Chapter 30

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When she next woke it was daylight. She was still laying next to him. It appeared neither of them had moved. He was still asleep. She turned to glance at the clock. It was nearly 9:30. She rolled back over to him and watched him sleep. She really did love him. Completely.

She put a hand on his chest and lightly ran her fingers across it. He stirred at her touch. He stretched out his free arm and opened his eyes to find her looking at him. He smiled.

"I am so glad to see you here with me. Thank you for letting me stay."

"You're welcome. Did you sleep ok?"

"Yes, fantastic. You?"

"Yes. Great."

He leaned towards her and gently kissed her lips. He let out a deep sigh when their lips parted.

"God I have missed that." He pulled her closer to him and wrapped both arms around her. "This feels so good." They laid like that for a minute before he spoke again. "How many days until you have to go back to work?"

"I'm off until Monday, so four."

"I want to take you away. Somewhere secluded, just the two of us. We can leave today and come back Sunday evening."

"You don't need to do that," she said. "I told you I forgive you."

"But I want to do it. You are the only person on the planet I want to be with right now. Please let me do it."

"What if I don't want to go away with you?" she teased. He couldn't tell if she was serious or joking.

"So you won't go?" She didn't look at him but she knew the 'eyes' were present.

"Yeah, I'll go. Where do you have in mind?"

"No idea. Do you have a preference?"

"No. You pick."

He got up to get his phone from his jeans pocket. He sat down beside her and turned on the phone, pulling up a map of South America.

"How about Belize? I've never been."

"Neither have I."

"Let's do it. I'll call my travel agent."

"You have a travel agent? Wow, Mr. Bigshot."

"Hardly!" he laughed. "I've traveled quite a bit. Just easier to have someone else make the arrangements."

It was nearly 6:00 when their plane landed. The place they were staying offered transportation so they hopped in a car and were whisked away. It was a 20 minute drive and when they pulled up they were both in awe of where they were. A private bungalow over the water. It was a beautiful sight.

They were escorted inside and shown around then the driver left. The bungalow was small. There was a kitchenette with a mini refrigerator, a table for 2, a sofa, a king size bed and a bathroom.

"This is amazing," Melanie said, walking outside to stand in the deck.

The water was aqua green and clear. There was a hammock for two at one end of the deck.

"Come and sit with me," she said to Brian, taking his hand. Once they were situated they just laid there, watching and listening to the ocean, the only sound around. It was so peaceful and so relaxing. "I could stay right here forever."

"Me, too. But only if you were with me."

He turned his head towards her and kissed her. The kiss was soft and effortless. Every ounce of stress seemed to leave their bodies in that moment. They stayed on the hammock for a while, watching the sun set, before moving inside to look for something to eat.

There were drinks in the refrigerator and some fruit and a menu on the counter. They were allotted 3 prepared meals per day. They decided on cheeseburgers and beer.

The food arrived within 20 minutes and they sat on the deck and ate. The light coming from inside the bungalow created a soft glow over them. When they had finished eating Brian got them each another bottle of beer and they went back to the hammock.

They didn't talk for a long time. They just laid there enjoying each other's company. After a while Melanie felt herself getting drowsy. Brian noticed this and asked her if she wanted to go inside. She agreed.

She went to the bed and flopped down on it. He laid down on his side facing her, propping his head up with one arm.

"This bed feels amazing," she said.

He put his other arm over her abdomen and pulled her to him.

"YOU feel amazing. Thank you for coming with me."

She looked at him. His brown eyes were dark and warm and glistening in the soft light of the room.

He leaned in and kissed her. She immediately turned her body towards his, putting a hand in his hair and pulling him as close as possible. They were so close they were almost one. They stayed like that for several minutes, just holding onto each other, their tongues dancing.

"I love you," he said, when they finally broke apart.

"I know," she replied. He laughed at the reference.

"And that is just one of the reasons I love you."

"I want to feel you inside me," she said, turning serious.

He sat up and removed his shirt then his pants and boxers. She undressed at the same time. They got under the sheet, him straddling her.

He stared into her eyes for a few seconds before kissing her. One of her hands was tangled in his hair, the other on his back, again pulling him close. She needed to feel him, really feel him against her.

He pulled away from her and kissed her face and neck, kissing his way down to her breasts. He took the right one in his mouth and she let out a small sigh as his tongue went to work. He started to make his way down her body but she stopped him.

"No. Just come up here and fuck me."

He was ready to go so he did as she asked. She spread her legs and he inserted himself. She moaned at the feeling of him.

He kissed her again and began to thrust into her, slowly at first, but quickly picking up his pace. Her back was arched and he kissed her neck. Her hands were on his back, gripping him as tight as she could without digging her fingernails into his flesh.

"I'm almost there," she whispered.

He loved that she always told him, so that they could try to cum at the same time. With a few more deep thrusts he felt her start to quiver beneath him and he knew it was about to happen. He felt his own body release and they both let out a sigh.

He kissed her deeply again as their bodies grew still. He rolled over onto his back and she moved next to him, her head resting on his chest and an arm around his waist. As their breathing returned to normal they both grew very sleepy.

"I love you," she whispered, just before drifting off.

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