chapter 4

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  I got out of the shower and realized that maybe I was overreacting. The basement is probably cold as fuck right now. it's been 2 hours, she's probably still crying and scared. I wrapped my towel around myself and walked downstairs. Martha was cooking in the kitchen, I think she was making spaghetti. I didn't get close enough to see. I don't think I was to hard on Martha, like Martha was really being crazy. I'm happy I snapped her back into reality. Well sorta kinda. Like shes usually so obedient, so why is she showing out now? ugh, i don't care. I need to go get my princess.

I went downstairs to the basement, I see ebony shivering in a ball. I feel so bad, I  loosed her from the rope. She looked at me with puffy eyes, I should have given her a blanket. I picked her up and walked upstairs with her, she held onto me and buried her head into my neck. She was so cold. I put her on the couch and gave her the remote. " I'll be right back, I'm going to get you a blanket." Halfway up the stairs, I realized she didn't need a blanket, she needed a bath. She had coal and dirt up and down her legs; in her hair, on her hands and on her face. She looked so dirty. I went back downstairs and picked her up again. "I'm going to put you in the tub, you're filthy," i said, she just turned her face and looked down at the floor. "Martha! wipe down the couch."

I walked into the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. I ran the bath for her, I put bath salts in the water. Hopefully it will make her bruises stop hurting. I took her underwear off and  helped her in the tub. I started to run my fingers through her hair. "So how's your night going?" I asked putting shampoo in her hair. She rolled her eyes and turned her face. Well I don't blame her, she almost died and got sick all in one night. Doesn't really seem like a good night for her. I grabbed the loofah and scrubbed her back, she jumped and punched me in the face. She pulled her hand back and went to the corner of the tub. "I - I'm sorry," she stuttered, I held my face and watched her. She looked so scared, i realized maybe im not approaching this situation right. "its ok," i looked at her and gave her the loofah. "ill let you do it yourself princess.'' i sat down next to the tub and looked down at my towel.


I opened my eyes and looked up to see Mr.Matthews on top of me. "Are you alright? What happen?" He asked. He untied my arms and legs. I sat on the edge of the tub trying to catch my breath. This is my chance, i need to leave. when he held my face i punched him in his face and ran. I ran down the stairs to the door ass naked. I didn't care, this was my only time to get away.  Right when i was on the door he grabbed my wrists and pinned me against the wall. He was so strong, I just needed to go. He started to pull me toward the basement. i tried so hard to make his grip loosen and to get out of his hold but it didn't work. He ended up dragging me down the stairs. I screamed and yelled. He tied me to a cold pipe. It was freezing down here. My legs and butt felt so numb at the touch of the coldness. "I hope you're happy ebony." i started to cry and tried to loosen his grip again. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" He yelled at me, the tears just started coming down my face faster. He gripped my jaw and pulled my face to his,  "Why do you want to go home? It's not like it was any better there." The tears stopped, he was right. What's the point?

I watched him walk upstairs and then back down. He had a bag in his hand, I met his eyes then looked down at my lap. I realized I was just all exposed if I was back at the house and something like this happened i doubt id be untouched. " I promise it will be better here princess. You just have to listen," he said making me stand up. My body grew numb when his hand touched my butt and thighs. I just had all these flashbacks and stuff. The tears just kept coming.  He sat in front of me and watched me as if i was an animal. He wiped my tears away with his thumb, "im not letting you go." He looked me in my eyes and kissed my head. 

I watched him leave to go upstairs, I yelled his name for what i felt like was hours. Once i noticed he's not coming i put myself in a ball and held my knees to my chest. At least at the house, i wasn't locked in a basement. i looked around the basement, there were no windows, no tools (like most basements have), and no lights. It was just pitch black, i don't know where the breeze is coming from but its making me tight. I wanna get out of here. Like now, but why? 'why do you wanna go home? Its not like it was any better there.' His voice drilled in my head, i started to cry more. Why did i want to go back there, Juju and Patrick are probably waiting for me to come back so they can pull me to the shed out back. My screams aren't heard there either.

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