Chapter 4

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Sex and Temptation; Four

"She good J?" Zane asked as he walked in the house.

"Yeah, she asleep now." Jason said as he watched Zane walk over to Champy.

" I appreciate it, bruh." Zane said as he picked up a sleeping Champy who cuddled into him immediately.

He got one of his homies lil brother to make sure they watched after Champy. Knowing she wouldn't think, he knew she would go with Jason.

"Thank you, Ms. Sarah." Zane said as he looked up at one of his god-mothers.

"Your welcome, you know my home is welcome to everyone. Make sure you keep Carter safe." She said referring to her son.

"Always." Zane said as he kissed her cheek before he walked out the house why'll Champy snored softly.

He put her in the front seat before he strapped on her seatbelt and kissed her cheek.


Jessie smiled as she continued to follow Zane's car. CJ sat in the backseat eating while he tried to satisfy his munchies.

"Hold on tight." She said as she steeped on the gas pedal til she was right behind them.

She was glad she had took her father's car so it was unrecognizable.

"Ready?" She said as she looked back at CJ.

"My sister in the car. The fuck is you doing?" CJ said as he looked at her in confusion.

"I don't care." She said as she looked back to only see one other car on the road. The less people she'd have to kill.

She stepped on the guess as she hit the back of Zane's car. The car just moved faster, Zane must of knew something was up.

"The hell is you doing, Jessie?! My sister getting hurt wasn't in the plan!" CJ screamed.

"Shut up!" She said as she stepped faster on the gas and hit the car again before she drove til she was on the side of the car.

She looked over at Zane's car, she couldn't see him through the faded windows. She moved to the side as she hit it again as the car tried to go faster, she hit it again as the car tumbled over into the grass.

CJ watched in horror as the car continued to roll and roll before it stopped, upside down.

The windows were busted, the doors were pounded in, a fire was already starting slowly, soon the whole thing would blow up. Jessie smiled before she drove off while CJ continued to look back at the car.


Zane coughed as he smelled the smoke. He groaned as he looked around, no cars were anywhere. He sat for a second before he pulled his legs out and crawled out of the seat and out out the window.

He breathed in deeply as he tried to calm his heart beat. The pain in his head was killing him before Champy popped in his head.

He weakly crawled over to her side of the car.

"Champy?" He shook her, "Champagne, get up baby."

He continued to shake her as it settled into him that she wasn't gonna wake up. Before he panicked, he had to get her out the car.

He grabbed her arms as he pulled though it didn't budge her out. He coughed more as the smell of the fire became stronger.

He groaned before he pulled her legs out til she was half way out the seat. He unbuckled her seat belt before he pulled the rest of her body out.

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