Chapter 18

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They stood in front of his bed and he wrapped his arms around her waist. She reached up and put her hands on his face, pulling his mouth to hers. The kiss was soft and tender, before getting more passionate. She reached down and pulled his pants and boxers down before pulling away.

"Sit on the bed," she purred.

He did as instructed and she pulled his pants off completely. She kissed him quickly before getting on her knees, her eyes locked on his. She rubbed her fingertips lightly along the inside of his thighs, causing him to gasp. She smiled at him.

She took his shaft in her hand and began to stroke it. He moaned softly. Their eyes remained locked as she picked up the pace. She ran her thumb over the opening causing another intake of breath. She licked her lips before swirling her tongue over the head of his now rock hard cock. At this he leaned back on his hands and shut his eyes.

Her mouth surrounded the head and he moaned. He reached a hand out and placed it on the back of her head, wanting to feel her mouth surround him completely. She obliged him, and he watched as her head moved up and down.

"That feels so good baby," he managed to say.

After a couple of minutes he felt himself getting close to release. He wasn't sure if he wanted to do it in her mouth. He wanted to feel himself inside her. But he knew he would be able to build it back up again. He relaxed and within seconds he felt himself go over the edge. She swallowed all of him and only removed her mouth from him when he had stopped moving.

He pulled her up and put his hands around her waist. He hugged her, his head resting against her abdomen, trying to catch his breath. He fell back on the bed, taking her with him, their legs still hanging over the edge. He reached up and pulled her hair back from her face, looking her into the eyes.

"We're off to a great start to making this a memorable evening."

She smiled at him before leaning down to kiss him. He rolled her over onto her back and they both moved further up the bed.

He kissed her while sticking a hand up her shirt and massaging her right breast over her bra.

"We need to get you out of these clothes," he said.

He pulled his own shirt off over his head before removing hers. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra with one hand, removing it and tossing it half way across the room.

He immediately cupped her right breast and put her in his mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned as his tongue swirled around and sucked at her nipple. Her hands found their way into his hair. She loved his hair. Loved running her fingers through it.

He pulled away from her, his hand sliding down her body to undo her pants. His hand found its way into her panties and he thrust a finger inside her. Her back arched at the intrusion and she gripped the covers. His finger only stayed there for a few seconds. He wanted to see how wet she was.

She was disappointed when it was removed but she knew he wouldn't leave her hanging. He pulled her pants and panties off and threw them on the floor. He kissed her abdomen before moving his face between her legs.

His beard rubbed against her inner thighs as his tongue circled her clit. She once again arched her back, letting out a moan. He sucked it, causing her to writhe. His tongue swiftly moved to her opening and he immediately stuck it inside her. She continued to move beneath him as his tongue snaked its way in and out of her.

She could feel herself approaching the edge. She knew he loved it when she came in his mouth and she wouldn't disappoint him.

"I'm almost there baby. Stick that tongue in as far as you can. I'm gonna cum in your mouth, just the way you like it."

He felt his dick twitch at that comment and he gripped her thighs with his hands. He lifted her ass a few inches off the bed and jammed his tongue in as far as he could.

"Brian! Fuck! Right there!" she yelled out.

She felt herself release and he took all her juices in. He loved the taste of her.

"Come up here and let me taste it," she said to him.

This turned him on almost more than anything, the fact that she didn't shy away from tasting her own cum. He immediately moved up and kissed her, their tongues battling.

He pulled away from her and gazed down into her eyes. "That is so fucking hot," he said to her. She smiled at him, knowing he loved it. "Are you ready for the next round?"

"Give it to me."

He kissed her again as he slid his cock into her. She moaned into his mouth as he began to thrust in to her. As his pace picked up he drew his mouth away from hers and took her left breast in his mouth. He sucked hard on the nipple causing her to reach up and dig her fingers into his shoulders.

His mouth moved up to her neck and he nipped at it while her nails continued to dig into him. Their pace was rapid now, their sweaty bodies slapping against each other.

"I'm so close," she whispered in his ear. "Really fuck me. Give it to me baby."

With one last tremendous shove he was flowing inside of her. She followed seconds later as he rode out his high. He kept going until she was completely finished, then collapsed on top of her. They were both gulping air, trying to steady themselves. After a minute he raised himself up on his elbows and kissed her forehead, then her lips, before rolling over next to her.

"I guarantee you I won't be thinking about anyone but you for the next 2 weeks," he said, pulling her close to him. She sighed contentedly.

"Good," she said, closing her eyes and falling asleep with a smile on her face.

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