Chapter 2

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The air smelt like rain, there just might be a storm tonight. I'm afraid it might scare her more then it should. The storm that's coming fit perfectly with the kidnap, but i don't want that to be the first memory of us. I threw ebony over my shoulder to the cabin, She smelt like Shea butter and some mint shit. She was kinda heavy but not that heavy, i think it was just her butt weighing her down. i just hope i don't drop her, i cant hurt my princess. Unless she decides to get out of line then i have to discipline her. Simple. I dont know why i feel so attached to her, like i don't know i feel something stronger then that. When i looked in her eyes i seen something... i don't know maybe its just lust in my eyes.

Martha opens the door and looks at me funny. "What?" I looked at her and carried ebony upstairs to her room. It was the guest room but this will have to do. I laid ebony on the bed, " Martha honey, can you get the rope from my secret cabinet?" I looked at her, she was still looking at ebony. "Martha." My voice got stern. "May you please get me my rope."
"Mr.Mathews I don't-"
"GET ME MY FUCKING ROPE! NOW!" I interrupted. I don't need a damn maids input on my love life. She left the room and came back with my ropes. i smiled at as i took them from her. They were white and very rough. I forgot what I got them for I just knew I needed them. "Sorry princess, your going to have to use these until I get the gold cuffs." I kissed her head and tied her legs and feet away from each other. I felt like the rope was to tight on her legs so I loosened them. Her legs were open so I seen up her dress, she had white lace underwear. Damn I wanted to take her dress off, but I decided to save that for another night. i also seen a whelp across her thigh, it looked like it was recent. she was bruised, why? i just decided to throw a blanket over her lap so she wouldn't be exposed, i don't think she want me to see it. I looked over and seen Martha watching me. "May I have the room to myself?" She nodded and walked out.
I sat next to ebony's head and stroked her hair. It felt the same way it looked, soft. She started to open her eyes and jerked away from me. I stood up and looked down at her. "Let me out. Now." She said it stern and demanding. I smiled, usually anyone in this situation would cry, kick and scream to get out. She on the other hand was calm. I felt like she didn't really want to leave .. but maybe thats just my imagination. "Let me out please. I have to go home, I-"
"But you are home. You want to be here." I interrupted. I sat next to her and stroked her hair.
"What the fuck is wrong with you?" She jerked from me and spit in my face. I stood up, wiped her spit off my face with a napkin in my pocket and smacked her with the back of my hand. "Don't ever disrespect me, princess." To be completely honest, i understood her frustration. Shes probably scared, confused, exhausted ect. i understood but she spit in my face. That disrespectful bitch, I looked down at her and pulled the blanket from her lap. "Lay there and be the slut you are." I walked to the door and looked back at her, her lace was showing and tears were falling down her cheek. She turned her face to where she couldn't see me and screamed, struggling to get out. I turned off the lights and left the room.
This is not the way I wanted to start off with ebony. Damn.

i walked downstairs into the kitchen where Martha was cooking. she shook her head while she was string the food. "Mr. Mathews, wh-" i put my hand up, telling her to shut up. again, i dont need relationship advice from a maid. " Listen Martha, if your thinking about telling anyone, i swear to god i will break your neck." i replied as i went into the fridge. i bit my apple and looked at her, she looked me right in my face as if she thought i was bluffing. it was silent and there was very weird eye contact. I felt disrespected again, im tired of having to discipline bitches today. i put my apple on the counter and griped Marthas throat with my hand, i pinned her on the wall. i lifted her from the floor, shes a big woman i don't know how i did it. I don't know my strength today. "WHO YOU GOING TO TELL?" i screamed in her face, tears started to run down her cheeks. i started to feel bad.... but i have to prove my dominance to these bitches. i tightened my grip and looked her in her eyes, i said gently, taking the base out of my voice. "who are you going to tell?" she shook her head and cried "no one, no one." i let her go, she dropped to the floor and went to the counter and grabbed my apple. "Martha, i'm going to need you to get off the floor and put the food away. i apologize for not eating tonight." i helped her stand up, i seen the hand print on her neck. It was red and the tears didn't stop. i gave her a napkin from my pocket. "nevermind Martha, go to bed." she looked at me and left the kitchen. i heard the door close and i put the food away. i might just go check on ebony, shes to quite.

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