Chapter 1

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It's now been 5 months since I moved into my own house with Deshaun and I've adjusted to the fact that I'm alone now. We have shared custody of Deshaun and you maybe think that it's impossible that Marshall ever agreed to that, but I also think it's because Kim was on my side with the shared custody thing, she can really talk to his sense. It was hard to begin with mostly because I missed Marshall so damn much, I still miss Marshall but it's getting easier everyday.
The medias response is really negative and it's mostly pointed on me, even though Marshall haven't told them why we split then they still point fingers at me as a mom because Deshaun was only 6 months old when I moved out. I'm still in touch with Alaina, Hailie and Whitney but it wasn't with Marshall's good will but because the girl missed me. They don't know why we split and they're never gonna know.
I'm not dating anyone new because I don't really dare to throw myself out there in the dating game because I know for sure that Marshall isn't gonna approve it. You see.. Even though Marshall doesn't wanna be with me then I know for sure that he won't approve me dating someone else.
I've gain weight again so I look a lot healthier and it's also a clear sign that I'm doing a lot better.
It rings on the doorbell and I already know it's Marshall who's here to pick up Deshaun. I leave the table where I feed Deshaun and walk to the door and open.

"He's almost ready." I say as I walk into the living room where the dinner table is and where Deshaun sits in his chair. I sit down and begin to feed him again and Marshall sit down across from me while Deshaun sits at the end of the table.

"Are you going out?" Marshall asks me. I'm dressed in a nice short dress because me and some of the girls from work is going out clubbing tonight.

"Yes I'm going out with some coworkers." I say.

"And Leticia?"  He asks.

"No, she had plans." I say. It's really strange that he's asking me these question because normally he never talks to me. My focus is all on him because it's nice to hear him talk to me like a normal person. But all of sudden I feel something being thrown on my clothes, I look down at myself and I have food on me. I look at Deshaun who's sitting with his fingers down in the food that he has been throwing at me.

"No no no no, Deshaun!" I gasp but Deshaun just laughs with this adorable laugh. I look at Marshall who's also laughing down in his hand trying not to show it. I look back at Deshaun and I can't help but smile. "You're lucky you're so adorable." I give Marshall the plate with the food now. "Will you please feed him?" I ask him.

"Yeah." He says coldly. I get up from my chair and begin to walk towards the bedroom. "Good job buddy." I hear Marshall say to Deshaun behind me which makes me turn around and give Marshall a dead stare.

"It's so not funny because I'm really busy now." I say.

"That dress is too slutty anyways." Marshall says.

"Thank you Marshall." I say sarcastically. Fucking idiot! I walk into the bedroom and now I'm really gonna provoke him. I put on a very short dress with a really low cut. Yes it's a really slutty dress and I'm only doing it to provoke Marshall. I walk back into the living room where Marshall sits with Deshaun in his lap.

"Are you seriously gonna wear that?" He asks in a cocky tone.

"Yes." I say.

"You're a fucking mom." He frowns.

"A single mom." I point out.

"Man, you're fucking disgusting Christina." He says and he now begins to get Deshaun ready. I choose not to comment on what he said because I don't wanna start an argument with him. "Say bye to mommy." He says in his daddy voice when Deshaun is dressed. I kiss Deshaun which is in Marshall's arms and I haven't been this close to Marshall since we were a couple. I look shortly at Marshall and I catch him looking at me but I quickly return my eyes to Deshaun again.

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