Chapter 2

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Sex and Temptation; Two

Zane yawned as he woke up before he looked beside him to see Champy's sleeping body. He looked around for his boxers that were somewhere on the bed. He pulled the covers off the bed and almost had a fucking heart attack.

The white sheets had little stains of blood in them. He entered her so fast, he didn't feel anything. He put on his boxers that were on the floor before he put back on his clothes. He went into the bathroom before splashing water on his face to wake him up. He grabbed his vibrating phone out of his pocket and read the message he got.

Jessie: I got a surprise 4 u. Meet me @ my house at 11 tonight.

He replied with a 'Ok' before he walked out the bathroom and shook Champy.

She groaned before she turned over the other way. He shook her before she popped up and sighed in relief to see it was only Zane.

"We needa talk." He said as he looked at his phone time to see it was only five in the morning.

Champy sat up and looked at him with her tired, hazel eyes, "What's wrong?"

"Why you ain't tell me you was a virgin?" He asked.

Usually he would wake up near four in the morning and leave without saying a word but for some reason he couldn't do that to this girl he had just met last night. If he knew she was a virgin he would of stopped or at least went slow on her but he knew to a female their virginity was important to them. He didn't understand why she would give it to them, they did know a few thing about each other and how their body worked and what made them go off but that was it. That was all they had.

"I'm not a virgin." She said as she looked at him in confusion, "I've had sex before."

"Then what is that?" He said as he pointed to the blood on the sheets.

"I don't know. I swear I've had sex before." She said as he looked at her like she was lying.

"How many times?" He asked.

"Once and it was a long time ago, so that's why assumed it hurted a little." She said.

"He didn't go all the way?" He asked her.

"He went in and the second he found out I was a virgin he pulled out but I felt it break." She said as she looked up at him, "I'm sorry."

He sighed as he looked at her puppy dog eyes, "It's okay, Champ," He kissed her cheek as he heard shuffling, "I think your brothers up. I gotta go."

"Bye." She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a hug, "Thank you."

He hugged her back before he pulled away and opened her window. He winked at her before he climbed outside and closed the window behind him.


"You got some pussy, though!" Suan said as he dapped up Zane.

Zane just grinned and continued to count his money in his room as he and Suan sat on the bottom bunk of his old bunk bed.

"I saw yo ass knocked out! She had the good-good?" Suan laughed.

"Nigga, shut up!" Zane said, when he counted a hundred ones he wrapped it in a rubberband and put it in his shoe box while Suan did the same to his separate shoe box.

"CJ gone kill yo ass." He said as they wrapped the money.

"CJ ain't gone do shit. CJ know what I'm about." Zane said as he put the shoe box under his bed.

He wasn't afraid of nobody but his momma and god.

"You ain't suppose to fuck the homie lil sister." Suan said as he went to Zane's mini fridge and pulled out a small can of sprite.

"Me and CJ cool, he ain't gone be mad." Zane said as he walked to his queen sized bed that was next to the old bunk bed.

"Ain't gone be cool no mo'. If you had a sister and you found out I fucked her, what would you do?" Suan asked as he laid back on the bottom bed that he slept on when he stayed over.

"Kill yo ass but CJ ain't like that," Zane said, "He ain't gotta find out."

"Jessie ass might say something since she was staring like that shit was some five star porn." Suan said.

Zane shook his head, "You took her home last night?"

"She got a ride with some nigga." He answered.

"She said she had a surprise for me tonight."

"Don't go over there, nigga. You gone either come back with STD's or you gone be in jail facing rape." Suan said as he shook his head.

He didn't trust Jessie at all, she just likes to make trouble.

Zane laughed, "I ain't gone have sex with her."

"She prolly drug yo ass and make you." Suan said, "I'm tellin' you. Don't go over there, Zane."

Zane nodded his head, muttering a 'whatever'.


It was seven o'clock and Zane was chillin' in CJ room smoking with CJ, Keshuan and one of their homies, Rod.

The door was wide open, the smell and smoke of the weed was flyin' in the air. He could look threw the door and see Champy laid on her bed. As much as he wanted to look away, he couldn't. He wanted it to be just a one time thing.

CJ ashed his smoke before he called out for his sister.

"What?" She said as she walked in the room, as soon as she came in she made eye contact with Zane before she looked away.

"Can you get my soda from downstairs?" He asked with a smile.

Champy sighed before she walked downstairs to get the soda. She drunk some just to get him mad before she threw it at him while he dodged it.

"Damn, thanks." He said as he picked up the soda bottle.

"Yo, I where yo bathroom at? My stomach ain't right, dawg." Zane lied.

"On the left. Make sure you put that air freshener to use, bruh." CJ said.

"Fasho." Zane said with a chuckle before he stepped over Keshuan and Rod who was still smoking and sitting on the floor.

He closed the door behind him before he walked to Champy's closed door. He opened it slowly to see her empty room. Her sheets were replaced with aqua blue sheets.

He heard the shower running so he opened the door to her bathroom. He walked in where Champy was too busy showering to notice he had entered as he locked the door. He pulled his shirt off before he pulled off his shorts and boxers. He slipped off his shoes thinking what the hell was he doing?

He didn't know why he came in here or why he was doing what he was about to do.. but something just told him to make his move.

His mind was telling him to stop for he get his self in more trouble but his body had a craving for her. Champagne.

He slid open the glass door as Champy turned around, she was about to scream in shock before Zane clamped his hand over her mouth til she calmed down.

"What you doin' in here?" Champy asked as she looked Zane up and down.

Zane bit his lip as he mesmerized every curve to her body, "I want a replay of last night."

He closed the shower door before he picked her up and pushed her against the shower wall. He put his lips to hers as she bit at his bottom lip, he opened up as her tongue sucked on his.

He pulled back from her sweet tasting mouth before he bent down to take her nipple in his mouth as the hot water fell down on them.

He sucked on it softly as she ran her hands through his head of curls. He ran his down her abdomen and to her pus*y.

She moaned as he pushed a finger in her. He rubbed her clit with his thumb as he moved his pointer finger in and out of her. He moved to her other nipple as he circled it with his tongue before he sucked it in his mouth. He pulled back from her chest before he pecked her lips.

He pushed her up on the wall better before he positioned his d*ck at her entrance.

They both moaned as Zane pushed into her. His lips latched on to her neck and he thrust into her as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He sucked the skin softly, making hickeys next to the faint ones he made last night.

He moved his hand between them before he rubbed her clit as her pus*y tightened around him. He groaned as he pounded into her faster.

She screamed out as she came before Zane put his mouth over hers, kissing her hard as their lips moved in sync.

Zane groaned as he pulled out and stroked his d*ck before his cum spurted out. He moaned as he put his forehead against hers.

They washed each other before they got out. Zane dried off before he put his clothes back on. He got Champy's number before he kissed her softly and left out the room, shutting the door quietly.

He peeked his head in CJ's room and made up a quick excuse.

"Damn, nigga. You been in there for a while." CJ said as Suan chuckled with a knowing look as Rod counted his money.

"Bruh, I ain't feelin' well. I'll holla at you later." Zane said as he came in the room dapped all of them up.

"I see you, Z." Suan said giving Zane a knowing smile as he chuckled.

Zane left out the house and on the way to Jessie's house.


Jessie made sure her breast were pushed up high, looking perky in her new bra. She fluffed out her hair before she got up when she heard a knock at her door.

She walked to the door in her 5' Jessica Simpson heels. She put on her charming grin as she opened the door.

She was gonna get her payback since Zane fucked her over for Champagne. The girl barely spoke, she didn't know why Zane even kissed her.

She watched as Zane looked at her in confusion. She stared back in confusion, confused why he didn't have at least one spot of lust in his eyes.

"What you wearing?" Zane asked as he looked up at Jessie.

"I thought of dressing up for you." She said with a smirk.

"Jess, ion know what you think this is but I ain't come here to fuck." Zane said as he walked in slowly, wanting to leave and he had just got there.

"You don't want me?" Jessie said with a fake pout as she made a sad look that she knew Zane would fall for.

Zane sighed, he didn't like making females cry. It wasn't in him, "Jess, your beautiful but I don't wanna have sex with you."

Jessie broke out in fake sobs so Zane just backed up and walked out the house muttering a 'sorry'. He knew the longer he'd stay the more she'd try to seduce him and he didn't want to fall under her spell again. The last time he had sex with her it was a mistake, a big mistake. He barely even got any pleasure out of it, she wasn't tight.

Jessie stared in shock as Zane walked out to his car and pulled off. He was the first man to ever reject her and for some reason it hurt her. It made her want to cry and just ask him why he didn't want her.

She sadly slipped on her robe before she took the pins out of her hair and slipped off her heels and cried herself to sleep.


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