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Pen Your Pride

natsu x reader (fairytail)

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you town and saw a big crowd of people which naturally made you curious. you shoved people out of your way to see a fight between to magic users. you shoved back put you loved magic you thought it was well just amazing. but that one was worthlessly staged. you walked sown the path going past fairytail the amazingly famous guild. you stare at it then kept walking. feeling something behind you, you duck quickly seeing a ball of fire zoom past.

"HOLY CHIZ!! NATSU WHAT THE HECK!!" you turn to face him yelling in anger.

"that got your attention didn't it?" he asked with a smile

"YES! but it's not THAT hard.. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOUR ABOUT TO GET HIT WITH A BALL OF FIRE!!" you start yelling again.

"hey calm down" he smiled making hand gestures to go with his sentence.

you stood with your fists clenched "WHAT IF I DIDN'T DUCK?"

"I knew would duck your too clever to not" he explained

"UGH" annoyance and anger spread on your face

"that's why you belong in fairytail" he said

"you know I can't-" you were cut off by Natsu

"AND WHY CAN'T YOU!!" he started getting frustrated. you had had this conversation before.

"because!" you stated

"because why?!" he asked already knowing the answer.

you looked away "i'm never going to be strong enough to join your guild. I haven't used my power for months now an-" you were cut off buy Natsu pulling you into a hug.

"you can try. if you don't try you'll never be able to do what you want" he whispered on your ear.

you could feel your face getting hot and not just because he was a fire magic user. "I-I" you stuttered

" I'll help you how hard could it be?" he said still holding you close.

"b-" you were cut off yet again

"I can handle the heat" he smiled "we start tomorrow"

"do I even have a choice?" you asked with a sigh.

you waited for a reply but got no answer. you looked up to see Natsu smiling a centimeter away from your face. "uh-" your face shaded pink.

before you could get out a word you felt warm lips crash against yours. he pulled away and smiled.

"no" he stated the answer to your question with a smile. "I won't let you not, I love you to much"

"I-I love you to Natsu" you replied quietly


im really sorry that was horribly bad and sorry if it was out of character a little.

hope you enjoyed it anyway..i guess


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