Just Because Of A Video #3

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Mark POV
"M-Mark, I need you." She said, with a shaky voice. I was shocked. S-she finally loved me. My heart was racing a million miles a minute. She straddled me completely, for us to look into each others eyes. I was so pleased with the fact that she accepted me. She looks down.
"Looks like someone is excited." She says, pointing out that fact that I was hard. I blush.
"Thanks to you." I say. She blushes.
"You know what, I feel bad about making you so excited without doing anything. I'm going to repay you." She says. She winks at me, then leaves. I stare out the door in confusion trying to figure out what she meant. Sweat drips from my forehead, hands shaking, knees weak. I needed her too.
5 minutes later, she comes back with a longer shirt that has an M on it for me. She comes back to straddle me. I soon realize that she had stripped of her shorts.... And underneath. She pulls down my track pants, and my boxers. I get up from the chair, and she starts kissing me. A soft moan is released by her. Finally I got what I needed to complete me. Once the kiss was over, she pulled away. I started walking to the bedroom, but not fast enough. she pulled me back to her. She knelt down between my legs. She took my member in her hand, and slowly put her mouth on the tip. She planted little kisses around it, then took me into her mouth. I moaned to the rhythm of her sucking. I was a sweaty mess. I put my hand on the back of her head. She looks up at me and sucks harder. I lean my head back, just being mesmerized by how just am hour ago she told me she didn't love me. Here we are now. She can tell that I was distracted, so she puts her hand on my balls and starts to massage them.
"I t-think I'm gonna C-CUMMMM!!!" I yell as I was too late. She heard my first three words, and sucked like her life was depended on it. She took the load in her mouth, and swallowed it.
"Was that Good enough for you, Markimoo?" She gets up and stands in front of me. There was a little bit of cum dripping from her chin. I wipe it off, then kiss her.
"It was amazingly amazing." I say. She smiles. I pick her up and put her over my shoulder she squirms a bit. I go to the bedroom, and throw her in the bed. She starts to position herself in a comfy way. I knelt over her lying body moved her leg out of the way. When my hand made contact with her, she flinched. I smirked at the fact, and changed my plan. I flipped her over on her back, ripped her shirt off, took mine off, and knelt behind her. Without a warning, I slammed myself in her. She released a gasp type moan. I grab onto her hips, and push myself inside and out of her. She moans and moans. I slam harder into her. She started bucking her hips with my rhythm, to the point where I was a moaning, sweaty mess.
"Ohhhhhh.... (Just like in the montage) Oh give it to me baby, you know I'm good for it... Just a little more! cmon baby give it to me! Oh oh hawh"

Your POV
The grunts and moans he was making happened in the video.. Did he know? I let my body drop to the bed (Mark was holding you up) Mark pounded into me, and that was the moment he hit my sweet spot. Allowing me to moan my brains out.
"M-Mark! Oh fuck!!" After Mark heard me say that, he trailed his hands towards my clit. He moved his finger around it, and I let out a huge gasp after a few seconds. Once he found my good spot, he started roughly massaging it. I was moaning so loud, I was sweating. I started shaking, and knowing that, Mark had made me orgasm. I moaned out loud, and could hear Mark chuckling. It was very faint, but maybe that was because I breathing heavily. I could hear my own racing heart.
"Oh yeah, oh yeah, ugh yes! -growls- " Mark moaned out. He moved his hand to my breast, and slowly (and lightly) leaned over my body. He played around with my nipples.
"Your luscious breasts, mm...so firm and round." Knowing I was weak, Mark started going on to making it softer, and remove his hand from my breasts. Mark was close to finishing, so he was still up in the moment. He went slower, but was going hard.
"Oh mm... Oh, oh I lo.. Oh I love ya baby. OHHH WOW!! HOLY SHIT, OH MY GAWWDDD!! HUUUHH OHHH!! UGHHH SHIT!!! OH GAWWDD
(y/n)!!!!! IM GOING TO CUM!!" I was whining out because I had very little energy to moan anymore. I felt Mark tremble inside me.
"Uh!! Oh my gawd!! HUUH HUH, AWW FUCK!! UHHH UGGNNHH!! ohhhhhhhh!!" Mark moaned out. Mark grunted out once more, then pounded aggressively, and came inside me. I moaned out once more, then started breathing heavily.
"Oh m-Mark...."
"God (y/n), you don't know how long I've waited to do that."
"I have some inspiration for my paper now... But I need rest."
"And I have to tweet out to the world that I'm taken."


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