Chapter 19

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Brian had to leave early the next morning. The first show of the tour was in Philadelphia. Brian and the other guys were to meet at 8am to get on their bus. This was their own personal tour bus, and having never done this before, Brian wasn't sure what to expect.

The last show of the tour was in Tampa and Brian had asked Melanie to fly down for it. She had agreed and he told her he would pay for her flight. She tried to argue with him about it but in the end he won. He had also said that he would like to stay an extra day or two in Florida with her. She had also agreed to that, looking forward to having him all to herself for a couple of days. Especially after not seeing him for two weeks.

During their time apart they texted and talked, Skyped and had phone sex, something else she had never done before. It was such a turn on for her. And she found that she was good at doing it for him. He made her feel so comfortable she felt like she could say anything to him.

Work kept her busy in his absence. Between that and being able to communicate with him, it seemed like the two weeks flew by.

She arrived in Tampa at 5:45. She took a cab straight to the venue and texted Brian to let him know she was on her way. He told her he would have someone meet her at the rear entrance.

When the cab pulled up she saw a man standing in the doorway. "Melanie?" he asked as she got out of the cab.

"Yes," she replied, grabbing her duffle bag.

"Nice to meet you," he said, holding out a hand. "I'm Jeff, the tour manager for the Tenderloins. Here's a lanyard for you. This will give you access to all of the backstage." She took it from him and put it around her neck.

She followed him down a couple of corridors coming to a stop at a closed door. He knocked and opened it. Brian was already on his feet and headed towards her. He was beaming as he approached her.

"You look beautiful," he whispered in her ear as he embraced her. He pulled away to kiss her, before hugging her again. "I've missed that."

He took her duffle bag and led her over to one of the sofas in the room. They sat down and she said her hellos to the other guys. A beautiful brunette sat next to Joe and he introduced her as his wife Bessy. Melanie and Brian had hung out with the guys on a few prior occasions but this was the first time she was meeting another Jokers' lady.

Brian put his arm around her and pulled her close. He hadn't realized until that moment how much he had missed her. He didn't want to let her go. And he couldn't take his eyes off her.

It wasn't long before it was show time. Bessy had seen the guys perform before, but
Melanie had not. Brian had offered her a seat in the audience but she said she would rather watch from the side of the stage. He said that was fine and informed Jeff that was the plan.

She enjoyed the show. She thought it was funny and entertaining and she could see why people loved them. They came off as very likeable, the kind of guys you'd like to sit and have a beer with.

Just before the show ended she went back into the green room with Bessy. They talked while the guys met their fans. Melanie liked her straight away. She was friendly and sweet and very down to earth. Melanie hoped that in the future they would be able to hang out again and really get to know each other.

As soon as the meet and greet was over the guys came back into the room. Brian headed straight for Melanie. She was seated on one of the couches and he sat next to her. "What did you think?"

"It was great," she said, kissing his cheek. "Very funny. I can see why you guys are so popular." He put a hand on her knee and gave it a gentle squeeze.

"Thanks baby."

"Are we ready to get out of here?" Sal asked. "I'm exhausted."

"Yeah, let's go," Brian said, standing up.

Brian grabbed Melanie's bag and they all headed out to the bus. The bus would take them back to the hotel but they would fly home the next day. Except for Brian and Melanie. He still wanted to stay there for a couple of days.

Once they got back to the hotel they all went their separate ways. Brian led Melanie to his room and before the door had even closed all the way he was grabbing her, pulling her in for a long kiss. It was immediately intense, both of them having missed the other.

While continuing to kiss her he made his way to the bed and they fell onto it. She pulled his shirt over his head and did the same with her own. She unhooked her bra and threw it on the floor. She was on top of him, straddling his abdomen. Her breasts hovered above his face and he grabbed them with both hands, alternately putting both nipples in his mouth and sucking gently.

As good as that felt he wanted to be inside her. He rolled her onto her back and removed the remainder of their clothes. He climbed on top of her and she immediately spread her legs to take him in.

"Come on baby," she said. "I need to feel you inside me."

He inserted himself and they sighed simultaneously. He kissed her as he started to drive in to her, her hands gripping his back. The thrusts were hard and fast almost instantly. They were both starved for each other. He came first and once he had come down from his high he finished her with his fingers. She came only moments after he did.

"Fuck I've missed that," she said to him breathlessly.

He had collapsed on top of her and she was running her fingertips up and down his spine. He felt like he could have fallen asleep like that but he knew he was crushing her.

He got up and adjusted the thermostat. "I like it cold," he said to her, coming back over to the bed. "I hope that's ok."

"Yes," she said, getting up to pull the covers down and sliding beneath them. "I like it cold, too. Especially when there's another warm body to lean against."

"I missed you," he said, pulling her to him and kissing the top of her head.

"I missed you, too." Within minutes they were asleep.

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