Christmas Miracle

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(Came up with a cute story line with smut after a long day of Christmas decorating. Hope you like it and stay tuned for the authors note at the end!)

I entered the airport, smile on my face. I'd get to see Mark finally. It was the night-early morning before Christmas Eve. I was a couple hours early as for my flight as always. I wanted to hurry up, because I wanted to be ready. I rushed to security. Once I was done, I entered my plane area. I sat there, but it was different. My flight had an extra large plane, and had a no pass zone. It just had a little store and McDonald's and Starbucks. I took a seat, taking in the area. As different as I was, I just daydreamed about Mark. I had fallen asleep, and started to panic after I checked my phone. It was 9: 30 in the morning... I got here at 2. I looked around, still noticing the same people.
"Huh?" I said to myself. I walked over to the flight board to notice that our plane stopped working and almost crashed over in Louisiana where the last stop was while it came over here. My flight was delayed until 3!I was so pissed off that is be missing out on Mark. I went back into my seat, and read on buzzfeed for a little bit. I checked my phone, 9:43. It was normal to be on buzzfeed for a while. I got up and stretched. I decided to check the little gift shop and get some coffee because I needed it. I put on my backpack. As I walked to the shop, I noticed how hungry I had gotten. My stomach growled. I turned to the Starbucks right away and order coffee. I went to mcdonalds and got a mcmuffin, because why the fuck not? I sat in my spot, and took my bag off. I took a bite of out my mcmuffin and realized that it was actually good. I enjoyed every bite and sip of my morning meal. I got up to throw my garbage away, and received a text from Mark.
Mark 😍: Hey babe, how was the flight? When will you be home? I miss your beautiful smile ❤️
I had a puppy frown come across my face.
Me: Mark, my flight is delayed for another 4 hours! I'm so angry. I miss your floof! Make it extra floofy for when I get home! 😘
Mark 😍: 😢 I have to wait for you? I haven't seen you in person for almost 3 weeks! I miss you so much baby!
Me: I know, but I'm glad you support my acting. I got my stage time on Broadway, and now  I'm coming home.
Mark 😍: please hurry! I'm craving your scent
Me: I know baby, I miss you like hell. I'll be home asap.
Mark 😍: okay, I love you. 😘❤️😍
Me: I love you too ❤️😘😘😘

a little tear dripped out my watered up eyes. I smiled at his comment, and started to watch his videos. I really did miss him. We facetimed every day, and I wanted him in person again. It sucked, but I wanted to start my acting career. I hope to see him soon.

-time skip to 3-
I waited in line with my ticket and waited to get inside the plane. My legs shook with joy as I took my first step out of the airport and in the little hallway to the plane. I patted the plane's entrance, and walked in. I took a seat by the window, and peered out until everyone boarded. I check my devices that were on airplane mode. I popped in my earbuds as I awaited the plane to start its ride to the runway. A person in the other seat tapped me. I took my earbuds out.
"Please put your devices on airplane mode! We are delayed half an hour! Please do it now!" A growl formed in my throat as the flight attendant said so with her fake smile. I rolled my eyes. The 6 hour and 20 minute flight is going to be even longer. I slid down in my seat and played a game on my phone until I felt the plane move. I popped in a piece of gum and my earbuds. I put on stitches, and laid back.

-9:30, at LAX-
I tried my best through the large crowd, only taking me HALF A FREAKING HOUR JUST TO BAGGAGE CLAIM which wasn't even ready when I got there. Again, something else delayed. Ugh! I took a cart, and sat on it as I waited my little heart out for another ten Fucking minutes. I grabbed my bag, and started out. I called down a taxi, and force t my house which it was already 10:20 and would take a good hour  to get to (idk if that's logical, but it is in my delusional brain). I slumped down in my seat, and wished to get home.

-at home-
I took out my key, and put it in. I turned it, and walked inside. 11:29. I sighed, and walked in the kitchen to put my stuff down. I kept quiet, and walked to my bedroom, still with my jacket, boots, and backpack on. I opened the door, and saw Mark in his boxers only, just laying his eyes on me. A huge smile came across his face. I knew what it was in his shiny brown eyes. Lust. I felt it too. I took in our absence, and just attacked him. I turned the light off, bedside lamp still on. I kicked my boots off after our lips made contact. Mark slipped his tongue in, and I took my jacket off, still in the heated session.
"I love you" Mark said as he quickly left the kiss and went back in. He helped me slide my jeans off, and still made out with me. He ripped my shirt off, and looked at me in the dim light. His smirk grew and grew.
"I am going to ravish you, darling. It's been way overdue." He said, looking me up and down as he kicked his lips. I swear I was getting wetter every word he said. I closed my eyes and drifted my head back, then to the side, making eye contact with him after my head was comfortable. I bit my lip.
"Fuck me daddy." Is all I said before he grabbed my legs, pushed them up, then slightly apart. He rubbed himself up and down me, then shoved himself inside slowly, earning a few moans out of me. He held my legs up the entire time as he thrusts himself carefully with my heart beats; quickly. The more I thought about his size and him pretty much inside my core made it seem so much better, to the point where I hadn't noticed the numbing I had as I felt a heartbeat in my nether region. I looked up to him with concern, but he knew it was just him on my g-spot. He bent my legs and put them down (you know what I mean :P). He slid his finger up and down my stomach, every so often slightly playing with my breast. Noticing the pickup in his already fast pace, I started to whine out. I jerked my hips along for extra pleasure for both of us. I watched the sweat trickle down his forehead. He let out a weak moan, and started speeding up with the little energy and time he had left. I slowly stopped him a bit as I tried to take over and ride him. I slid myself down, and took over. I knew I was more tired, but he was working hard. He let out a few moans before he had to switch again to finish inside me. We let out our final moans, and laid back down. We were exhausted. He laid a kiss on my cheek. He checked his clock. 11:59...12:00.
"Wow, it really was a Christmas Miracle. I got all I needed for Christmas."
Hey! So I just realized I forgot about time zones... Fuck it. Not fixing it. Anyways, thank you all so much for over 21k. I never imagined this reaching such a high. I am really honored. I love you all so much, and I hope you enjoyed it. I worked very hard for you all on this one (although it took me into and hour to write without breaks).
I hope you liked my collage there too. Please fuck me up, sexiplier.
Love you,
Casey 😘

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