Lestrade: Remembrance

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Request for @myself because I love Lestrade, my cinnamon roll

(Yes this is based off of a movie plot, I won't say what yet because I won't give it away, but all credit goes to that movie for this idea!)


Greg had gotten the call at about 2 in the morning. He thought it was work, but when a nurse came on the phone talking about an accident, he realized it was his worst nightmare. You had been driving back from a late movie with your best friend Molly Hooper when a drunk driver ran the red light and T-boned your car. You were currently unconscious. They didn't know what damage had been done to you except the cut down your leg and the shallow gash on your head. They said you would live, but you were hurt, and that was enough to send Greg flying down the freeway to the hospital. When he arrived he tried to stay calm, but the smell and the thought of you hurt left him unnerved and nauseous. The nurse said no visitors, but he pulled out his badge and they let him up right away. Finally working at Scotland Yard comes in handy, he thought, a normal thought, too normal for the panic he was feeling right now. He busted up the stairs to the 3rd floor, and when he spotted your room number 311, his legs went to jelly. He just wanted you to be okay. Greg knocked on the door and a nurse opened it.

"You must be her..."

"Boyfriend," he finished hurriedly.

"They weren't supposed to let you up here."

"I'm an officer, I have clearance." She nodded her head in relief because the worst part of her job was kicking out the loved ones.

"Come in," she said. Greg walked in, taking a deep breath first to brace himself. There she lay, (y/h/c) strewn all over the pillow and eyes closed. Little cuts were scattered around your bare arms and face, but you had never looked more peaceful and calm. "You were the only person she had written down in her wallet for a contact," spoke the nurse. Greg snorted at the memory - one night you had come home worried and insisting that each other's names and numbers were put in each other's wallets in case something bad ever happened; you had been inspired by a scary movie you and Molly had watched. Who could've known it would ever come in handy.

"How long till she wakes up?" asked Greg, pulling up a chair next to you and grabbing your hand.

"Hours, days, no more than a week though." Greg nodded, then rested his head on your hand, pushing all the life he had in into you.


A steady beep emulated from somewhere in the background, waking Greg from his accidental sleep. He rubbed his eyes with one hand, the other still gripping yours. He opened his eyes, but was blinded momentarily by the hospital's white light. When his eyes finally adjusted, he looked around. His look first landed on you and your open eyes. He smiled, more than happy to finally see you awake.

"(Y/n)," he breathed, "I'm so happy your awake. I was so worried about you, but you're awake and you're okay." He kissed your hand. You eyed him, a scared look on your face. "What's wrong? Does something hurt? Do I need to get a nurse?" You continued staring at him.

"Who are you?" you asked. Greg suddenly felt his whole world crashing down, but he tried to stop it.

"Good one (y/n)," he joked.

"How do you know my name?" you continued. Greg felt tears filling the back of his eyes. There had been a fear tugging at the back of his mind this whole time, ever since the doctor said there could be possible head trauma, including memory loss. But Greg had refused to believe it. No one could forget the love of their life just like that, it wasn't possible. That was like losing part of you, and he couldn't afford to lose the best part of him.

"(Y/n)... I'm Greg. Your boyfriend. We've been dating for 4 years," he explained, practically begging you to remember. You shook your head and tears fell down your cheeks.

"I'm sorry, I don't remember," you admitted. You buried your head in your hands. "I wish I could remember, but I don't." You continued crying, and Greg got up from his chair to sit on your bed with you. "Don't," you snapped. You were suddenly angry, upset that you couldn't remember and upset that this man expected you to. "Please just leave," you hissed. Greg looked at you with all the pain in the world clouded in his eyes.

"(Y/n)," he said one more time, hoping the sound of your name on his lips would trigger some memory in you. But your mind was blank and your heart hurt from breaking his.

"Leave," you ordered one more time. Greg stood up and away from you, staring down at you helplessly. You gave him a cold look, and it was enough to unfreeze his legs and move him out of your room. When he reached the door he turned around once more to look back at you.

"I love you," he whispered. You pretended not to hear him, but the fast pounding of your heart and the tear that slid down the side of your face proved otherwise.


Greg walked out of the hospital that day vowing to win your heart back, vowing to make you remember him. He thought of every memory the two of you had.

There was the first time he kissed you...

You stood at the counter, dressed up and hair down. The two of you had just gotten back from a wedding and he had talked you into letting him come inside for a glass of wine before he drove home. You poured two glasses, the wine matching the red of your dress that flowed around your body. You handed to the glass to him, and he smiled smally at you. You turned and leaned against the counter, kicking off your heels and running a hand through your hair. You two began talking about the wedding, laughing at the drunk dancers and complimenting the good food. Suddenly, Greg leaned forward and reached behind you on the counter, grabbing a pamphlet for a beauty contest that was held yearly in your part of town.

"I didn't know you were into beauty pageants," he teased. You ripped the pamphlet from his hand, and he fell forward towards you a bit from the pull.

"Do you know me at all?" you asked jokingly. "I'm more of a sweatpants and shooting bad guys on the side kind of girl." He smiled down at you, inches from your face.

"I know."

And well, you can figure out the rest.

There was more. So many more precious and priceless moments. Even the bad ones brought a smile to his face. And then he thought there must be no pain greater than losing the one you loved.

But you would never know that.


(Yes this was based off of "The Vow", so all credit goes that)

First chapter on the new book... Hopefully this starts the book off on a good note!

But probably not because this was a sad one...

It's always Greg that gets the super super sad ones that don't end well. Sorry cinnamon roll.

Thank you to all of you whom have followed me over on this new book! Love ya'll.

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