mister popular meets miss nobody (chapter 1)

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I'M SO FREAK'N PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW. Why on earth do I have to suffer like this? I'm on the middle of the road where the traffic is starting to build up and I owned the good for nothing car that has a flat tire on it. I'm going to be late. My father just called and said that he will be arriving an hour early at the airport. I'm starting to hear people yelling at the back of my car. A knock on my window made me jump a little. When I turn to look who it is, I saw Nathaniel Emmanuel James outside my car. I was so struck when I saw his super handsome face looking at me. He's my long time crush and he's the hottest guy on school. Another knock made me jump again and I blinked and open the window for him.

"Hey miss, I'm kind of in a hurry. Will you please move your car on the side of the road so that I can pass through if you don't mind?" he said it using his calm voice he can manage beside the fact that I can feel that he's so irritated by me blocking his way.

"Uh...uhmm.. O - Okay.. s - so - sorry.."

Oh my God! I can't believe I just stammer like that in front of him! I feel so stupid! I drove my car on the side and saw him drove real fast past me. I bet he's in a real hurry. I sighed and called the car service for help so that I can manage to get out of here - and fast!

"I'm so sorry Dad I made you wait for me." I hugged and kiss him on his cheek while apologizing to him.

"Hey there kiddo. Why am I not surprised seeing you late again?"

That made me laugh.

"Sorry, I got my car flat tired. I really missed you Daddy. How's the trip?"

"Urgh! Let me tell you, it is so frustrating. My boss made me draw the entire plan we need in just a week! I can't even believe I finished it all up on time!"

My father is a licensed Architect in a construction firm. He is always on the trip this past couple of months because their latest project is outside the country.

"Well, I bet you're hungry. Where do you want to eat?"

"How about Elizabeth's favorite restaurant? It's a couple of minute drive from here right?"

Remembering Mom made me feel sad. I really miss my mommy. After she died on a plane crash on her way home, this made me hate air planes. I never ride a plane after that. But I smiled before my daddy sees the sadness in my eyes.

"If that's where you want, then let's go." I smiled at him and lead him to the parking lot.

I helped my daddy carry his things to the car. When we're a couple of meters away, I saw Nathaniel Emmanuel James hugged and kissed a girl on her cheek. When he saw me staring, I immediately turn my head away from him. I bet she's Nathaniel's girlfriend. It's sweet that he's the one who picked her girlfriend up here on the airport. I wonder where the girl's family is.

After we ate dinner at my mom's favorite restaurant, my dad decided to go home. I bet he still has a jet lag after traveling almost 24 hours straight on a plane. When I finished helping dad unpacked all of his clothes from his huge traveling bag, I went straight to my room and grab my favorite pajamas and take a shower.

I'm not yet sleepy so I decided to open my laptop and logged on my facebook account. I missed my pet named Sansan so I visited her immediately. I was in a deep concentration on playing with my pet when someone chatted me.

'Hey there.'

I almost fell on my seat when I saw who he is. It's Nathaniel who beeped me! I almost forgot that we are friends in facebook! I don't know what to say until he types again.

'Still up?'