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Happy 98k!!
I thought that you guys deserved two very dirty chapters... So here's a chapter before 100k!! It's shorter than the 100k chapter for sure, But still pretty smutty. I'm packing to go by my grandparents house for a couple days, so I had little time to write this. I hope you enjoy!
"(Y/n)! Are you almost ready?" Mark called from his bedroom.
"Almost! Give me a minute!" I called from the bathroom, putting on, and perfecting, my soft pink lip gloss. Mark came I the bathroom, tightening his tie.
"Damn you look hot." He said with a sly smirk of his face. I looked at him through the mirror.
"Same with you." I said, turning to him. I flattened out my navy blue dress.
"I honestly could just skip the party to fuck you right here right now." He said seriously.
"I would kiss you but i don't want to smear your makeup." He said, looking at me with his lustful eyes. I looked back at him, and kissed him, leaving a slight pink lips stain on his cheek. I smiled then fixed my makeup.
"When do we have to leave?"
"As soon as we can." Mark said as he washed off the lipgloss stain.
"Alrighty. We can go now." I said as I checked for any imperfections in my makeup. Mark nodded. We both left the room, turning off the light. We locked everything up, I grabbed my purse, he grabbed his phone and keys, and we left.

In the car, Mark was continuously flirting with me, as well as rubbing my thigh in the slit on my dress.
"My god you are beautiful." He said. I was blushing pink as he continued on. I wonder what was up.

We arrived at a huge house with a long driveway that was surprisingly empty. Mark pulled up to a man, who I guess must have been the valet. Mark looked over to me as the valet guy opened the door for me. Mark got out as well and handed the man the keys.
"Enjoy your night." He said.
"Thank you. Enjoy yours as well." I said back. Mark grabbed my hand and we walked into the mansion. When we walked in, a man about the size of Mark stood by the door.
"Hey Mark!" He said, bro-hugging him.
"And you must be (y/n)! My brother has talked a lot about you. It's great to finally meet you." He said, hugging me. It was Mark's brother, Thomas.
"It's nice to meet you too, Thomas. Mark has talked about you as well. Very great work in TwoKinds. Congratulations." By the way, the party was in celebration for a new TwoKinds release and it be accepted into a popular comic store.
"Thank you." He said with a smile.
"I hope you enjoy yourself. Dinner  a toast will be in about an hour, once everyone gets here." He added.
"Sounds good." Mark said. We all shot eachother a quick grin and Mark and I parted off into the house. It was beautifully decorated, a huge staircase behind Thomas. We walked into halls and rooms filled with people chatting.
When we walked into one room, I recognized someone. It was my friend Gillian who worked at one of the comic stores I assume that TwoKinds was in. I walked over to her and joined her conversation.
"Hey Gillian!" I said, tapping her on the shoulder.
"Oh hey, (y/n)! Funny seeing you here."
"Same here actually. Haha, I came by because my boyfriend is the brother of Thomas." I said, signaling Mark. He walked up to me from behind, and because of the packed room, he bumped into me. His nether pressed into my rear, causing me to blush.
"T-this is my boyfriend, Mark." I said with a smile.
"No way, are you Markiplier?" She said, not believing her eyes. Looks like I forgot to tell her about him. Whoops.
"Indeed I am." Mark said, shaking her hand. She trembled.
"I'm so sorry, I'm just a huge fan.
(Y/n), how come you've never told me?!" She stuttered.
"I don't know, it never came up." Gillian laughed lightly and blushed.
"W-well it's great to meet you, Mark." She said.
"It's nice to meet you too." He chuckled.
We had a shirt conversation, and ended as the music stopped. Everyone gathered in a giant dining hall to see Thomas standing at the head of a very long table. Mark brought me up as close as we could, because as the brother of the author, Mark had the right to be near him.
"Thank you all so much for coming. I'd like to thank the owner of Starr Comics, Ross Starr, for letting me host this celebration at his lovely house. Is also like to thank him for allowing my comics across the country, and soon to be in Europe as well. He has been a great help, and I appreciate and enjoy working with him a lot. Once again, thanks for joining us here!" Thomas said. Everyone clapped and he sat down in his chair.
"Nice speech big bro." Mark said jokingly. Thomas smiled.
"Thanks, little brother." He said back. A couple waiters came in and served us a thee course meal. Starting with a salad.
"Looks good!" He said, picking up his fork. I smiled. Mark put his hand on my leg and started to rub my thigh. He put his hand through the slit on my dress and started to caress my inner thigh. He worked his hand to the top of my thigh, then moved it down to my nether region. I blushed as Mark started to rub me through my panties, then he stuck his hand inside them. I bit down on my lip as he started rubbing my clit. Thomas looked over at my crimson red-blushing face. He gave me a strange look and I tried to eat to distract myself. I tried closing my thighs on Mark, and after a while, he finally stopped. My fave was as red as a tomato, and Mark was satisfied with himself.
After everyone finished, steak and some cooked vegetables were served to everyone. (or pasta and vegetables for the vegans and vegetarians. I don't discriminate 😋) Mark and I ate. He was a little more quiet this time, but his smile for what he had done was loud. I tried to work something out of him, but as I tried to rub his thigh, I felt something hard. Mark shot me a look and I pulled my hand away. He stayed completely silent and his smile faded. I stopped.
As the cake third course came around, Mark got up. I ate a little bit of my cake as I waited for Mark. After him not returning, I got up from the table.
"Mark?" I called out softly from the entrance of the dining hall, but loudly enough for him to hear.
"Mark?" I called out once again from the living room.
"Mark?" I said, going back to the front door entrance. I walked up the large staircase. It was a medium sized hallway, that ended again at another stair case. I walked halfway, then turned around. I walked backwards for a second, and was bumped in the back. I opened my mouth to scream in sudden fear, but my mouth was covered.
"Don't scream or they'll hear you." A voice said. The voice let go of me, and Mark came up in front of me.
"You don't want to draw any attention to yourself." He said.
"Okay... But why are you up here? Dessert is downstairs."
"I don't want that dessert."
"Why? When have you ever passed up dessert?"
"I'm passing it up because I want you."
"Huh?" Mark licked his lips.
"I want you for dessert." He said. I was still confused, but Mark brought realization into me as he kissed my neck. He grabbed my hand and brought me into a room. He closed the door and turned on a dim desk lamp.Mark turned me around and started to pull down the zipper.
"Mark, are you sure we should be doing this in someone else's house? On top of that, in their room?"
"No, but I need you. You look so fucking amazing in that dress." He started to rub my leg through the small slit in my dress, and started to rub my nether. I let out a soft moan.
"I need to taste you." He said with a growl in his throat. Mark brought me to the bedside farthest from the door.
(This is the room, and the circled part is the side of the bed that Mark sat you on.)

He sat you down on the bed, and lifted my dress

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He sat you down on the bed, and lifted my dress. He pulled down my panties and brought his face to my nether. He stuck his finger in my hole, and pumped it in and out to gather my juices. He started rubbing my clit instead, because he knew how wet it made me. I moaned. Mark turned off the lamp and opened the blind to the window to let in natural light. He put his finger back on my clit and started rubbing in circles. I kept letting out whines and moans the faster he got. He started pumping in my hole with two his other hand's fingers. I bucked my hips up with warning of an orgasm.
"M-Mark... I'm going no to c-cum!" I whined.
"Come for me (y/n)." He said in a deep, baritone voice. I nodded and my hips continuously bucked until the wave of pleasure hit me. My juices soaked his fingers and he pulled them out. Mark smirked, then started to lick them up.
I moaned out loudly.
"Oh f-fuck!!" I whined. I was I the middle of a moan when I heard footsteps. I covered my mouth to stop my moans from slipping out, and tapped Mark on the shoulder to warn him. Mark pulled me down to the floor that he was kneeling on just in time. The door opened.
"Hello? Is anyone in here?" Mark continued sucking on my clit and lapping up my juices as the deep voice filled the room. I covered my mouth with both hands as I was going to explode in moans. The light turned on and a person walked into the room.
"Hello?" It called again. My hips bucked again and Mark sucked on me. A soft moan escapes my lips.
"Is anyone in here?!" The man shouted, now getting annoyed. I pulled Marks hand up to my mouth and covered my mouth with it, trying to make sure no moans escapes. Mark grunted against me, thankfully hot being loud enough. The man sighed and left the room. After a few seconds and making sure he left, my hips were bucking wildly.
"FFFUUUUCKKK!!" I moaned out as I came on Mark's face. He licked up my juices, then lifted his head.
"You taste amazing baby." He said with a smirk. He got up and grabbed a tissue to wipe his face.
"Mark! We almost got caught!" I shrieked, concerningly. I panted.
"But you enjoyed it."
"Yes I did." I said, breathless.
"We should get back downstairs before someone catches us." Mark said.
"But I think you should wash you face first."
"I mean no, not only that. I should clean myself for later tonight when we get home." I hit him playfully at his remark. He smirked and went to the bathroom that was connected to the room and washed his face.

When he was done, he linked arms with me and went down stairs.
We said our goodbyes, then went out the door and drove back to our house where more pleasure would happen.

I hoped you liked it! The 100k chapter will come out soon!
(Probably in the next 1-4 days or so when we hit 100k, duh 😂)
It is VERY smutty and like 4000 words long, so you will very much enjoy yourselves. It's called "The Bet" so you may know where it's going.
I cannot wait to post it because I just know you're going to like it!

Thanks for reading! And as always,  I will see you, in the next chapter.
Buh-Bye! 😊😘❤️❤️

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