell no!" She shouted, "I can't marry you."

Zane just shook his head, "You done?"

Champy nodded as she stared at the sparkling 14k ring.

"I'm not proposing!" Zane shouted at the people who were looking around at the scene as Suan smirked as he watched Zane. In three months he had become a totally different person, "Champagne, you are the most beautiful, chill, down to earth female I've ever met. I love you more than anything. From the day I first met you, I ain't never think I would be doing this three months from now.

This ring is so everytime you feelin' down, you know I'ma be there when you at your worst and best. I know I sound soft as shit, but I'm serious. I want you to know no matter what's going on in our relationship, I got you. Through thick and thin, black and white, I'll always be there for you. No matter how angry you are at me, no matter how much you hate me, I'll always be there for you. I promise."

"Aw!" Champy cooed as the audience clapped as he slipped the ring on her finger.

Champy wrapped her arms around his neck as he kissed her softly.

They just had this connection...


Suan closed his car door as he walked to the house. He opened the door to be welcome by darkness. He sighed, even though Alana did him wrong, he was missing her.

He walked into his bedroom before he cut on the lamp and froze as he saw Alana crying softly with a glass of red wine in her hand.

"What you doin' here." He asked as he looked at her, her hair was all over the place, and honestly she just looked fucked up.

"I don't care bout nobody but you! All I want is you! Suan all I have is you, baby." She said as she sat up and wrapped her arms around his as he embraced her.

He looked in her eyes, "You done fucking around? Alana, I'm serious. I'm not gone keep taking yo ass back, is you down with me or what?"

"I'm down with you." She whispered with nothing but honestly in her eyes as they kissed softly.

Just because she was honest doesn't mean she was sincere . . .


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