[5] I'm Body Guarding the President's Jerk Son...Who is HOT...FML!

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I know this is short. Bear with me plz. I'll have more up soon <3 I may need to work on my other stories as well, so we'll have to see how this juggling act works out. Thanx so much. Comment vote read love! <3 :)

[5] I'm Body Guarding the President's Jerk Son...Who Is HOT...FML!

I watched with bored and slightly disgusted eyes as the Men in Black waved the swooning girls off. They all sighed girlishly, eyes lingering on Jayden's for inappropriate lengths of time. Jeez. Too bad I couldn't issue restraining orders. Sometimes that's the downside of being part of a freelance organization. Oh well. You get what you get.

Jayden and I entered the main office to get our schedules. The Men in Black stood stoically outside. A nice plump secretary handed us all necessary papers and blabbed on about important things that we should know about the school. I nodded along at regular intervals so that it seemed I was listening. Jayden, however, wasn't even making an effort.

When she finally paused, I gave her a wide smile that showed all my teeth. "Thank you, uh, Miss May. We'll take it from here. Your introduction has been extremely helpful."

She mistook my smile for genuine gratitude instead of displeasure, and flashed a quick smile back.

I shoved the packets of information into my book bag. I would analyze them later and learn the school code and memorize the school map. It was essential to have a good idea of the target area, especially since we'd be staying here so long.

As we exited the bustling office, Jayden conspicuously threw his packets into a blue recycling bin by the door. I hissed in disapproval, but he just simply ignored me. Go figure.

Once outside, the Men in Black joined us again. I beckoned for Trey to lean his head close to me. He raised an eyebrow questioningly, but obeyed.

"Can you tell your man in front to move back? Fan formation for your men is better. I'll deal with whatever comes at him from the front."

If I needed to eat a bullet, I would. As much as I didn't like Jayden, he was my Principal and I would never let him get hurt if I could help it.

Trey looked pleasantly surprised at my suggestions and signaled covertly to his men. Immediately and subtly the guard formation changed. I nodded in approval. I positioned myself as well. I stood in front of Jayden and slightly to his right. We set off through the hallways as one unit.

My classes had all been aligned with Jayden's so that I would always be by his side. I anticipated boredom for the next nine months considering my private tutors had been extremely thorough and my curriculum had been very advanced.

I was startled by a hand grabbing my wrist from behind and tugging on me. I turned around, eyes wide, surprised that one of the Men in Black would attempt physical contact. I didn't handle being touched well. It sort of came with the job and I was more paranoid the average bodyguard.

But I realized it was Jayden. His long fingers were wrapped around my wrist. I tugged my arm free of his hand and asked sharply, "What is it?"

His eyes widened at my tone. Perhaps it had come out harder than I had intended. "You're supposed to be my girlfriend. It's too obvious you're my guard."

I sighed. "What would you have me do? I am your guard."

"Come closer." He indicated the spot right by his side.

I sighed again. "I can't protect you if I'm off to one side like that."

Jayden rolled his eyes. He said in a dry tone, "Yes, of course you must protect me from crazy school shooters who randomly pop out of nowhere."