Chapter 2

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"WHATS WRONG WITH THE ONE IN YOUR HAND?" He pointed at your soggy F/C sweater. "This one's no good. I need another one." You glanced out the window and look at the occurring blizzard. You shivered after thinking about going out there in your current state. "how about me and papyrus go get you a new sweater. ill even bring back grillby's, my treat." Sans said with another wink.

"S-SANS, ARE YOU FEELING OK? YOU'RE BEING VERY GENEROUS." "u-uh yeah im ok. why wouldn't i be?" He avoided eye contact with you and Papyrus and got up to leave. "well what are ya waitin' for? let's go pap." "ALRIGHT! HUMAN, WE WILL BE BACK SHORTLY! PLEASE MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME UNTIL I CAN CAPTURE YOU!" He beamed and then closed the door. You could hear two distinct foot step patterns going down the stairs and out of the front door. You shook your head and chuckled to yourself and went into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

After your shower, you went downstairs cautiously. You had the house to yourself for a bit and didn't know what to do. "Maybe I'll try and find out where I am." You grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to find a news channel. "The weather in Snowdin is looking rather cold for the week. In Hotland, it will be hot. Just like me, darling~ In Waterfall, it will be wet..." A pink and black human looking robot was laying across the reporting table. He was posing dramatically while telling the weather, in a very flirtatious tone, for other places you've never heard of in your life. "Weird." you thought as you started drifting off on the couch.

"HUMAN!" "kid?" You woke up and saw Papyrus and Sans looking at you with concern. "I THOUGHT I BROKE THE HUMAN. PHEW." "heh, c'mon papyrus. whatcha worrying for? they're fine. let's eat." You could smell food from the kitchen and glanced over to see 2 brown bags on the kitchen table. Sans walked up to you and gave you a bag with your new sweater. "here ya go kiddo. i stole it myself." Sans stated proudly. You could see the receipt for it but didn't say anything. You loved it and not only was it your favorite color, but it looked warm and oversized. "Wow, thanks Sans!" you hugged him tightly, forgetting you were in your t-shirt.

When it finally hit you, your face flushed scarlet. Sans also had a deep blue on his cheekbones. You broke the embrace and took a step back. "U-uh.. I-I'll go put it on..." you ran upstairs and into the bathroom, hastily closing it behind you. You leaned on the door and slowly sank to sit on the floor, your face still burning hot. You thought about Sans and you could feel your face burning hotter, if that was even possible. With a sigh, you put on your sweater, went back downstairs and into the kitchen.

Sans was drinking a bottle of ketchup and Papyrus was eating spaghetti. When Sans saw you he blushed once again and stared. "What? Is something on it?" you looked over yourself somewhat embarrassed. "no, kiddo. you look great." he winked and your heart fluttered at his compliment.

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