Chapter 2

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Okay so, when I post a gif or anything of Katherine, it's really Aria unless I state otherwise. I just wanted you guys to know so you're not wondering why I'm posting gifs of Katherine all the time.



"The battle of Willow Creek, took place right at the end of the war in our very own Mystic Falls. How many casualties resulted in this battle?" Mr.Tanner took a pause and looked around the room for someone who wasn't paying attention. "Miss.Bennet?" Bonnie looked up startled.

" a whole lot?" Bonnie smiled sweetly. Matt and I laughed quietly. "I'm not sure but like a whole lot." Bonnie said innocently.

"Cute becomes dumb in an instant, Miss.Bennet." Mr.Tanner scowled. Asshole. Bonnie looked down at her paper, clearly embarrassed.

"Miss. Arianna Gilbert, would you like to take this opportunity to show your brains." Mr.Tanner smirked at me. God, I hate this dick head.

"I can't Mr.Tanner because I don't have any brains to show." I pouted. Most of the class burst out laughing. Mr.Tanner glared at me.

"How about the other Gilbert?" Mr.Tanner asked looking over at Elena. "Elena surely you can enlighten us about one of the towns most historical events."

"I'm sorry I don't know." Elena says shaking her head.

Mr. Tanner's eyes go back and forth between Elena and I. "I was willing to be lenient last year for obvious reasons Elena, Arianna. But the personal excuses ended with summer break." Elena and I both look down at our desks. What is wrong with him?

"There were 346 casualties unless your counting the local civilians." Stefan says speaking up. I smile knowing he did it for Elena. How cute.

"That's correct." Mr.Tanner says shocked. "Mr..." he trails off not knowing his name.

"Salvatore." Stefan says. I see Elena looking back at him smiling.

"Salvatore? In relation to the original settlers here in Mystic Falls?" Mr.Tanner asks.

Stefan pauses before answering. "Distant." he says nodding slowly.

"Very good. Except of course there were no civilian casualties." Mr.Tanner states.

"Actually there were 27. The confederate soldiers fired on the church believing it to be housing weapons. They were wrong. It was a night of great loss." Stefan says solemnly. Go Stefan, he just served Mr.Tanner. "The founders archives are stored in the civil hall if you would like to brush up on your facts." Stefan smirks. We all look at him in shock. I really like him now.

Mr.Tanner looks down at his desk clearly embarrassed.

Serves him right.


"Having fun?" Care asks me smiling. We're at the bonfire by the Falls. Music is blasting and there is a lot of underage drinking going on. I take a long sip of my beer and grin back at her.

"Of course." Caroline laughs and I start laughing with her for no random reason. She looks over and sees Stefan walking a little ways away. She flips her hair and smiles at me. "Time to get to work." she says before hurrying off to Stefan. I roll my eyes and walk over to Elena and Bonnie.

"He has that romance novel stare." Bonnie says as I'm walking up.

"Who?" I ask.

"Stefan." Bonnie smirks. I laugh and look over at Elena who looks down sheepishly. "So where is he?" Bonnie asks.

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