Chapter 9

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Sex and Temptation; Nine

Six years later..

"She's beautiful." Champy said as she stared down at her new-born daughter. She had a head full of curls.

She sucked on Champy's nipple as she closed her eyes, falling asleep.

It had been a week since Champy gave birth to her baby girl, Zaniah Charlotte Chambers.

"She is." Zane said before Zaniah's eyes opened before she unlatched her lips from Champy's breast. She looked at Zane before she giggled, a smile forming with her gums before Zane picked her up.

"Hey baby girl." He said as her hand wrapped around his finger. Zaniah talked her baby talk as she looked up at Zane, "I know Momma. I know."

Champy watched as Zane continued to talk to Zaniah. She was finally leaving the hospital.

Champy pulled her shirt back up before she hopped off the hospital bed. Zane put Niah in her car seat. He gave Champy the baby bag before he picked up Niah's car seat.

He wrapped one arm around Champy's waist and held Zaniah's car seat in the other. Niah was sucking her thumb as she looked up at her parents with curious eyes.

A nurse came out with a wheel chair as Champy shook her head, "No, thank you."

They walked to the car before Zane put Niah in the back before he strapped her up.

He walked to his side before he drove up holding Champy's hand with a smile on his face.


Zane unlocked the door to his and Champy's new house they had bought for more room.

He held Zaniah in his arms as he walked in. He was attached to his daughter already, she was beautiful. Big brown eyes just like Champy. Knowing he made her with his wife only made him love her more.

He walked up the steps, leaving Champy to get her self settled in. He opened the door to her bedroom that he spent days on. The walls were pink with stuffed animals everywhere, her diapers and clothes were in a white, small drawer. Her crib was white with and filled with small toys she could grab on to.

He took her pacifier out her mouth so he could talk to her. Though he knew she couldn't understand, he felt as if he could understand her.

"Hey Momma." He said as he kissed her cheek.

She made her baby sounds as he laughed at her adorable sounds. Her hands moved around as if she was trying to catch something.

"I got a surprise for Mommy," He said as he toyed with her fingers, "You think she'll say yes, Niah?"

He was finally ready, he was twenty-five while Champy was twenty-four. He didn't want to wait any longer.

"Yeah, I know. Mommy mean." He said as Zaniah continued to talk to him.

He laid her in her crib before he started to take off her clothes. He made sure she wasn't wet before he put her in her onesie. He put her pacifier in her mouth as she reached up, moving her legs.

Champy walked up the stairs. After being pregnant she was ready to loose the weight. She walked to her daughters room to see Zane watching Zaniah as she started to fall asleep.

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