Chapter 5

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Sex and Temptation; Five

"You good?" Zane asked Champy as he helped her into the car he rented til' he got enough for a new one. Champy had spent a day in the hospital just so the doctors could make sure everything was right.

"Zane, I'm fine. Damn." Champy said. She was tired of him thinking she was hurting when she barely felt any pain.

"I'm just tryna help, Champ." He said as he sighed and closed her door before he walked to his side.

"And I appreciate that." She said as she sat back in the car. Zane turned up the radio as J. Cole filled their ears.

"You still mad at me?" He asked as he pulled out the hospital parking lot.

"It's whatever." She said as she sighed.,

"It ain't whatever. Everything I said, I ain't mean. I wouldn't do you like that."

"You did." Champy said as Zane stopped at a red light.

"Look at me." He said as she continued to look out the window. He leaned over and grabbed her chin forcing her to look at him, "I didn't mean it." 

Their lips brushed against each others. The three months that they knew each other, they learned a lot. Zane probably knew more about Champy then she knew about herself. If you asked him, what's her favorite color? He would tell you Sapphire Blue though she always denied she had a favorite color. Some would think, if she's just a fuck then why y'all care so much about each other? He would tell you honestly, over the months they made a connection. Something Zane and Champagne never had with any one. If they tried to let each other go, it would be hard, harder than moving a mountain with bare hands. But if you asked, what's stopping y'all from being together? He would say the danger of it all. He couldn't give Champy anything but danger,

"What am I to you?" Champy asked as their lips moved faintly against each other, "Just a fuck?"

The honk of a horn made them pull back as Zane started driving again, "My best friend."

"Mhmm, best friends with benefits."

"Yeah, lotta benefits." Zane chuckled as he continued to drive.

Ten minutes later, Zane was pulling into his mothers drive way.

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