Chapter 7

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Sex and Temptation; Seven

Suan groaned as his phone started to ring. He leaned over to pick it up when he remembered he had to go see his mom. He had just came straight to Alana's house after CJ's funeral and wasn't feeling good about today at all.

It was still morning and he was still sleepy. Alana had been sleeping in all day and never woke up yet, she was lazy.

He stood up from the bed and clicked the ignore button on his phone before he stared over at Alana. Her phone was right beside her on the bed, he picked it up before he walked to the bathroom to get dressed.

He unlocked her phone til he saw she had six messages. He opened the message app to see the name Bran.

Bran: Baby, u still woke?

Bran: I miss u, when u gone be done with that other nigga?

Bran: Did you take the pregnancy test?

Bran: If you pregnant, I don't want that nigga near my child

Bran: I know

Bran: Sweet dreams, goodnight baby

Suan threw the phone across the room as he watched it slam against the mirror, breaking the glass. He noticed how all her replies were deleted.

He hopped in the shower as he thought of everything he had been through with Alana. He had been with her since he was fifteen. Like they say, you can't turn a hoe into a house wife.

He thought she had stopped her cheating, this time he was done with her. He got out the shower ten minutes later before he wrapped a towel around his waist. He brushed his teeth before he stepped out the bathroom, careful of the glass on the floor.

He picked up the clothes he had brung with him before he started putting them on as Alana watched with sleepy eyes.

"Lana, you gone need a job." He said as he put on his shoes.

Her eyes furrowed in confusion, "What? Why?"

"I ain't paying for your bills no mo', go tell ol' boy Bran to do it." He said before he went in the closet and then stopped, "Wait, I payed and brought this house. You can leave."

"Keshuan, what the fuck are you talking about?" Alana said as she walked towards him.

"Alana, just leave. I can't do this right now." He said before he opened every drawer that had her shit in it and put it all on the floor before he grabbed some trash bags out the closet and handed it to her.

"You know da drill." He said before he left the house leaving a confused and angry Alana putting her clothes in the bags.

But she would be back..


Zane was sitting in Rod's place smokin' a joint with him, Terrence, D, and some other niggas.

Champy was at home alone, the week with her mom was up and she just wanted to be alone. Zane knew she was hurting since they had just came from CJ's funeral and let her breathe while he chilled though he would rather be with Champy.

"Mane, she grabbed that bitch by ha weave and started pounded ha fuckin' head." Rod told them since he was tellin' the story about how his side and main hoe met up.

Zane was too busy wondering what he would get Champy for her b'day next week. She was turning eighteen, finally legal and he wanted it to be special for her. Champy never asked for anything so he would spend every penny in his pocket to make her smile on her day, he was hoping he would have the balls to tell her he loved her.

The laughter of D made him listen to the conversation just so he wouldn't be too frustrated that he didn't know what to get Champy.

"I ain't lyin' bruh, Mariah grabbed her by her weave and started goin' Mayweather on ha ass. It was like WWE, them broads was throwin' glass everywhere!" Rod said while Zane shook his head when he normally laughed.

Mariah was always down for Rod and he always took her for granted. He knew one day it would bite him in the ass.

"What's up wit chu, luva boy?" Rod asked as Zane handed the joint to him.

"He feelin' Champagne." D said, he was the only one that actually acknowledged Champy. Zane knew D had a lil crush on her but he also knew D wouldn't do anything about it.

Zane just shrugged before he grabbed the cup of orange juice he had sitting in front of him on the glass table.

"Oh CJ lil sis." Tay said, Zane didn't even know Tay. He just knew he was cool with Rod.

"What bout it?" Zane asked wondering why everybody was worrying about his.

"Heard she won't even related to CJ." Tay laughed as if it was funny.

Zane stared at Tay while he continued to sip his orange juice.

Rod saw the look on Zane's face and thought he needed the joint more than him and handed it to Zane.

"I think you need that bruh." Rod said as he sat back and watched the scene.

"I mean I'm just sayin' what I heard! Is the pussy loose? Heard she was a hoe too?" Tay said as he grinned at the look on Zane face.

Everybody except Zane knew how Tay was, he liked to intimidate people.

Everybody except Tay knew that Zane don't play games.

Zane put the blunt to his lips before he inhaled and let the joint go while Tay chose to keep going.

"Heard she just wit you fo yo money, she playin' prostitute wit you." Tay said with a smirk and that set Zane off.

He pulled out his gun so fast nobody saw it coming as he had it pointed to Tay's head.

Everybody knew damn well Champy was CJ's sister, they basically had looked like twins. Champy only hit with two niggas only, she wasn't the type to hoe around. Champy never asked Zane for anything, everything she got was what Zane chose to have her.

Not only was Tay disrespecting him and Champy, he was disrespecting CJ. If CJ was there he would waste no time blowin' off Tay had and that was exactly what Zane wanted to do. But then he thought of Champy and how she would feel if he went to jail, she would have nobody once again and he could never do her like that.

Zane had walked to Ty before he pulled him up by his collar with the gun pointed exactly to his dome.

"What you say, nigga?" Zane said as Tay looked at him with fear in his eyes.

"Woah, C'mon Zane. He ain't worth it." Rod said as he stood up, he wouldn't be cleaning nobody blood off his floor.

"Nah, I want him to repeat what he said since he heard so much about her." Zane said as he pushed the gun harder into the skin of Tay's forehead while he sobbed.

"Dawg, I got a kid comin' man." Tay said. Tay was known as Brandon but he liked being called Tay more so he kept it as his nickname. He couldn't die without seeing Nesha and Alana one more time.

"You wasn't thinking bout that when you was talkin bout shit bout my girl, was you?" Zane asked as Tay continued to sob, "Was you?!"

"No! Mane, please!" Tay sobbed as tears ran down his face.

"So you know a lot about Champagne, huh?"

"C'mon mane, Chill Zane." Rod said but he knew it was no use. He never saw Zane so serious bout a girl.

"Nah, man. I'm sorry! I swear ta god, I ain't mean that shit." Tay said before Zane pushed his down on the ground.

Zane put his Timberland covered foot to the forehead of Tay, "Don't fuck with me."

Tay nodded as best as he could, "I'm sorry!"

Zane moved his foot before he picked up the abandoned joint off the floor and took out his lighter and lit it again.

Tay sat up as he wiped his nose and eyes with his under shirt.

"You good?" Rod asked, he knew it was easy to get on Zane's bed side.

Tay nodded, scared to say anything.

"I gotta go." Zane said. He just wanted to go see Champy, she could calm him down cause the joint wasn't doing shit.

He dapped everybody but a scared Tay before he left out the door.

"He scared yo ass." Terrence said as he bust out laughing, "Had yo ass cryin'."


Zane knocked on the door to Champy'a house before it she opened it with a towel wrapped around her.

"Hey." Zane said as he hugged her, inhaling her peach scent.

"What's wrong?" Champy asked as they walked upstairs after closing the door.

"Nothin', I missed you." Zane said as he laid on the bed as she dressed. She frowned as she slipped on her bra.

"I needa talk to you about something." She said as she pulled on her boy shorts.

"Aight, talk." Zane said as he watched her put her black tank top on with boy shorts.

"I don't think we should do this anymore." Champy said as she bit her lip. She was in love and if her and Zane continued with what they were doing, it would be harder to let him go so she chose the easy route though it still was hard.

Zane's eyebrows furrowed in confusion, "Why? Did I do somethin'?"

"You want me to be honest?" She asked as Zane nodded, "I'm falling Zane and I'm not trying to get hurt so we can stay friends to make things easier."

She climbed on the bed as she stared at Zane.

Zane smirked while she frowned. She actually thought he would let her go.

He leaned over before he grabbed her face and kissed her softly. She kissed back too, thinking it was the last time when in Zane's eyes there was gonna be a billion more.

"I love you." He said as he pushed her on the bed and kissed her while she stopped, "What's wrong?"

A smile formed on her face as Zane combed his fingers through her damp hair, "You love me?"

"So much." Zane said as he kissed up and down her neck leaving a sweet trail with his tongue.

"I love you too." She whispered as Zane grinned hard as hell against her neck.

The perfect present popped us in head but right now was the time to show her how much he loved her as he pulled down her shorts.


Suan sat on the hospital floor with his knees to his chest as he cried softly.

'Time of death 6:13 P.M.'

The words rang over and over in his head. He lost the person he loved most, his mother right in front of his eyes.

"Sir, visiting hours are over." A nurse said before Suan looked up at her, "Are you okay, Sir?"

Suan nodded before he walked out the hospital and drove to his new empty home.


Y'all prolly be thinking its too much sex in here so I decided not to put any in this chapter.

This song remind me of Zane and Champy, here's the lyrics and the video is on the first chapter.

Emanny I Messed Up Lyrics

This wasn't what it's supposed to be
I went from having fun, to having fantasies
And I had every chance to get you away from me,
But now I'm just coming back like a feen.
You went from a sly, to a friend, and a lover now you're everything
Tried to lie and tell myself that you ain't anything,
But I'm in your bed with my phone off,
Should be at the door, but I doze off
When I know I should be leaving,
But I can't control how I'm feeling, girl!

I messed up, I started to care,
Wish I could leave her right after we finished
But I stay in it!
I messed up, I fell in love with her
Not what I wanted, or needed,
But found it now, trying to lose it,
I messed up, I messed up, yeah! I messed up yeah

Never did it occur to me
That one night of passion could
Ever lead to you being the one for me.
Can't believe I let you get close to me
I'm out of my mind to ever think I could keep this up
With out getting caught up with the reality
Trying to lie and tell myself you don't mean anything,
But I'm in your bed with my clothes off,
Should put a condom on, but we go raw
And I know I might be tripping,
But I can't ignore how you're? feeling, hey

I messed up, I started to care,
Wish I could leave her right after we finished
But I stay in it!
I messed up, I fell in love with her
Not what I wanted, or needed,
But found it now, trying to lose it,
I messed up, I messed up, yeah! I messed up yeah

Joe Budden:

I mean we all do
Check this
I mean we started out respectable
Was just a good time but it opened my mind when she was bisexual
But now im confused as i stare at the scene while im laying in bed with you
my senses are like a vegetable
you the type of chick that i tell my niggas id never do
you supposed to be the popup top me off everytime she got dropped off
somewhere in there all morals got lost
its looking like assault without a weapon
shorty with her guard down and me without protection
was taught that you cant tame a hoe
but if you should try and get denied
you shouldnt blame a hoe thats the only game she know
but i keep my poker face with all the shit that i hear about her
be ashame if niggas knew that i really cared about her
it started out respectable
was just a good time but it opened my mind when she was that flexible
changed the whole set of rules now instead of calling shorty a cab
i let her stay honestly she might be the best mistake i have ever made


I messed up I started to care started to care
Wish I could leave her right after we finish
but i stay in it I messed up I fell in love with her
not what i wanted or needed but found it now trying to lose it
I messed up I messed up baby woaoah ohh
I messed up

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