Like A Virgin

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I know Mark isn't a virgin, but I got this cute idea that isn't cute at all. More sexy as fuck than anything.

Your POV
I was doing a little dance as I made myself a bowl of popcorn. I did a twirl, and plopped down on the couch. I picked up the remote and turned on my favorite show. I had recorded some episodes because Mark was too loud while it was airing yesterday. It was later at night. Mark passed out after playing an exhausting game. For once, It was quiet. And that wasn't normal to me. I enjoyed it while I could.

2 hours later
My few episodes were finally over. I went to my room,  to find piles of clothes on my bed. 'Right, I was going through my closet.. I'll sleep with Mark tonight.' I thought to myself. I repeated the last sentence and gasped. 'SLEEP WITH MARK?!? NO NO NO! Not like.... Actually this could work. Mark has been a tease with being loud, so I'll tease him.' I smiled at my idea. Perfect.
"MARK!" I yelled for him.
"What?!" He said, running out of his room.
"Can I sleep in your room?"
"I was cleaning out my closet and I have no where to sleep."
"Fine, whatever. I'll go on the couch."
"I mean, that's not fair. I'll sleep on the couch."
"It's fine."
"No it isn't. Why don't we sleep together?" I suggested. Mark blushed. He put his hands behind his neck.
"I-I mean... Sure? We're friends, not like anything is going to happen."
"Right..." I said quietly. Mark cleared his throat to stop the awkward silence.
"So uh... I'm going to fix up some things in the recording room. I have a busy day later this week so I think I'm going to record something."
"O-okay... See ya." I said, Awkwardly. . I walked into marks room, and chose a side of his bed. I jumped onto it, and quickly found a comfortable spot.

After about an hour and a half, I had fallen asleep and quickly woken up by his screams. I tried falling asleep, but no use. I just snuggled myself into the covers best I could. Mark walked in and sighed. He took off his shirt and threw it in the corner. He took off his pants, and was left on just his boxers. Did he forget about me? Mark turned off the lights and got into bed. He took some of the blanket, and that was that.

Thoughts grazed my mind such as the thickness of his muscles, or his perfect v-line. I'm surprised he's still a virgin to be honest. My mind was in millions of different places, but I finally got myself to sleep.

Not long after, I woke up because the bed sheets were tangled in my legs. I went to grab the bed sheet, but laid my hand upon something that wasn't a bed sheet. Mark must have been dreaming something sexy, because I don't know what else could have caused him to be erect. My mind went back to all the sexy thoughts I had of him, and the thought of being in a bed with him when I had short shorts and a tank top. A devious smirk rose on my face as I had the perfect plan to tease him. I flipped with my back facing him, and pressed my behind into his crotch. Mark let out an exhale as he was sleeping. I needed a reaction, so I kept going in harder. Mark woke up.
"(Y/n), what are you doing?!?" Mark shouted, turning on the bedside lamp
"You." I said, then grasped his member. He groaned, then grasped my wrist.
"I don't know what you think you are doing, but I suggest you don't fuck around with me."
"And why is that?" I said. Mark looked at me then pressed his lips against mine.
"You got some moves for a virgin." I said as he suck his tongue in. I ran my hand down his arm and squeezed his muscles. He released from the kiss to grab some air. Mark gave himself a second, then pulled down his boxers. I could then see his member sticking in the air, stiffer than anyone I've ever seen. I looked into his eyes, then started planting kisses on his shaft.
"You have a huge cočk for a virgin." I said as I started to suck him. He let out a moan. I could tell he had no clue what to do. Poor guy was going to be fucking destroyed after I will be done with him. I used my tongue around his crown and used my hand too. He put his hands in my head and helped me bob as I sucked him.
"That f-feels so fucking good." He said with a groan.
"Of course it does, virgin."
"I-I have a n-name y-you k-know."
"You're right. Destroyed."
"After we're done, you'll be destroyed. Trust me. I've got more moves than you." I started stroking him, then sucking him some more. He started jerking in my mouth, then he came.
"You're alright for a virgin, but I've got a lot planned for you, big boy." He blushed as he felt my bare behind rubbing against him as I started to take off my shorts. He softly groaned.
"I'll teach you how, and we're going to have a fun time." I said, smirking. I took off my shirt. I grabbed his still hard cock, then started directing him towards my entrance.
"Go in when you're ready." I said, helping him. Mark put his hands on my waist, then slowly guided himself in. Mark moaned in pleasure of the new feeling.
"Oh f-fuck this feels good."
"It's something you could get used to." I said as he started pumping inside me. I knew it hurt a little bit so I went slow. I bucked my hips into him as I tried to help him speed up.
"How's it going?"
"UGGH it f-feels so fucking g-g-ood!"
"I have something that will make you feel much better."
"W-what's that?"
"A new position...." I said with a smirk. I pulled him out of me, and laid him on his back. I climbed on top of him, and lowered myself onto his begging member. I held onto his hips and started bouncing. His member was reaching parts of me I barely knew existed. Even as a Virgin, he was pleasing me more than anyone else had.
"Oh f-fuck me mAArRKKK!!" I moaned out. He let out a bunch of heavy groans and he tried to fuck deeper inside me. I whined out as he bucked himself into me. My eyes felt like they had rolled into the back of my head as his started rubbing perfectly on my g-spot. I started to rub my clit as an approaching orgasm started to take over. I made it just in time to come in both spots, leaving me to moan every last breath I had. My hair was stuck to my face, I was moaning a storm, Mark was trying his best and groaning.... It all fit perfectly together. He finally started to come, and I didn't care that it was inside me. (Birth control)
He helped me off of him, and I snuggled into his torso.
"Looks like you're not a virgin anymore, Mark."
"Good. Thank god we can continue this."
"Hell yeah."

Hey guys! Thank you for being so patient on my break, and I will be back soon.
Btw, I'm sorry the Thomas one was longer... I had so many ideas and I doubt you'd read them so... Yeah. If you didn't like it, maybe try switching out the names and word choice.
Anyway, thank you again.
I love you all so much. ❤️
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