Flesh and Robber Barons

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Flesh and Robber Barons

We take a ground tram two stops, and then a sky tram, suspended by cables. The view is breathtaking, with a 360-
degree view of snow-capped mountains and distinctly European looking buildings.

Big nudges me at the last stop and we get off on a street named Zer Mitterland. The air is different, crisper.

The sky is bluer. It hits me hard that I'm in Switzerland, with a lover I barely know, a guy who can steal, kill, and fuck.

Life is good.

Hell, I can probably get some really good chocolates here too.

I smile at Big.

He smiles back.

He jerks his head slightly toward the left and we head that way. I assume we are heading toward a small motel, but not so. We stop in front of a fairy-tale looking, two-story brick house, with white columns, detailed wrought-iron work, a quaint blue door, and brass doorknocker.

Big takes out a key. He unlocks the door and holds it open for me. Deactivates an alarm.

Does he own a house here? I look around. It's decorated in European average.

No. He rented a place. Smarter than a

Big takes my hand. Kisses my palm. It sends a zing to my core.

I shake my head.

He kisses the back of my hand. Links our fingers together.

Big leads me up to the master bedroom. The first thing I notice is that the bed is huge. It's a four-poster bed. Which immediately makes me think of being tied up.

I smile.

Big smiles back at me. Maybe he can read minds. Or expressions. You learn to become very observant in our

But he bypasses the bed and leads me over to the big glass double doors. He unlocks them, guides me out on to the

Big hands me his $3,000 binoculars. I put them up to my face and he turns me slightly so I'm facing what he wants me to look at.

Very large house. A palace.



So this house was a strategic rental.
A smart guy who can steal, kill, and fuck. A really smart guy. And a really good fuck.

A girl could do worse.

I put down the binoculars for a minute to look at him and smile again. He smiles back.

I look through the binoculars again.

"I'm assuming you have a plan."

"Yup. It's open for improvement though," he says.

We go inside. I hand him back his binoculars.

He takes out a detailed blueprint. It's the first floor of the mansion.


Big takes out two photos. Both are of pretty brunettes in their twenties. First girl is wearing a pink top.

"Countess of Ranton," Big says.

I nod.

He points to the other picture. "Countess of Crentrell."

I nod again.

"First cousins."


"Yeah-huh," he says. "Ranton will be wearing the necklace. Her aunt lent it to her mom, who never gave it back.
Apparently this little items has been in contention, and hiding, for a number of years, and is going to make a debut on the young, lovely Ranton tonight."

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