Chapter 14

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She put her hands on his calves and lightly moved them up his legs. When she reached his thighs her hands meandered to the inside and a small gasp escaped his lips. She slid her hands up his boxers but avoided touching his rock hard cock.

"You are so gonna pay for this," he said to her.

She smiled and moved her hands to the waistband of his boxers. She leaned over and kissed his abdomen, her hair falling onto him, causing him to shudder. Her tongue flicked in and out of his navel and he squirmed, trying to free his hands. She had done a good job with the knots and his arms remained in place.

She slowly kissed a trail up to his chest. When she reached his nipples she tweaked them both between her fingers, causing even more movement beneath her. She put her mouth on his left nipple, lightly swirling her tongue around it before giving it a playful bite.

"God damnit!" he yelled.

She smiled up at him. "You like that?"

"Untie me right now," he said, struggling once again to free himself.

"Where's the fun in that? I thought you were enjoying it."

She kissed his chest, ever so lightly running her fingers through his chest hair, before moving her lips up to his neck. She kissed him so faintly he barely felt it. Then he felt her teeth as she playfully bit and sucked. She knew how to do it so as not to leave a mark.

She kissed a trail up his neck and chin, finally reaching his mouth. She hovered over him, her hair falling in curtains to the sides of her face, and stared into his eyes. He stared back at her, nearly holding his breath. She leaned down and brushed her lips against his. He lifted his head from the pillow and tried to take her in but she pulled away.

"Patience. You need to learn patience."

She leaned back down and kissed him. This time he didn't move, he let her come to him. When she pulled away she smiled down at him and said "Are you ready to play?"

"Aren't we already doing that? Jesus Christ your torturing me here."

"Teasing, not torturing."

"Trust me, it's torture."

"Hush. All you need to do is lay there and not talk."

She kissed him again and as she pulled away she bit his lower lip. He liked it. He liked that she was getting a little rough and that she was in control, torturous as it may be.

She moved her body back down his and slid off his boxer shorts. In the candlelight she could see that he looked ready to explode. She lightly grabbed ahold of his shaft with one hand, cupping his balls with the other.

"Fuck," he hissed.

She gripped him more forcefully and bent down to lick the precum that was oozing out of him. His body jerked as her tongue made contact. She was now pumping him, all the while teasing him with the tip of her tongue on the head of his cock.

Low moans were coming from the head of the bed. She knew by the feel of him he was on the edge. She wasn't worried about making him cum so soon. There would be plenty of time for him to recharge.

Without warning she put her mouth around his head and took all of him inside. He let out a loud gasp and yelled her name. Within a minute she felt him burst, his warm juices flowing down the back of her throat. His body twitched. His breath was coming in short, shallow spurts. She looked up to see his heaving chest. He felt like he had just run a marathon.

She climbed back up to his face and smiled down at him.

"Still feeling tortured?" she asked, biting her lower lip.

She climbed off the bed and left the room, returning seconds later with their beers. He watched as she took a long swig of the alcohol. She sat the bottles on the nightstand and reached over to untie him, her breasts hovering over his face.

He sat up as she handed him his beer and he drank nearly all of it. He sat the bottle down and turned his focus back on her.

"Now it's your turn," he said, flashing her a wide smile. "I'm gonna make you beg."

"Beg for what?" she asked, as he pulled her onto the bed.

"For me to fuck the shit out you."

He grabbed the back of her head and brought his lips to hers. Their tongues battled for dominance and his free hand reached down and cupped one of her breasts. She moaned into his mouth and he pulled away.

"Lay down," he said to her softly.

He took the scarf and gently tied her wrists to the headboard. He finished the remains of his beer and then straddled her. All of her nerve endings were tingling.

"Now where to begin..." he muttered, staring down at her.

He lowered his face towards hers and kissed her. She opened her mouth to accept his tongue but he didn't offer it. He gave her several quick kisses, taunting her, knowing she wanted his tongue, before finally allowing her to have it. Again she moaned into him and the vibration made his dick twitch.

Their lips parted and he moved his mouth to her right ear. His breath was hot and sent a shiver down her spine. He gently bit at her ear lobe and whispered "I wanna hear you scream my name."

His lips trailed down to her neck, his beard tickling her skin. He could smell her perfume. It was faint but traces of it still lingered. He gently nipped at her, dragging his beard along her skin as he moved to different areas of her neck.

He kissed down her chest, stopping between her breasts.

"I'm still not ready for you to take this off but I want what's inside," he said looking up at her.

He gently pulled the lingerie over her head and it came to rest on her hands.

He looked down at her naked breasts hungrily. He cupped the left one with his hand and gently caressed it. Her nipple was already hard but he pulled at it anyway. He loved the feel of it between his fingers. He leaned down suddenly and took it in his mouth, sucking and swirling his tongue around it. This caused her body to move beneath him.

She wanted nothing more than to reach up and put her hands in his hair, to pull him closer. He teased her, letting it fall out of his mouth before nipping at it and taking it back in.

"Oh my God...Brian..." she uttered.

He paid an equal amount of attention to her other breast before continuing his downward journey. He slowly kissed his way down to her abdomen. She was squirming and he loved that she was getting a taste of her own medicine.

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