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Chapter 1

Riley sat at the bay window in her new room admiring its soft cushion. She'd finished unpacking, but this didn't feel like home to her, not yet anyways. Plus all of the cardboard boxes surrounding her didn't quite have that homey feel. Her fingers played with her long brown hair, she can give Texas one thing, its views were pretty amazing. "Riles?" She continued to stare out her window ignoring someones attempt to gain her attention. Her word of the day was 'melodramatic'. "Riley?"

With an overly exaggerated exhale she mumbled, "Yeah Josh." Her head rolled to glance at her twin brother.

"Quit moping, it isn't like you." Josh, short for Joshua left her doorway and sauntered down the hallway. Though they were twins, they looked nothing alike except for the big brown eyes they each possessed. Riley's hair was a light brown while Josh's was dark almost black until he steps outside. They were both tall, and had legs for days but while Riley remained lanky her twin brother put on some muscle during his high school years.

"Thanks Josh, that really helped!" Riley's brown eyes moved to look at her guitar. Normally when she was stressed out or upset, or it actually didn't even matter what emotion she had, she'd always play her guitar but, right now she was enjoying the silence that her new town brought. Something good old New York never had. Her eyes shifted to the fire escape outside and moved to the right to the apartment building across the street. There was a man, her age maybe a year or two older working out in his room. I really enjoy this view.

"RILEY!" Her eyes closed at the sound of her parents who had, as she saw it destroyed her life. "RILEY GRACE, GET DOWN HERE!" Topanga yelled. The brunette sauntered into the hallway and leaned on the entryway frame.

"Yes?" She drug out while still standing on the last step.

"Awe honey still feeling dramatic?" Her mother questioned.

"Mom, it isn't dra-matic. It's trau-matic, this is the second semester of my senior year and I moved from New York City to the outskirts of Austin." Her hands slapped her face in annoyance. What was so hard for them to understand about this?

Cory, her father who looked and acted like his daughter scoffed. They both had a tendency to overreact and be well goofy. "I'm sorry love bug. But, this is the job of a lifetime for your mother. This will help pay for school and send you wherever you were wanting to go. This is great for our family." Riley glanced towards the ground. "I know my Riley will come to see it that way soon, but I understand why you're upset right now."

"Thank you daddy! What was the reason for me escaping my dungeon?" She questioned taking a seat on the bench that was their dining room chair.

"We were just checking on you. And I was wondering if you'd be interested in a tutoring program at your new school?" Cory opened his laptop to read the e-mail.

The brunette lifted her face out of her hands with reluctance. "Tutoring program? Like i'd tutor someone and-"

Mr. Matthews perused the e-mail one more time. "You'd be assigned a specific student, next week and you'd meet twice a week till the end of the year. It'd look great for scholarships and college applications." Cory raised his eyebrows, not really giving her an option. 

"Sure, that sounds fun. Since I have no friends at this new place it might help." Her father raised an eyebrow. "Last quip, and now i'm done." The brunette ran back up stairs and soaked up her father's words, 'this is great for our family'. Her hand grasped the guitar and the other held her journal. She climbed onto her fire escape. Lightly strumming and humming with her eyes closed as she tried to come up with anything to sing.

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