chapter 5

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Shit seeing Ebony's body in the suds made me want to take her right now. I had to get out, I went to my room. I turned my tv on and sat on my bed. I needed something to distract me from going in that bathroom and laying her out on the floor. Her skin was so shiny and perfect. My dick was throbbing. I put my hand under my towel then out of nowhere I hear a big ass thump on the wall. I had an attitude with these bitches. I walked into the room and seen Martha ass on the floor holding her stomach. I loosened her rope and looked at her. "Leave her alone ebony. " Her hair was curly and in her face. She looked so sexy. She rolled her eyes so I gripped her jaw and made her look at me. "I'm trying to be nice and you are pissing me off." I said sternly. Our eyes met then she looked down. My towel fell down and my hard dick was all out. I sucked my teeth and picked up the towel. I dropped her on the bed and covered myself. "Stay in here until the dinner is ready." I left the room and locked the door.
Two weeks past after ebony and Martha's encounter. The house has been quite, ebony tried to escape 5 times not counting 3 hours ago. I had to put bars on her window, I didn't make any other changes. I bought her more clothes though, some dresses and shirts. No shoes yet cause where she going? Right now we sitting in the living room in silence, i keep trying to ask questions about her. I knew the answer but it would still be nice for us to have a conversation. Shes basically been here for some weeks and we don't talk. Martha doesn't talk to me either .. i kinda understand that but still. I wonder why she wants to go home tho.

"So princess what makes you wanna go home?" I asked looking at her, she rolled her eyes and looked at the wall. i went to sit next to her, she scooched over. fuck it, i dont care. I sat back on the couch and looked at the tv. I turned to the news, i wanted her to see that no one is out looking for her. "Its been a whole week since your foster child had gone missing," it literally been 2 weeks and a day. Did they not report her missing the day I took her? "how has your family been coming along?" The reporter asked. She was talking to a small scrawny man, he had a nappy looking beard and a tooth missing. "It broke my heart the day i came home and she was gone. Now we will never get our little girl back." The man stared at the camera. "If you are out there kitten, come home." He said, ebony's picture popped up. My heart started racing and my blood started boiling. That was ebony's foster father, there was a rape allegation in ebony's file. It seemed like her caseworker didn't even look into it. I glanced at ebony and seen her watching the tv. She had so much fear in her face, she got up and went upstairs.

I wanted her to tell me who he was, even tho i already Knew. I just felt like i needed to hear her say it. i went upstairs behind her to her room. She was holding her head as if her hands weren't tied. "Who was that?" i looked at her and she wiped her eyes. "NO ONE! GET OUT!" She yelled. Does she not know who shes talking to? I know shes upset and all hurt hearing her rapist wants her to come 'home'. I am fucking livid. I grabbed her by her arm and yanked her to me. "Who is he? IM NOT GOING TO ASK AGAIN!" She cried more and looked down. "EBONY!" I yelled,she whimpered and looked at me. Her eyes were puffy and the tears started to come down again. I threw her and went down stairs. I put my coat on and grabbed my phone. "Is everything ok Mr. Mathews?" Martha asked. "Everything is fine. Make sure ebony doesn't leave. I swear to you if i find out you touch her ima smack the shit out of you." I left the house and went to the car.


I just hate being here. I hate feeling like im chained or locked down. Why does everyone want a piece of my life? I felt like this is the most iv cried. well, it isn't but its close to it. The last few nights iv been trying to get out. I can't be here anymore. I was so aggravated last night. Martha keeps doing shady sneaky shit while Mr Mathews not here. She called herself taking the trash out and so happen to have the back door opened. At that moment i aint put pieces together or thought about it i just saw a way for me to get out. My dumb ass gonna start running out the back door. Then i run into Mr.Mathews, i don't know what he was doing outside. He grabbed me and yanked my arm. We went in the house and he threw me on the floor. he just started yelling " WHERE WERE YOU TRYING TO GO?" and "WHO IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF YOU LIKE I DO?!?" Then he smacked me. In the corner of my eye, i see Martha pretending to dust the tv stand, with a grin on her bitch ass face. After that iv just been locked in places with a handprint on my face. While i was in my room reflecting i just told myself relax. I will be getting out, i don't know when but i will...

"so princess what makes you wanna go home?" Mr. Mathews broke the silence. We were sitting on the couch in front of the tv. He tried to come closer to me i just kept moving away every time he got closer. He sucked his teeth and turned the channel. I watched the wall until i heard Patrick's voice. " It broke my heart the day i came home and she was gone. Now we will never get our little girl back." I turned to the tv and seen his smug ass face. " If you are out there kitten," Suddenly everything is black. I feel the heat on the back of my neck and Patrick whispering "come home." I didn't want to go home, he tried to be so sincere and it just made me so angry. I was livid. He got the whole town or maybe even world making it seem like he cares. His fat ass wife is behind him trying to make it seem like they care. I fucking cant. I got up and walked upstairs to my 'room'. How dare he pretend like he cares. He just wants me in his arms again. Thinking about what will happen if I go back to that house made me cry. I felt so broken.

Mr. Mathews came in my 'room'. I looked back at him. "who was that?" he asked i wiped my eyes and glared at him. "NO ONE! GET OUT!" I was so angry, I didn't even want to put up with his shit. I wanted to be left alone with my thoughts. He came closer to me and yanked me by my arm. "Who is he? IM NOT GOING TO ASK AGAIN." Tears came rolling down. I couldn't look him in his face. I was not obligated to tell him shit. Who the fuck is he? Besides that my mouth couldn't form the words. "EBONY?!?!" Hearing him scream at me made my body feel so numb. I just wanted him to let me go, I looked up at him and seen the anger in his face; the frustration. He threw me on the bed and left my room. I wiped my face again and sat up on the bed. I heard him yelling then the door closed.

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