Flesh and Cat Burglars

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Flesh and Cat Burglars

This the second part guys!
Hope you guys will enjoy reading it!!!

My phone rings. Not my encrypted anonymous work line, my personal line. Not a number I recognize. My family, their names come up. My friends text. Really, no one calls me on this phone. For a vague moment I think about answering it.

Nah. I'm not going to answer a call from a number I don't

I let it go, see if they leave a message.


They do.

I press my voice mail; play the message back.

For a second, breathing and silence.
Then. "I have a new assignment I can use a partner on."

Oh wow, Mr. Big.

"If you're interested." Another pause. "Shit, Effie, I miss you, I want you. Fuck. Come to Switzerland with me. God damn, you were so hot, and we are on fire together. I want it again, please. Just call me back, please. I'm sure your phone I.D.ed my number. Fuck."

Hang up.


What? Effie?

I think for a minute. Not a guy to make a mistake.

Not Effie. F and T. Flesh and Thieves. He's been thinking about me. I smile. I've been thinking about him too.

I wait a few minutes. I call him back.

I don't say hello.

"Well, Mr. Big. What's the job?"

I think I can hear him smile over the phone at the Mr. Big moniker.

"It's a two-fold. I need to steal a necklace of a princess while she's wearing it and protect the other princess during the same time."

I laugh.

"Piece of cake."

"So are you in?"

"You bet your fancy binoculars I'm in."

"Meet you in the airport in Bern; Friday at noon?"


We hang up. For the first time in my life I don't give a shit about the job. I'm looking forward to the sex. Oh fuck, I'm looking forward to the sex.

I remember last time.

He lifted me easily and slammed me up against the wall.

Rocked me with his hard, huge length against my belly until I was soaked. Plunged into me, almost no foreplay, but fuck, we were both so ready, running high on adrenaline and

God damn, now I was getting wet just thinking about it.

I call him back.

"Yes," he answers the phone.

"I forgot to say hi," I drawl. "I forgot to say every time I think of you I get wet. I forgot to say that if that wasn't the
best damn fuck of my life, it was damn fucking close."

He laughs.

"Right back at you."

I made my voice as low and sexy as I could make it.

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