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There's a new prophecy.

It's even older than the very first one.

It speaks of an old, yet new evil.

So the Fates have decided to create a hero to complete the feat. But the hero shall be cursed, cursed to help Olympus achieve her needs. The hero will succeed, but alas there's the price. Sorrow and pain must the hero withstand, and the torture the hero must prepare for, but that is nothing to the gods.


Because the hero is a child of Fate.

Fate is supposed to be cruel and unforgiving.

That is, until they learn the true value of their hero.

The true value of how much their precious hero has been through. 

But that is scheduled for later, for that is all, but merely a trinkle of the Fates' plans. 

You may be wondering:

What is the plan of the Fates?

Who is this extraordinary hero?

What are the feats and ordeals must the hero face?

Who will be lost?

And, yet, most importantly, what is the evil that is being spoken about to be so cruel, such a danger; that a prophecy reigns about it, such a danger; that a poor innocent soul has to be tortured to stop it? 

(A/N- Or 'I don't care, jut end the intro and start the fanfic already!' LOL)

Well, you could only find out by flipping the next page.

Where this story starts.

You'll find out, eventually.

Because the very next page.

Is the opening. 

The start.  

The beginning.

To find your answer.

So flip the page, and I'll see you there.


Thank you so much for clicking on this story, because you just decided that you are going to read it! Yay! But seriously, thank you for actually considering reading this little fanfic. And it has been going through that crazy mind of mine for a while, the story I mean. So please enjoy and have fun reading this! -A/N out-

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Disclaimer: Well, I'm obviously NOT Rick Riordan, so all PJO and HOO characters go to him. And I'm also not Uncle Rick, because I am NO TROLL. Lol. Well, all the characters that I created are obviously under my reserve, so if you want to use 'em, you have to ask my permission. Oh yeah, the plot is also mine. 

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