Chapter 6

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I stood up and tipped toed out the room. I poked my head out and looked down the stairs. I hear Martha in the kitchen so I went in there. "where did he go?" I wiped my eyes again and looked at her. Her smugged ass just looked at me. I was trying to play nice cause I knew there was a chance I could get out of here. I just needed her to untie me. BUT she acting as if I ain't standing right here. SO I climbed my ass on the counter. I ain't gonna lie, I had a lot of trouble with my arms tied together, my goal is to get out of here and I'm going to. I looked her in the face and put my arms above the sink. "May you untie me? please." I tried to make my voice so sincere as I could. She looked disgusted at me and pushed my arms. "How dare you. He's been nothing but nice to you." she patted my back implying for me to get down from the counter. I got off the counter and went into the living room and walked to the front door, I tried to open the door while my hands were tied. Martha pushes me on the floor. "Mr Mathews is not going to punish me for letting you go." She stood at the front door and crossed her arms. I Sucked my teeth and tried to stand up. She kicked me in my side then grabbed the rope holding my arms together and dragged me to the basement door. I started screaming "NOO NOO NOO." I didn't want to go down there again. It was freezing and dark. She opened the door and threw me down the stairs. I rolled down the stairs and hit my knee on the floor. I yelled as she slammed the door. The light left. I just kept screaming. My throat was hurting so bad. The cold kissed my thighs and arms. I just wanted to leave.

Why do bad things always happen to me? I go to school, I get straight A's, I always worked, I never did anyone dirty... why am I in this situation? How did I get here? Like seriously, how did I even get to Patrick's house? Why did my mom leave? Why didn't my dad fight harder when they tried to take me? Why didn't he go to the foster homes for me? Why didn't he care about his only daughter?

I just sucked my teeth and lay on the floor. My throat and chest are hurting me. Ima just lye here and wait. Mr Mathews won't leave me down here.. right? What would have happened if I didn't get in the car with Mr Mathews.. like would I be layed up with Patrick in the shed? What would of happen if those dumb bitches came back for me? How did I get here? Like honestly...


Shhhhhiiiiiiitttttttt. What the fuck have I done. Shit. First kidnapping, then assault and now murder. SHIT. I don't know what to do. Dumbass. I got to throw it away. I wiped the knife off on my shirt. I needed to throw it somewhere farther from the body. I pulled his body behind the dumpster. Before I walked away I spit on that bastards face. How dare he do that to ebony. He deserved this. Shit. I meant to fuck him up, not kill him. Shit. As I started walking away I realized I put my DNA on this dead man. shit. shit. I walked back to him and used my shirt to wipe it off. shit now my cologne is on it. "BUZZ BUZZ" I jumped feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket. "What do you want Martha?" I said sternly but calm. "Oh Mr Mathews, ebony tried to escape again. I-I put her in the basem-"
"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!?!" I interrupted her. I held the bridge of my nose. I'm so frustrated. "That will just make her want to leave more Martha." I hung up the phone and called someone who owed me a favour. Hopefully, he can find someone to handle this for me. My life is spiralling out of control. "Okay, Ryan don't worry about it. Lenny and Jake will be there soon. For right now pick up the knife and go back home." I retraced my steps and picked up the knife and put it in my pocket. I got in the car and started to drive.

I did it for ebony. I did it for ebony. I did it for ebony. I did it for Nya. I did it for her. I kept saying that to myself. I killed a man for her. His eyes stayed in my mind as I drove past the trees. That disgusting man. My guilt slowly started to fade away, the thought of what he did to ebony made me get angrier. I feel like I saved her from what could have happened to her. I just want to protect her.


I opened the door and kicked off my shoes. I unbuttoned my shirt and took off my pants. I needed to put these clothes somewhere. Martha walked into the living room as I was undressing, "Mr.Mathewes," she analyzed my clothes and she backed up. "I-I'll run your bath." She started to run upstairs. I threw my shoe at her and watched her fall down the stairs. I grabbed her hair and made her look at me. "Go put my clothes somewhere that no one would find them. We will discuss your punishment in a few." I let her hair go and stood up. She took the clothes and walked outside. I sighed and walked towards the basement. I went into the basement and saw ebony laying on the floor. "EBONY!" I yelled, she jumped and stood up. "why do you think its ok to continue acting like this." She looked me up and down and looked away. I pulled her close to me by her jaw and made her look at me, " You will be sleeping in the basement for a while. When you know how to behave I'll let you out, until then get used to this." I let her jaw go. She started to cry and follow me up the stairs screaming no. I just couldn't do this with her anymore. As the basement door closed her screams grew louder.



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