Slave (XXXX)

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This will be written with slave kink/BDSM and dominance format. If you do not like how intense this will be, do not read this. That's why I put 4 X's in the title :3
Enjoy you dirty childrens.....

Your POV
I stood in front of my dresser drawers as I tried to figure out where my favorite Mark pants were. He was gone for the night, so I decided to wear them. As I dug through the 3rd drawer, I needed up finding it. Very satisfied that I had the pants, I slipped them on. I adjusted my tank top, and made my hair into a bun. I smiled, and went to bed. I missed Mark, but I know I'd see him tomorrow.

Mark POV
After spending the day with Matthias and Wade (because he was in town), I was tired. All I wanted was (f/n). I walked up to our door, and unlocked it. I pushed the door open, and no lights were on.
"Damn, I was hoping to spend time with her. I said, knowing she was asleep. I closed the door, and put my stuff down. I took my shoes off, and walked to our room. The bedside lamp was on. I looked at her. She was beautiful even asleep. I felt the blood rush to my nether region.mI smiled a smile that would have made her shake. I had an idea.... That's what she would get for falling asleep before I was home. I pulled the blanket down, and then sat on the bed next to her. I slowly put my hand down her pants, and searched for her clit. I rubbed it, and awoke her. She moaned out loud, then blushed when she saw me.

Your POV
"Mmmm.....oh yeah...... Harder Baby, harder... Mmmmm.... OH SHIT!!" She moaned, then yelled as she realized what was happening.
"O-oh my god... Sorry Ma..." I said, but Mark stopped me. He put his hand on my mouth, then said,
"Hush. Now get up." He said demandingly. I shook so slightly as he looked angrier by the second. I sat up, then Mark pulled me up to stand on the side of the bed.
"O-okay!" I said. I took my shirt of and had no bra on as for I was sleeping. He stared at me so carefully, examining every part of my upper body. I struggled to take my pants off because of how he looked at me.
"Oh, that's nice." He said as he stood up. Mark walked over to me, and firmly grasped my ass. He put his hand on my crotch, and rubbed slowly. I moaned out quietly. Mark smiled.
"Now my little slut," he stopped.
"Now you must cooperate or I will hurt you." He said very demandingly.

Mark POV
I thought hard of what to do next. Then it hit me. I had used a pair of handcuffs for a skit and they were in my drawer. I'd just us that. I got up, and went to get the handcuffs.
"M-Mark....what are you getting?"
"I'm your master, not this Mark dude. I wouldn't mind being him though because the name Mark is sexy as hell...(I had to 😂)
"Oh sorry, mar- I mean master.."
"That's what I thought." I said as I pulls out the handcuffs. I slipped them into my back pocket, then directed her to the bed. She got on, and I pushed her to the bed frame. I wrapped her arms around it, then handcuffed her to it. I slowly unbuckled my belt to build up the tension. I let my pants slide off, and she whimpered as my hardened member pointed to her.
"Master, I need it now!" Was that so? A sly smile came across my face. I put her hands on the elastic band of my boxers, and nodded, telling her to pull them down.
She nodded, and did so. I took off my shirt, then blindfolded her with it. She whimpered as she didn't know what I was going to do. I got off the bed, and directed her head to my member. I un-cuffed her. I counted a few seconds in my head to build up the tension, then shoved myself into her mouth. She gaged as I pushed down her throat.
"M-Mrrc..." She tried saying my name as I fucked her brains out. She put her hand on the shaft, and started twisting her hand up and down. She started slowing down, trying to handle my size. She started to stop, then I thruster into her again and again. She whimpered and gaged, until I came inside and pulled out. She moaned as I finally took myself out of her. There was a little bit of my load on the corner of her mouth. I wiped it away. I handcuffed her hands to the bed frame, (head first)
"Get on your hands and knees before I shove myself down your throat again!" I shouted, then went behind her. I leaned over her back, and planted kissed and nibbles on her should blades. She shivered as I kissed a new section. I played with her breasts from behind and she tensed up, sending me my cue. I stood up, and teased her with the tip of my member on her lips. A small moan released from her mouth. I smiled, then picked up my belt. I whipped her softly, so I didn't hurt her, but left it noticeable. She whimpered, and I kissed the bottom of her back where I had slapped her. I examined her entrance carefully, then decided to tease her more. I rubbed the tip of my member on Her clit until I felt her tense up even more. I did until I saw her toes curl, knowing I had given her an orgasm. I smiled, and held her hips as she shook and moaned out. I whipped her again.
"No sounds or It will go against you." I said. She nodded as she was riding out her orgasm. I saw her juices almost pouring out of her. She let out a moan that she mostly hid with her mouth clamped shut. I teased her lips once again, causing her to think calmly, then shoved myself into her. She gasped as I shoved my whole self inside. She whined as I repeatedly smacked myself against her with full force. She cried out a few times, resulting in more hits. I leaned down to her back and planted kisses, then nibbles, and as she thought I was done, I started to lick her back a little. She trembled and let out quiet whines. I pushed down her back, very determined to hit her g-spot, then did so. She screamed out and I slapped her. I stopped thrusting for a second, to get her to calm down, then slammed my hardest into her, causing her to scream out my name:
"OHHH, M-M-MAAAAARRRK!! FUCK ME UGGNNHH MMAAAAARK!" I slowly pulled out to get a reaction, then heard her moan, like i wanted. I gave a minute break. I un cuffed her, then directed her to ride me. Once she got on top, I pretended like I was still preparing, then dropped her on me. She screamed out. She grabbed onto the sides of my pelvis (she was facing him), and lead herself into thrusts. With her slower movements, I could tell she was weak. I helped pound into her, again and again.

Your POV
I literally felt myself getting weaker, my body getting heavier, I was at the peak. I had to stop. When I begged for mercy and tried to stop, he pounded into me. I screamed out his name, and all he did was tease me by trailing his finger up and down my stomach the most he could laying down. He pounded harder each thrust he had the chance to make. I felt him getting close. I could tell my the tenseness he had I his member, that he was going to finish. At that point, I told myself to let it go. But he was farther then I thought. He watched me just collapse on him, while he was still inside me. He just looked at me with a glare like I was a little kid had disobeyed my father. He slowly moved into him being on top, but we never pulled apart. My knees were up, he was on top, and making sweeter movements. He pulled his head towards my ear, and said:
"I know you're weak baby, just keep going. I want to treat my slutty little slave to something nice." His deep voice growled the last sentence. His words traveled to my core, and made me shiver so cold. I nodded, and then he started to suck and nibble on my ear. I felt Mark grind into me, then tense up. He pushed his hand that was on my stomach, up to my breasts, then came inside me. I moaned out, then he grunted as the last bit of his cum was being released inside me. He pulled out, then kissed me. We pulled from the kiss so we could get a glimpse of what we looked like after that amazingness. Mark smiled, then pulled me into a make out session. He stuck his tongue in and did a tango with mine. A string of saliva that was connected pulled off as he let go of the kiss. After a little break, Mark had started to play around with my clit. Pretending to leave the bed, I felt safe. But I was so wrong. Mark put his hands to stretch out my nether area, and then started to lick my juices. I started to pretty much Niagara falls on his face (not literally).
"Damn, (y/n), you taste so good." He said, looking up at me. Exploring every little section he could, Mark finally stopped.
"Thanks my slave. I'll be needing you again next week." He said, getting on bed with me. All I could do was exhale deeply, knowing I was safe.... For now.

Long chapter, I know. Hopefully your inside poured out like Niagara Falls... I've been planning this for a while. I have a Septiplier smut to possibly cum out if you'd like.
(Like my pun?) but anyways, I hope you enjoyed this. It actually took me 2 fucking weeks to write so...... Yeah.
Buh-bye! Love,
Casey 😊

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