Nathan Nui's POV



It was weird. How come I'm not that happy with what I chose?

Nung gabi na kasama ko si Eliza sa dalampasigan, bakit nung sinabi niyang pinapalaya na niya ako, bakit nakaramdam ako ng sakit dito malapit sa dibdib ko?

It hurts like hell. It felt like something was taken from me.

I should fix myself. Don't make things difficult, Nate. Sofia is yours again and nothing to worry about. She loves you and you also feel the same way right?

Sh*t. Stop it Nate! You only like Eliza! Maybe you're not used to the fact that Eliza's no longer your girlfriend. No longer your contract girlfriend that had been there when nobody else want to understand you.

Lumabas na ko ng shower room.

What the! I took a shower for 2 hours and 8 minutes? Another record breaking! Last time I did that was just an hour at iyun yung nagalit sa akin si Eliza.

Tss. Eliza again.

Tuwing marami akong iniisip, ang shower room ang nagiging thinking room ko at iyon ang dahilan kung bakit matagal ako sa shower room.

Nagbihis na ko at pumunta sa parking lot. Susunduin ko na si Sofia sa bahay niya.




"Goodmorning Babe, you're late."she kissed me.



"I'm sorry. I was overslept."inalalayan ko siyang pumasok sa kotse. Nang makapasok na rin ako, pinaandar ko na agad ang kotse.



"Goodbye Babe, let's have a date after class. I love you."she hugged me and I did too. I answered back with "I love you too."




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